The Barrier (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - full transcript

We're going to your parents.

You have to say you're fine,
nothing strange happened to you.



Hi, sweetie.

-You don't want to tell us anything?
-Everything was fine, Dad.

-A friend of my husband's?

-For a long time?
-Very long...

That's funny, he never mentioned you.

What's the matter?

The police and the army
have more and more power.

We grant them power
so that they can protect us.

But once they're on top,
who's to protect us from them?

We've found your girlfriend, Julia,

impersonating her sister Sara.

She didn't shed a tear over your ashes.

I was thinking...

No one is looking for you,
no one's expecting you.

It could be good for your mom
and your girlfriend.

If you work for me,

I'll let them live.

And you too.

-Don't you want to play?

I'm not allowed.

That's too bad.

The lady has decided
you're in charge of her nephew Sergio.

Get going, it's the cops!

And that baby?

Daniela brought him from sector 2.

But you can't say he's dirty.

Calm down, Dad.

The baby has a father,
they'll return him.

Do you know what a mess you've made?

Things aren't okay out there,
we have to get involved.

-Good luck.

You'll travel in the cargo area.

Go. I have a daughter who doesn't know
if I've helped you or reported you.


I'm sorry, Mom, I can't.

Good morning. Thanks a lot.

For your safety,

due to the events
that took place last night,

and at the risk of terrorist action,

the National Government has decreed
to raise the security level to level five

until further notice.

Citizens are forbidden
from circulating between 7:00 p.m.

and 8:00 a.m. the following day.

The extended curfew will remain
in effect until further notice.

Random checks will be carried out

in sector 2.

We ask you to have your ID
with you at all times

and collaborate with security forces.

We thank you for your cooperation.

The National Government
ensures your safety.

Congratulations, commander.

No one can stop you.

Don't suck up to me, Navarro.

In this job,
you know one day you're up...

and the next, they cut off your head.

But yes,

we have something to celebrate today.









Okay, darling, there you go.

Thanks, Dad.

You're welcome.

Are you hungry, my dear?


You're growing so much.

You're taller than when you first came.

I'll measure you today.

You haven't said a word.

-Are you okay?
-I'm worried about Marta.

After last night,
I don't want to leave her alone.

-I can stay with her.
-Take it easy.


She'll be okay with us.

No, Emilia,

I'd rather she come with us.


because that home
isn't what's best for her.

It's not for her, it's for me.
The decision has been made.

She's coming with me.

-What are you going to say?
-The truth.

That somebody broke in last night.

They have two kids, they'll understand.

It's weird they didn't take anything.

A thief would have taken something.

I'm off.

Where are you going, child?

See you at the fence!

-See you later, thanks.
-Thank you.

Put them in water.

Yes, ma'am.

-They're pretty, Mom.
-Yes, they are.


You're going to make me like
getting up early.

You haven't been to bed yet.

So, did you like the flowers?

They cost me a fortune.

This boy.

See? Some people congratulate me
on my new appointment,

unlike others.

-Did you bring me what I asked?
-Yes, here.

Your brother sends his regards.


Oh my!

The new General Director of Epidemiology.

-Stunning, Mom, stunning...

You don't know what that is.

I know it's important and no one
will do it better than my mom.

She'll be in charge of the fight
against noravirus on all fronts.

Then poor noravirus.
It hasn't got a chance.


Another sleepless night?

This will end far before you realize.

Sorry, minister, this time it's the fault

of the brand new General Director
of Epidemiology.

It sounds good, doesn't it?
I asked him to do some paperwork.

Paperwork is for during the day,
he doesn't need an excuse for a night out.

This is my guest list for tonight.


-Have you got a mobile phone?
-No, I left it in the car.

-Why don't you get it?
-It's in the car.



Dad, wait!

Have you seen this?

Not now, Daniela.

You knew!

I was informed this morning.

-I'm so sorry.
-Were you involved?

-Of course not.
-No one else knew about the transport.

Come here.

The police do their job.

You aren't smarter than the State.

First you ask me to help you
and then you accuse me of betrayal?

Never speak to me like that again!

You have no idea
how dangerous this all is.

You're thoughtless and irresponsible.

is sitting back doing nothing

knowing what's happening here.

-At least I'm trying to help.
-And you've seen the outcome!

Daniela, Daniela...


I'm not saying this is your fault, please.

But you can't change the world
with good intentions alone.

