The Barrier (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Los inocentes - full transcript

Emilia begs Julia to run away. Alma brings Hugo a surprise while the CIM is being investigated. Daniela asks for help reuniting a baby with his father.

This wife of mine...

will discover
the vaccine against the virus.

-Have you tested it on humans?
-Only guinea pigs.

Are you the only one responsible
for holding these children illegally?

She gave the orders,
Alma López Durán,

the minister's wife.

That's her signature on all the orders.

We discovered some children
develop antibodies for the virus.

Several children died.

We broke into the CIM tonight
and saw our daughter.

Marta, I love you.
I promise I'll come back for you.

Don't take long, Dad.

There were some corpses in the morgue,
no older than ten.

Please, help us.

My mom used to say
you're an honorable man.

I want everybody out.

Where are the children?

My daughter was here!

I was looking at this notebook.

It's a list of people
they'll go after if we don't warn them.

Memorize this address.


Do you remember me?

I helped you with paperwork
at the registry.

He had just arrived in Madrid.
He seemed naive.

Álex, this is my daughter, Daniela.

I have to run into you everywhere.

What bad luck, dammit.

Shitty revolutionary you are.

Sara Pérez Noval, I need you
to come to the police station.

I'm not leaving my wife's side.

Then let's go.

You and your sister are beautiful.

I've got some stuff for Julia,
in case you bump into her.

Carlos's stuff.
And something else, his ashes.

Julia would want them.

You stay here
and we'll talk again tomorrow.

Find her.

How should I know
where she is, sweetheart?

"Don't forget me. M."

Why didn't she write her full name?

Perhaps she didn't have time.

I'm thinking about Carlos and...

my dad.

Surely he was in a cell like this
when they took him away.

Poor thing...



They're coming for me.

I won't let them take you,
you hear me?








Hi, Marta.

Easy, easy, honey, don't be afraid.

It's Alma.

I told you a tale,
I was looking after you at the CIM.

Do you remember me?


We're taking you to your parents.

You want to go?


Yes, of course.
They're also eager to see you.

But there's something
very important you have to do.

You're okay, right?

That's what you need
to tell your parents,

no one did anything strange to you.

Will you?


This is my son, Iván.

I'm also a mom.

If you knew all the times
I've been worried about him

and he was fine, he was okay...

But that's how parents are.

We worry and fear
for our children all the time.

You're so cute

and clever.

I'm sure you know
how to reassure your parents.

I know.

You promise you will?

Do you promise?


Let's go.

Ma'am, you have to leave the room.

I told you I won't move
until you tell me

where my daughter is.



Sweetheart, why are you here?

You shouldn't have come, it's dangerous.

What's happened?



I love you.

I swear I'll always love you.

For your safety, have your safeguards

and your identity cards visible
and at the disposal of the police force.

You have to go, darling.

-Please, Mom.
-We have to get you out of the city.

If they know you aren't Sara...


we can't be so sure about that, can we?

Not now, Hugo,
I'm talking to my daughter.


Listen, Julia.

It's dangerous,
very dangerous for you to stay.

But I don't want to leave, Mom.

But if you stay,
they'll kill you, child.

And isn't it possible that for once,

just once, Mom,
we have deceived them?


They can't always win.

They can't destroy our lives again.

I'm begging you, child.

I can't lose you,
I couldn't bear knowing they killed you.

-I can't lose another daughter, I can't.


Come here a sec.

Tell me, Emilia.

Remember how to get
to that flat you went to?



You have to go back.
You'll tell them it's urgent.

My daughter has to leave
as soon as possible.

If they say there are no spots, insist.

Don't take no for an answer, alright?


Where are you taking me?

Where are you taking me?

You know what?
We've found your girlfriend, Julia.

She's impersonating her sister Sara.

She's got balls.

We gave her your ashes
and she didn't shed a tear. Not one.

Unlike your mom,
who fainted when we gave her the news.


Watch your mouth!

These stains show all the people
who've died against this wall.

You'll be...
What number, Navarro?

Not a fucking clue.

Number "one more."

So kill me already!

With great pleasure.

Hold on a moment!

I was thinking...

