The Barrier (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Un asunto de familia - full transcript

What's the matter?

The police and the army
have more and more power.

We grant them power
so that they can protect us.

But once they're soaring,
who's to protect us from them?

-Who poked you like this?
-The medical center people.

They said we were unique subjects.

You're waking up your daughter now?
She can sleep over.

It's been so long.

Come back.

We desperately need you.

No, not now, Jorge.

You were in the Resistance together?

It sounds better than it was.

I lost many friends.

-Is that why you left?
-I left because of my daughters.

If you work for me, I'll let them live.

I want you to become a rat.

-You're alive.
-No one can know, okay?

We're alternating extractions
and injections.

I hope to get your instructions soon.
Kisses, sister.

The new General Director of Epidemiology.

She'll be in charge of the fight
against noravirus on all fronts.

They'll come after me, you, all of us.

But all they want is to end
many people's lives, Luis.

Demographic reorganization.

Someone is going to carry it out here.

I don't like what you're implying.

I'm too old to lose
the only friend I have left.

You're my kindred spirit.

We're surrounded by bastards.





What's the matter?


Yes, yes, tell me.

My god, I can't believe it.

Do you know how it happened?


Was he driving?

Have you informed the president?

Good, okay.

My child...









For your safety,
the curfew has been lifted.

You can now move around freely.

Remember to carry your identity
documents with you at all times.

My love, my sweetheart...

I don't want to.

I don't get it...
Why does it need to be goodbye?


I love you,

I swear.

I always will.

You're the love of my life,

the best,

the person I love most.

But we can't see each other again.

We can't.

We can't.

Please, don't leave me, please.

Carlos, don't leave, please.


If I don't, we're both dead.



What is it? I don't get it.

Carlos, what are you involved in?

Tell me. What's going on?

What's going on?

It doesn't matter.

Forget about me.

According to information provided
by Government sources,

the fatal accident
took place early this morning.

When the emergency services arrived,
all they could do was certify his death.

-Come on!
-The Minister of Foreign Affairs...


-Sorry, my husband...
-Don't move.


Identification in hand, please.

Sorry. Apologies.


-Excuse me, sorry.

-Watch out.

No cutting.

-My husband is there.

-Respect the line.
-Don't let her cut.

-Hey, hey.
-Take it easy.

She's my wife.
We have to cross together.

-Quickly, quickly.


Excuse me.


-Excuse me.

My husband... Thanks.

-Come here, come on.
-Sorry I'm late.


Out of the line!

-What are you doing?

Out of the line! Go!
Get out of the line!

-Move. To your right, go.


Everything okay?

Yes, everything's fine.

Have you heard?

About what?
What's happened?


...when the emergency services arrived,
all they could do was certify his death.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs
was a highly respected person,

cherished by...

-He was at the house last night.
-I remember. With his wife.


There must be a big fuss there.

And I had to leave Marta there.


I won't tell you not to cry Laura,
cry as much as you need to.

You poor thing...
We're here for you.


Okay, I'll wait two minutes.

Yes, Luis is a wreck.

Who are you with?



-I can't hear you, Laura.

-I need to see the president!
-Oh, with Carmen?

Yes, your sister Carmen.
We might stop by in a bit.

Shut up. Listen!


-No, no...
-Of course they'll let you see his body.

Luis is working on it, sure.

-For your dad.

-Go, go.
-Hold on.

Enough. Shut up!

Listen to me.

I want to talk
to the president right now.

You're no use to me, Diego,

even if you are Secretary of State,
you can't solve my problem.

She's a widow
waiting for her husband's body!

What the hell are you doing?


I want an answer right now!


Good, I'll wait two minutes.

-What's that?
-A tranquilizer.

I don't need it!

Luis, honey, it'll do you good.
Leave them on the table.

Sorry, Laura.

Don't take it if you don't want to.

My sweet girl.

What a godfather you had, huh?

To him, you were like...

Like the daughter he never had.

He always told me.