Dad, the baby was in that truck.

The baby was in there.

Who's there?

Who's there?



Emilia, please read this.


Those motherfuckers!
How can they say they're terrorists?

Innocent people trying to escape
this shithole!

Let's go...

Hey, have you heard the news?

How horrible. Terrorists.


Scary, yes.

It's lucky we are well protected.

We're so lucky to have
such security forces.

They're very effective, Begoña.

Can you believe some people complain?

I remember 25 years ago,

terrorists came and went day in, day out.

In the street, all of them were swarthy.

It was hard to see a white face.

This looked like New Delhi.

We need to go, I have to open the store.

I might stop by for a bottle of wine
to celebrate.

Here, Begoña. Want another one?

What for?

To read one and frame the other.

Don't say stupid things, boy.

Workers who commute on a daily basis

will have to fill in the form...


Back up.

...signed by their supervisor.
Random checks...

Come on!

Come on, walk!

Daddy, not so tight.

-Sorry, dear.

-Where's auntie?
-I don't know.

Darling, darling,

remember that from now on,
you have to call Aunt Julia mom.

-Otherwise, you'll get her into trouble.

Okay, sorry.

Sorry, sometimes I forget.

Darling, listen, I know it's hard, okay?

-But you're going to do fine.

-Identification and safeguard.

-We're waiting for somebody else.
-Then step out of the line.

Come on, out, out.

Don't worry, darling, it's okay. Let's go.

For your health,
entry is totally forbidden

for those who haven't passed
the mandatory medical checkups

or who have symptoms of disease.

Where are you?

Here you are.

Thanks, Álex.

Good day, Germán.

You've sung, haven't you, bastard?

It wasn't me, leave me alone.

Look at it. See this?

Let go of me, dammit!
It wasn't me!

Innocent people have died because of you.
It's time to pay.

Okay, okay!

Here, you only pay for what you buy.

Lower the gun.


it's been so long.

Lower the gun!


Entry is totally forbidden...

for anyone undocumented,
ill or inappropriately dressed.

Sorry. Sorry, I'm so late.

-We were worried. Where have you been?

Sweetie, I didn't know you were coming.

She is. Let's go.

Documentation in hand.

Where have you been?

-Here you are.

And the girl?
She hasn't got a safeguard.

You see, we work
at the Minister of Health's home.

He gave us permission to bring her,
didn't he, honey?


Let's call to confirm.

-Come on.

Wait here.

Don't worry, sweetie, it's okay.

What's going on?
Everything is so weird.

You haven't heard?

About what?

You must have talked to someone,
don't lie.

If you don't mind,
I'll ask the questions.

Emilia, I'll remind you that
you haven't given the orders in years.

If you don't like it, you know what to do.

Listen, child,

try to remember.

Did anyone else know about the transport?

Say it.

The minister helped us, Emilia.

-Just to us cross the fence.

He knew nothing about the departure!



Take them. Hide.

I'm coming, Begoña.

Hey, why are you closed?

We're doing inventory.

A lot of work.

-Here, your wine. You can pay me later.
-You're so kind.

Very good. Well, thanks.

-Bye, Begoña.
-Bye, Emilia.

What do you think this is?

A kindergarten? A hostel?

-Listen, Rosa, last night...
-Don't come with stories.

We all have a life.

-Someone broke in last night.
-Right, sorry about that.


I apologize, ma'am,

for having brought the girl in.

But yesterday,

someone broke into her bedroom...

-Oh my god! Is she okay?
-Yes, yes.

He didn't do anything.

It might have been a burglar.

We didn't know what to do,
we were scared...

She can stay anywhere, here with us.

We promise she won't make trouble.

This cutie can't make trouble,
I know she's an angel.

Come to meet Sergio and play with him.

-Is that okay?

I'd rather she stay here
in the service area with us.

She'd be better off with Sergio.


People who work at this house
must be efficient and respectful.

But above all,
they must have a heart of gold.

-Isn't that so, Rosa?
-Yes, ma'am.

Come, my angel.
Come to meet your new friend.

You're going to be good for Sergio.

You have no idea how lucky you are.

You caught her in a good mood
because of her appointment.

-What appointment?
-General Director.

Of... I don't know, an important post.

How are your parents?
Are they happy to work here?

Yes, of course, I'm happy too.

You know why?
Because they're hardworking.

And they have a daughter who's adorable.

Obedient, good,

clever, pretty...

and trustworthy.