No one is looking for you,

no one's expecting you,
you no longer exist.

It doesn't need
to be a bad thing, right?

Well, it's bad for you,

because you are still a ghost, but...

It could be good

for your mom

and your girlfriend.

Think about it,

if you work for me,

rather than arrest them to shoot them
in the head against that wall,

I'll let them live.

And you too.

What do you think?

For your safety, have your safeguards

and identity documents visible...

Come on, dammit.

What do you want?

May I come in?

Okay, okay.

You can't just turn up announced,
you hear me?

It's my sister-in-law.
She has to leave the country.

-When does the transport leave?
-All the spots are filled.

Hey, I wouldn't ask you
if it wasn't life or death.

Didn't you hear me?
You have to go, you can't stay.

Iris, Jesus! You help people...

Not today, dammit! Believe me.

Lower your voice. Are you nuts?

What are you doing here?

-What is it?
-It doesn't matter.

-I can help out.
-Come on, go.

Where are you going?

-What's he doing here again?
-He's leaving.

She's sick.
We're taking her tonight.

Come with me.

You stay here.

Want me to hold him a while?



Hey, come!

Come, dammit!

What's the matter?

Move away.

Look, look!

For your health, a mandatory
medical checkup next Tuesday,

from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Stop, children.

Go, time to play.







My darling...

My dear, how are you?

Marta, darling.

You're here.

Thanks. Really, thank you.

Don't thank me, please.

Nothing makes me happier
than having saved your daughter.


-How are you?


I'm Emilia.


Thanks, Alma.

Nice to meet you.


Could you get me
a glass of water, please?


Come in, come in.



You're a friend of my husband's, right?


For a long time?

Very long...

That's funny, he never mentioned you.

That's the thing with ministers,

so many people come and go in their lives
that you forget them.

Politics... that's it.

Do you need anything?

No, thanks.

I could have food
or clothes delivered...

I've got so many clothes
to give away at home...

We needed my granddaughter
and now she's here.

Sorry. Thanks.


For your health, do not drink water
from uncertified wells.

So, you're alright, sweetie?

You're sure?

Yes, Dad, I've told you.

You know you can tell us anything,
Marta, anything.

-I know.

-You don't want to tell us more, huh?
-About what?

I don't know Marta, anything.

You don't want to tell us anything?

Everything was fine, Dad.

You're sure?

-Look at me. You're sure?
-Yes, Dad, leave me alone.

Calm down.

Darling, we've missed you so, so much.

So much.

Fine, on my way.

Sorry, I have to go.
I'll see you later at home, okay?

-Yes, sure.
-Thanks, ma'am.

Bye, Marta.
I'm sure I'll see you soon.


How much longer?

Just a moment.
Please, try to soothe him.

There's no milk.
The baby needs to eat.

Shit, shit.
Quickly, get out of here! The police!

-The cops!

-And the baby?

Take him. Go!

Police, open the door!

Open the door!

We've been notified there are
unregistered people in this flat.

No, there's no one here.

We're going to have a look.

What about the bedroom?

My parents.

They're very old. He's disabled.

Shall I wake them up?

Is everything okay, sweetie?

Yes, Dad. Go back to sleep.

For your safety, stay in your homes...

-What are you doing?
-They're watching.

They wouldn't
if you hadn't got involved.

You're an idiot.
Enough of your bullshit.

This baby isn't okay.
You have to take him to your house.

You know perfectly well I can't.

Oh, sorry!
Not to your house, sure.

Sightseeing in sector 2 is fine,
but the problems stay here, right?

The minister's daughter crosses the fence
and leaves with a clear conscience.

-Okay, give me the baby.
-Forget it.

I'll take care of it.

You act so smart, but you've been here
four days and don't know me.

Careful on the way back, okay?

I can look after myself.

It's not my fault that I am
who I am, you know?

You're right.

That's one thing we have in common,
neither of us chose where we were born.



A nurse found him
in your office about an hour ago.

I don't think you'll like it.

Perhaps it's better if you wait outside.


Alma, Alma. Are you okay?

-Want to step out?

This is my responsibility.


Step out, please.