-The biggest wreath you have.

Can you call me back in an hour?
Good, but don't forget.

Yes, yes. Daniela.

Did Dad take the pill?
Where's your brother?

You know where he is?

I don't know, Mom.

Sorry, white lilies.

I'd like a photo, please.



Let's go.


You're late.

-Yes, sorry.
-My apologies.

Where's Marta?

-Isn't she up yet?
-She isn't.

She's still in bed, like Sergio.

That's how it goes
when you have a lady's life.

Go get changed,
the master needs his car.

Of course.

Rosa, shall I go
and wake the children up?

Take them their breakfast.

Sergio will need something filling
with fruit and something sweet.

-His sugar will be low.
-Oh really?


He's been sick since birth.

But the lady is treating him.

The lady?

When she wants to tell you, she will.

-Go, get changed, go.

There's a hidden plan going around.

Demographic reorganization
I think they call it.

If something happens to me,
I need you to go


What? What are you doing?

Promise me.

-Come on, promise. Promise me.
-Okay, I will.

What a mess.

And I have my first meeting
as General Director today,

but I can't leave Laura alone.

We aren't as close as you and Álvaro,
but I feel bad.


I'll cancel it.

No, you don't have to.
Don't worry.

I have something to do,
but then I'll go and be with her.



go to your meeting.

Thanks, honey.

Good morning.

Look at you...

How are you, sweetie?

Did you sleep enough?

It's very late. Come on, get up.

-But Sergio...

What's the matter with Sergio?

He's fast asleep.


the same happened
to my other friend, Felipe...

Look, the sleepyhead is getting up.

Come on, up, up.

I brought you a delicious breakfast.

Who likes pancakes?

-I do!
-I do!

These are for you.

-Good morning, Manuela.
-Good morning.

Young master Iván.

Young master?

You call me master,
just like my dad.

Being younger than you doesn't mean
I don't deserve the same respect.

-As you wish, master.
-Now make my breakfast.

I'm starving.

-I'll make you something.
-No, you're busy.

I want you to do it.

I have stuff to do for your dad.

Did I grant you permission
to address me like that?

Get in the shower right now.
Your father has lost a friend.

-He'll kill you if he sees you this way.

My dad has no friends.

They laugh along with him
for being who he is.

no one would put up with him,

not even his family.

Let's go.

Of course, sir.

I can't stand it.

Come on.

-You crossed the line and you know it.
-I don't care, he's a bastard!

He'll pay for this, I swear.

Iván, you're wrong.
Your dad loves you.

-He's just waiting.
-Waiting for what?

The same as me, don't you realize?
For you to grow the hell up.



I'm very sorry
about the minister's passing.

I understand
he was a close friend of yours.

Twenty-five years ago,

my brother got really sick.

My younger brother.

I spent a month at the hospital with him.

You know who was with me all that time?

-No, sir.

He sat in the waiting room...

and didn't leave
until my brother passed away.

Thirty days and thirty nights.

There aren't many guys like that.

And when you find one,
you need to keep him close.

It's horrible to lose someone you need.

Nothing is the same.

You're very young...

so you can't understand it.

You're right, I can't.


Don't say that.

Don't be like that.

-You scared me.

I'll call you back.

Who were you talking to?

Does it matter?
Don't be rude, Daniela.

Come, help me with my dress,
I'm in a hurry.

You're wearing that dress?

You don't like it?
Doesn't it suit me?

I don't know, it's not appropriate
for a funeral home, honestly.

I've got a meeting first.

You're going to work today?

I have no choice, honey.

Mom, I don't think today's the day
to be running around. Maybe--


Dad needs you.
He was his best friend.

-Come in.
-Excuse me.

Ma'am, Rai is waiting.
The car is ready.



don't try to tell me what to do.

You're young and haven't lived enough.

I built this family.

You're what I care
most about in this world.

Don't forget that, honey.

Hold your position.
It's important to find the target.

It'll be just a moment.