You have an hour
to do the shopping, no more.

Take out the trash.
I left it outside.

And don't mix bottles, recycle glass.

Okay, Rosa.

I'm just saying
I don't think it's right, that's all.

I wanted to go by myself, Hugo.

They were the keys
to Carlos' mom's house.

I just needed to know how she was.

Did you think maybe it was a trap?

It wasn't a trap.

I'm sure they're watching us.
Maybe they followed you.

No one followed me.

I'm going back.

Pardon me?

Hugo, I want to take her some
of what we're buying today.

She's an old lady.
She hasn't eaten in days.

-I don't know what might happen to her.
-What about you?

What'll happen
if they discover you are Julia?

I am Julia!

And that is my boyfriend's mother.
Sara would go too.

Leave me at the fence
and come back if you want.

But I promised to go.

Come on, we have to go.

What's your rush?

That woman is the block's whistleblower.

I'm sure she thinks
I'm part of that terrorist band

-and I deceived them and sold them out.
-That shouldn't be a problem now

that you're the minister's friend.

What was that?

You were seen talking
and going to your place together.


You left us years ago,

you sold yourself out and haven't changed.

Shame on you.

Don't you dare call me a sellout!

You know everything I've been though.

What do you want me
to call you then? Tell me.

Police! Open the door!

Hi, Piedad! It's Sara.

Come in, sweetie.

I brought you some food.

I've come with Hugo, my husband.


Good morning, Piedad.

Hi, Hugo.

It was true.

What was true?

That you were coming back.

Of course I was coming back.

Did you ever doubt that?

We brought you fruit.

-And vegetables.

Some chicken for today
and to make soup tomorrow.


Smell the orange.

Here, smell it.

Some neighbors used to come
and give me a hand.

But after Carlos was caught and killed,

they've all turned their backs on me.

And what little I have left is stolen.

Who steals it, ma'am?


They come in when I'm sleeping.

I hear them take my things,

but I don't dare to leave my room.

Don't worry, we'll fix that lock

so that nobody comes in.

And we can make something
very delicious to eat, All right?

Come here, child.

I'll do it.

I know it's you, Julia.

You've got Julia's nose.

And her lips.

And you smell like her.

We're very similar, but...

I'm Sara.

I see...


I told you earlier, we're closed
because we're doing inventory.

I saw someone with a weapon.

Impossible, Begoña.

-Hey, careful!
-Don't move!

Don't move!
And keep your hands up!

You'll wreck everything.

Let us do our job
or you're coming with us.

You! Help move the sacks.


Hold on!

What's this?

It's coffee.

-Where from?
-They brought it in yesterday.

Three sacks. Completely legal.

So you have the documents then,
the delivery note,

administrative permission, certificate...

No, I don't. I'm sorry.

I don't have those papers.

Then I'll have to confiscate it.

-Take the three sacks, we're leaving.
-But, hold on!

You're done searching?

Are you going to tell me
how to do my job?

Guys, there's nobody here,
so take the coffee.

The box and those sacks too.

I'm happy there's nobody in here.

I did it for your own good, you know.

To protect you.

-Shall we start?

Come on.

Where do you live?

On the other side of the fence.

What is it like? Is it scary?

Not for me.

Are you poor?

I think so.

The children are fine.
Healthy and happy.

We're alternating
extractions and injections.

I hope to get your instructions soon.

Kisses, sister.

Are you okay?

Jesus, they've wrecked the store.
We'll give you a hand...

No, it's okay. We'll clean up.

Okay, the coast is clear.


I'm sorry for the way we're meeting again.

I was wrong,

but... don't hold a grudge.

I'll try not to.

It's already forgotten.

Come back.

We need you more than ever.

No. Not now, Jorge. We'll talk.

All right.

Okay, she's showered.

The soup is ready.

We should get going,
Rosa is going to interrogate us.

-I'll grab some medicine and we'll go.

Yes, now.
She's asthmatic and needs her inhalator.

Okay, okay. Hey, Julia, one thing.

-Tell me.

I'm sorry I was reluctant to come, okay?

I'm selfish.

And you can count on me
to help this lady anytime, okay?


I saw this old woman first,
so what's in this house is mine, got it?

-Easy, easy.
-Easy my ass!

Leave and pick another shack.

Since you're here, I want your shoes too.
Come on, now.

I'm not dead, but I will be very soon.