I'll be right there, Laura.
Do you need anything?


Hold on, I'll be there in no time.

-What are you doing?
-I'm coming with you.

For your safety.


This is it.

Who is it?

I'm here on behalf of Álvaro.

He asked me to come.


Come in.
I haven't got much time.

I'm Luis.

I know who you are.

Sorry, I didn't expect to find this.

It's alright.

Sorry to ask, but... is the child his?

I thought he...

Never mind.

-What's your name?


Álvaro talked to me last night.

-He talked to you?

He asked me to come here
if something happened to him.

Did he say anything else?

No, nothing else.


It doesn't matter.

-Do you need anything?
-No, no, nothing.

I was about to leave.

A friend is expecting me,
I'm going to stay with her.

-Easy, easy, easy.

Look, I'm going to go,

but I'll come back
and we can talk more calmly, alright?



Álvaro was my best friend.

You can trust me.

They're expecting me at home.

I don't know why,
but she's very scared.

I need you to stay with her.
Do as she asks.

Take her anywhere.

But above all,
don't leave her side, okay?

-Of course, sir.

Take care of her.

Are you going to kill me?

Excuse me?

Calm down.

I would never hurt you.


-Hi, kids.

Oh my, what a great breakfast you had!

-It was good.
-Was it?

I'm glad, sweetie.

-You want to go to the park?
-Whatever she says.

-Can't we stay here?

I'm feeling a bit tired.

You're tired?

Are you sick?

Let me see.

Come here, sweetie.

You look pale, are you okay?

I'd rather stay here too.

We can watch movies.

You're both so lazy.

Okay then, we'll stay here.

But you have to brush your teeth first.

Okay, go.

Come on.

Kids, did you cut yourselves?

Clara, is everything okay?
We can leave whenever you want.


Clara! Clara!

Jesus Christ.


Relax, relax.

-I'm taking you to a hospital.

No, no, not a hospital.

We have to go to a hospital.
You're bleeding, you need a doctor.

Not a hospital...

Shit. Shit.

Are the two of them with her?

No, the minister left a while ago.

The driver and the girl just left.


Emilia, I need your help.

Hugo, what happened?

Come on.

Come on.


What do you think?

The bleeding has stopped.

It seems like blood loss.

Likely due to the situation.

What about my baby?

My baby?

Your baby?

My baby.

-Where is he?
-He's fine. Your baby is fine.

You'll recover.

Relax, relax.

This is...

This is my fault.

It's my fault,
I didn't want to have him, poor thing...

But now you do, don't you?
Just think about that.

Don't be afraid.
I raised two daughters on my own.

-You're stronger than you think.
-That's not what I mean.

They're going to take my baby.

No one is going to take him.

You're kind, but you know nothing.

Who's that girl?

Is that your daughter?

-They'll come for her.

-No. What are you saying?
-They'll come for her...

-Take it easy, relax.
-They'll come for our children.

They'll take our children.

They'll take them from school,
the streets, their homes,

and from the parks.
The swings will be empty.

They need their blood.

They need our children's blood.

-They'll take my baby.

-No one is going to take him.
-They will!

We have to let Luis know.

-They'll take my baby!
-Bring some cold cloths.

-Her temperature's rising.
-I'll be right back.

-Please, my baby...
-Calm down, you're here, sweetheart.

-Good afternoon. Welcome, ma'am.
-Hello. Thanks.

-Come with me, please.

Would you like
a coffee or a drink, ma'am?

I'm fine, thanks.

He'll be with you shortly.

Do you like it?

It's a stone from Valle de los Caídos.

When they tore it down,
I managed to get a piece.

Without memory,
no political cause can endure.

We need to remember
this country's glorious past.

And that we can lose it all
to an illusion like hyper-democracy.

Thanks to your work, we're close
to returning this country's status.

Welcome to my team.
Come in, please.

It's a detailed report.

Of both the benefits
and the risks involved.

-Anything I didn't know?

It'll solve our most serious problems.

But I understand
it's a hard decision to make.


I want you to know that...

it's an honor for me to lead this plan.

Thank you, Mr. President.

-Anything else, sir?
-No. Thanks, Manuela, I'm fine.


Drink it before it gets cold.
It'll do you good.

You know what hurts the most?

Not having had children.

Don't think about that now.

It was me, Luis.

I couldn't have them.

He never told me.

I know.

That was Álvaro.

And that's why I loved him.

Laura, excuse me a second.

I'm so sorry, godmother.


the girl is in bad shape,
she bled a little.

I didn't know what to do
so I took her to Emilia's.


You know she's in good hands.

Actually, she's doing better.
But she's really anxious.

She keeps saying
they're going to take her baby.

That all children are in danger.

Okay. Wait for me outside in the car.

-I'm coming.


I need to go now, my apologies.

I'll be right back.

Don't worry, I know life goes on.

No, it doesn't.

But this is quite urgent.

We'll be by your side
for anything you need.

You know what I need?

For justice to be done, Luis.

I want a fine state funeral.
I want them all to come,

even the president.

And speeches fit
for my husband's honor.

A man loyal
to his country and his family.

Come on, move!

It was approved!
Do you realize?

This is going to change everything.
It's going to change the world!

And I'm the one to put it into practice.

To Plan Omega and the only person
who can carry it out.

I never thought
he would make the decision so quickly.

But he's got such clarity...

And courage.

You should see him Enrique,
his presence, his moral authority...

It's a pleasure to talk to him.

You're making me jealous.

Don't worry.
What's good for me is good for you.


the president doesn't give me
what you do...

And what's that?





-Oh, no?

-What are you doing?

No one will come in.

-It'd cost them their life.

That's what nobody gives me,

the certainty that you'd kill for me.


you know how I feel about you, right?

You're important to me.

Don't mess around with me.

I'm not.

But I have a husband,
I said so from the start

and that won't change.

-It won't change?

Take it or leave it.


-Officer, hurry up.

For your safety, do not drink water...

-Have your safeguards

and identity documents visible
and available for the police force.

Go ahead.


I've got the list here.

I mean... no one told me
anyone would be coming today.

-Let's see...

Look, 3C is empty until tonight.

You can monitor
the apartment well from there.

Let's see, second floor...


How is she?

She's scared to death.

See if you can soothe her, Luis.
I'm afraid she might lose the baby.

Álex, go to the store.

The gauze is in the cupboard in the back.
Bring it, please.

-I'll end up asking you for a tip.

How do you feel?

I have to go.

No, that's not possible.
This is like a hospital.

Emilia has to discharge you.
They'll take you home later.

No... I need to leave the country.
Otherwise, they'll take him.

-I need to leave.

Clara, no child is in danger,
especially not yours.

This child is like my son.
He'll have all he needs.

So will you.

Álvaro was like family,
he was my brother.

Then your bother was killed.

One of your men killed him.
They killed him and now they'll kill me.

-You're delirious...
-I'm not delirious!


Álvaro told you but you didn't
believe him! Look at him now!

We all have to get out of here!

They'll take our babies.

It's important, please.

Please, Luis, please.

Álvaro told you.

You didn't listen, now he's dead!

-Dead because of you!
-Calm down...

-Okay, sir.
-Please, I'm not crazy!

-Don't treat me like I'm crazy!
-Calm down.

They'll take our babies.

You believe her, don't you?

In this house, we all know
what this government is capable of, Luis.

Emilia, that was 20 years ago.

-And Ramón was...
-Was what?

-An enemy for them.

And what was Álvaro becoming?

What can you become?

Are you sure?


He's at the apartment.
We don't know how long he'll be.

I've stopped the operation
until I talked to you.

We can watch the girl until he leaves,
it won't be long.

Move forward.

With all due respect, commander,

I think it's best to wait
until he leaves the apartment.

I said move forward.

Did you not hear me?

Of course.