I just came to see my mom
one more time.

You are the one who broke in last night.

I'm sorry I scared you.
I had to do something for her.

Please, please, I have a family.

I'm not stealing for me,
but for my children.

-What is this?

Stand up.

Come into this house again
and I'll blow your head off, got it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Get out.

Hugo, what was that noise?

-It's better she doesn't know.

Trust me.
Neither her nor Julia.


Piedad, don't worry,
I dropped some saucepans

but it's all cleaned up.

I've made you some garlic soup
for the next few days.

My son was right.

He used to say there are still kind people
willing to lend a hand.

I miss him so much.

Listen, Piedad,

I'll fix that lock right away
so that no one ever comes in again.

As soon as Sara gets back,
we'll leave you alone, okay?

Thank you, child.


You were in the Resistance
together, weren't you?

You fought the regime.

It sounds better than it was.

What was it like?

Tough, very tough.

I lost many friends in those years.

Is that why you left?

I left because of my daughters.

One member found his family dead
when he got home...

and that scared me.

Fucking bastards.

You think
Iris and her father are right?

What do you mean?

The minister, Emilia.

Maybe he's the one who sold us out.
Someone had to report the truck.

I don't know.



Oh, there you are.

Yes, I stole some of Mom's earrings.

You're beautiful... in pink too.

I hate attending these dinners,
especially on a day like today.

I know.

You're doing it for your mom,
I know and I'm grateful.

I have very good news for you.


The baby.

He survived.

He's in the hospital but out of danger.

As soon as he's well,
we'll find him an adoptive family.

I'll handle it personally.

With you...

if you want.

I'm glad.

Is that all?

I went to great lengths.

Dad, you treat me
as if I were ten or dumb.

I'm glad the baby is alive.

He'll have a shitty life,
but he'll have a life.

Unlike the other ten people
in the truck who were murdered

by the people
we're having dinner with tonight.

Do you like rats, Carlos?

Many people hate them,
but I think they're fascinating animals.

They've tried to exterminate them
throughout history, but they never could.

They always survive.


there's always a rat within 20 meters.

Did you know that?

The thing is, you can't see them.

And that's what I want you to be for us.

I want you to become a rat.

But there's something I'm concerned about.

I don't like that you sent Julia
to see your mom.


I couldn't let her die.

I understand.

We'd all do the same for our mothers.

What you don't know
is we can look after her.

This is the man
who was stealing from your mom, isn't it?

You won't have to worry about him anymore.

No, please...


Please, please. No.


When I tell you
we can look after your mom,

I'm not kidding.

Behave like a good rat...

and we'll make sure
she has everything she needs.

All right?

-Do the honors.
-Of course.

But don't kill
the Minister of Foreign Affairs!

-Only because you're asking...
-Watch out.

You know that today,
your wish is my command.

My first wish...

I'd like to say a few words,

my dear.

How thrilling...

Few times in this home...

have so very many...

important people gathered.

You have no idea how grateful I am,
it's a great honor.

Godfather, Minister of Foreign Affairs,

General Director
of Sustainable Development,

Chief Commander,

Chairwoman of the Judicial Council...

Thanks, Sara.

Even our President,

who isn't here for personal reasons.

I received such a nice call...

Stop serving, please. Thanks.


For me, this post is...

a huge responsibility and duty.

I'll very likely have
less time for my family. I'm sorry.

But I've accepted for just one reason.

A new era unfolds before us.

We finally have a vaccine
against noravirus!


Friends, let's not get carried away.

We've won a battle, but not the war.

We've got the vaccine,
but it isn't stable.

We can't store it
and it can only be made in small doses.

It's a small step,

but great hope towards the future.

Let's toast to the absolute defeat

of the virus.

The future belongs to us!

The future belongs to us!

-The future belongs to us!
-The future belongs to us!

You want some more?

Sergio, eat your dinner.

If Marta wants more, she can ask me.

No, ma'am. I'm fine.

Bring the empty bottles.

-Yes, ma'am.
-Everything was delicious. Thank you.

You're so polite.
Who taught you such manners?

My mom. She was a teacher.

She is a teacher, even if she doesn't work
as a teacher, she always will be.

She's ashamed
because her mom is a maid now.

I'm not ashamed.

Take this tray.

Yes, ma'am.

-Do you like bananas?

She likes ice cream better.

Can we have some for dessert?

No. You get bananas today.

That was a nice act at the dinner,
but you can't fool me.

What's the matter?

Shit, I don't know how to say it.

Jesus, Álvaro. Is Laura All right?

Yes, Luis, it's not her.

Then speak up.

They're coming for me, for you,

for all of us...

and also for you.

Just like the song...

How much did you drink?

We are out of the loop.

There's a secret plan going around.

Something big they haven't told us
because they know we will oppose it.

A plan?

Demographic reorganization

I think they call it.

Based on the premises
there aren't enough resources for all,

but what they want is to end
many people's lives, Luis.

They'll sell it as something else
but they're going to kill them.

-Do you hear what you're saying?
-Listen to me!

It comes from the top, it's international.
That's how I know, dammit!

-We're running out of time. I need you!
-Okay, calm down.

What should I do?

Someone is going to carry it out here.

I don't know who yet.

But with your help, I can find out.

It must be someone ambitious,
close to presidency,

a post that seems technical.

I don't like what you're implying.

Look, listen to me...

Álvaro, we're done talking about this.

I'm too old to lose
the only friend I have left.

Come, let's get some fresh air.

Why are you here?
Are you nuts?

You're unbearably pretty tonight.

-You drank too much.
-To celebrate your victory.

Commander, leave my bedroom.

No, no.

Hey, hey.

Luis, if something happens to me,
I need you to urgently speak...

What will happen to you?

If something does,
I need you to go here.


-What are you doing?
-Promise me.

-Come on, promise me, do it.
-Okay, yes, yes, I promise.

Okay, now go sleep it off.

You're my kindred spirit,
a great guy, the only one, you know.

But we're surround by bastards.


-I'll see you soon, right?
-Of course you will.

-Álvaro, bye.
-Luis... Sorry.

Get some rest.



-Look after this man, please.

I try, I try.

We'll be right in, my dear.


Marta... Marta, honey, come on.

-They're fast asleep.

Marta, darling, wake up.

-Pick her up and let's go.
-Let's go.

Marta, let's go.

Look at them sleep.

You'll really wake up your daughter
this late when it's so cold?

She can sleep over.

-No, thanks.
-We won't bother you.

There's room for you too
if you want to stay.

No, really. Thanks a lot.

She looks so peaceful.

Come on.

When they wake up tomorrow,
I'll make a proper breakfast,

they can then play in the garden...

She really gets along well with Sergio.

I hope she comes over more often.
Let's go.

-What are we doing here, Hugo?
-You'll see.


-Is this a surprise or--
-Just come.


Okay, this way.

My goodness...

I haven't been here in so long.


I'm not surprised.

I've heard
this area has become dangerous.

It didn't used to be.



A lot of young people used to gather here
since there was an art school below

and we had festivals, concerts...

It was amazing, Hugo.

I see. Come.

Are you okay?


Yes, it's just...

This is where I had my first kiss.

I see.


It brings back memories.

I didn't know.

Why did you bring me here, Hugo?

What's the matter?



You're alive.

My love...

Carlos, Carlos, my love.

No one can know, okay?

I can't believe my eyes.


How? Why?

Thank him.

Are you All right? Need anything?

I'm fine.

Sergio needed his treatment
and I wanted to be with him.

I'm sorry I woke you up,
Rosa, forgive me.

Don't worry, ma'am.

Poor thing.
Does it hurt him?

Poking children makes me so sad...

No worries, you know Sergio.
When he's asleep, nothing can wake him up.

Does it work?
He looks so skinny...

We're doing our best.
Go get some rest.


That boy is so lucky to have you.

-Shall I check on the girl?

She's sleeping peacefully.

Get some rest, you deserve it.

Okay, ma'am.

Sergio has a disease,
but the lady is treating him.

The lady?

You look pale.
Are you okay?

What happened?
Was he driving?

We'll be by your side
for anything you need.

Justice must be done, Luis.

What a godfather you had.

It's an honor for me to lead this plan.
Thank you, Mr. President.

I'm here on Álvaro's behalf.
Is that boy yours?

-Take care of her.
-Why is this goodbye?

If I don't leave, we're both dead.

They laugh along with my dad.

I raised two girls by myself.

They're going to take my baby.

They need its blood.

She says all children are in danger.

My friend Pedro is on it, that one.

-Everyone out.
-Everything is in order.

-Don't move!

Don't mess with me.

Take it or leave it.

No one is above State security,

not even a minister.