Absolutely no one is above
State security.

Not even a minister.

As you wish, commander.


Hugo, Emilia!

-There's a sniper!

There's a sniper!
Get on the floor!

Álex! Álex!


-Álex, hide.
-Come on.

Don't move!

Minister, on the floor!

Don't move!

Are you okay?

-We're okay.
-Are you okay?


Target dead?

No shot, they've discovered me.



Call your people.

Let's get this girl out of here.

Are you okay?

We'll march together as a country

Altogether building this nation

And in the adversities
This journey may bring

Hi, kids.

What are you doing?

We're watching a movie.

We'll hear the name again

-What is that?
-One of my aunt's movies.

My friend Pedro is in it. That's him.

He's got such big ears!

I think he's very handsome.

-Marta likes Pedro!
-I don't like him.

-Look, sweetie...


Look, Marta,
how do you know this Pedro?

When I was at the medical center...

Go play in the garden,
It's such a nice day. Go.

-Go, you've spent all day in here.

Come on, Sergio. Let's go.

With greater glory
Justice and perseverance

Those days from the past will be back

Where our flags...

Shooter two,
go ahead with your mission.


Confirm your position.

Shooter two here.
I'm in position.

I've got the square's entries
and exits covered.

Come on, don't stop.

Don't stop. Let's go.

Let's go.

Okay, after me.

Let's go.

Move, asshole.

-Watch out.
-Okay, okay, calm down.

Let's go.

-Let's go.



Sweetie, how are you?

My dear...

Come on.

Go for a stroll. Be back in an hour.

-What is it? Everything okay?
-Yes, fine.

Everything's fine.

Sweetie, I'll be right back.

Let's go, let's go.

Has the target been shot down?

The target wasn't in sight.

They're headed towards you
in a black van, plate number 2668 GBY.


What do we do?

Drive slowly.

Go on.

Everybody out.

As you wish.

Everything's in order.

-You talk a lot.

Or what? Open it!

Open it!

You, get out!

Search inside.

There's no one else, sir.

Come here.

Don't move.

Where the hell is the pregnant girl?

Good evening, sir.

Good evening.

We have to search your car.

-We've been given orders to...
-Look, I'm in a hurry.

Move aside, please.

Sir, I have to search your car.

What's your name?

Excuse me?

What is your name?


Alberto what?

Gómez. Gómez Martínez, sir.

Good. Do you know mine? My name.

Yes, sir, Luis Covarrubias.

You know why you know my name?

Because I'm the Minister of Health.

And you're just a soldier...
who works for me.

Let me go, come on.

Are you okay?

There will be someone waiting for you.

They'll find you a place
to stay for a while.


You can sit up now,
the danger has passed.

No, I'm fine here.

I can see the stars.

I'm so sorry.

Álvaro was my friend.

The only one I had left.

I'm sorry you have to leave
this country...

that people like me have spoiled.

But know I'll always
be here for anything you need.

And you and your son won't lack a thing.

But, above all,

I hope you can come back one day.

And that when you do,
this will be a better place.

I give you my word...

that I'll do all I can
so that your son can grow up

in a place like that country
we once had...

and we should have never lost.

Sergio, you've come, good.

Hey, who's the boy?

That's the minister's nephew.

You'll have to take good care of him.

Come here, come here.

-Go to this address.
-Is anyone in the apartment?

I don't know.
If there is, kill them,

no matter who it is.

The commander, Enrique,
has been with Mom.

Don't trust him.

I'm so sorry
about your friend's accident.

Someone tried to shoot me,
was that an accident too?

-Excuse me?
-The boy isn't here. Sergio!




You can keep to yourself all you want,
but don't ask me to do what you don't.

We have a pending conversation.

Emilia, you shouldn't be here.

-It's risky.
-I'm here for my granddaughter.

-Marta is in danger.
-Get back.

Hey, take it easy, put that away.

We have reasons to believe

that Luis has doubts about
the Government and the system.