It's going to be tough for her.

First the children's case
and now... this.

Were they very close?

I'd like you to investigate
any possibility other than suicide.

Well, the children's case was uncovered
and then he hangs himself...

It's almost a signed confession.

Sometimes, things aren't what they seem.

Don't worry. I'll keep you informed.


I'm so sorry, Alma.

You're apologizing because
you didn't believe me.

No, don't say that.

I'm sorry that this ended up this way.

So many years working with him...

How could I have imagined this?

You never really know people.

Do you?

Now I don't know who I can trust, Luis.



At least that girl is with her parents...

Poor thing...



Are you okay?

Whose baby is this?

Let's go inside.

I'll explain.

He's hungry.

He's less than four months old.

-He's dirty, he's clearly from sector 2.
-Sergio, don't say that.

Many people here come from sector 2.

Hey, doesn't he look pale?

Don't tell me he's sick too!

No, he's just hungry.

If you say so.
I'm not going near him.

Neither are you, Sergio!
We can't all get sick.

Calm down, he hasn't got the virus.

Babies don't
get infected or transmit it.

Are you a doctor now?

Look, if your mom saw us,
she'd make us clean the entire kitchen.

Hey, Daniela,
what will you do with the baby?

-I don't know, he must have a family...

You're here... Come.

Do you need anything, sir?

Whose baby is that?

Daniela brought him from sector 2.

But you can't say that he's dirty.

I was going to tell you right away.

I'll be ten minutes,
start the meeting without me.

Yes, I'm on my way.

I have to go.
They're coming for the baby now.

What? Who's coming?

From an orphanage.

An orphanage... Poor boy.

An undocumented baby from sector 2,

an alleged friend of your son,
whose name you won't say.

Should I call the police

so they tell me where he's from
and why you were with his mom?

Maybe they'll tell me
what you don't dare.

But Dad...

This boy has no other future.

What did you think?

How's it going, Marta?

I've finished these worksheets.

Let me see.

Show me, sweetie.

Perfect. You're as clever as your mom.

-Hi, Emilia.
-Your uncle.


-Uncle Álex!

Holy shit!

Hey! Don't swear!

Sorry. I've missed you so much.
You know that, right?

Yes? You do?

Of course you do, brat,
you're such a brat.

Stop, you hurt me!

-What hurts?

Where? Let me see. What hurts?

-Please, don't tell my dad.


Who poked you so many times, sweetie?

They were vaccines.

But vaccines for what, darling?

Because I'm a unique subject.

A what? Who said that?

At the doctor's.

One night,
on the way back to the room,

my friend Felipe and I ran away.

And then

we got to this place
where the lady and man in a coat

were looking at some photos.


They were of the children there.

They said we were unique subjects.

They're so cute...

What's a unique subject?

Well... what we all know.

That you're a very special child,
my dear.

My dear.

I'll get it.


-Where's the boy?
-Daniela has him.

Iris, it's been so long.

A very long time.

Regards from my dad.

Thanks. Give him mine.

How did you find us?

I've come to this house many times.

With my dad.

Assemblies were held here
when I was five.

What is it, Iris?

Why are you here?

The baby.

His father is expecting him.

We have to take him
in tonight's transport.

The one with no room for my daughter.

I'm so sorry.

Álex, can you go and get him?


They boy has to go.

We don't know when they'll leave again,
it may be months.


As long as you make room
for my daughter tonight.

-You need somebody to get the baby.
-If you want me to go

and risk my life,
we'll need something in return.

I need to check.

Sure, go.
Tell your dad this isn't negotiable.

-I've got something for you.

The investigator at the CIM
gave me this folder.

Have you read it?


They blame me for everything
the children went through.

You have to get rid of this.

Set it on fire.

Stay calm.

Because this will be the official report.

What's in that folder
was only read by the investigator.

I don't know how to thank you.

For your health,
it is totally forbidden to trespass...

Hey, you, boy.

You're new, aren't you?


-Not at all.
-I've never seen you here before.

You haven't?

I've been away from Madrid for a while,
maybe that's why...

But today's my first day here.

Is it?
You know what garden you're going to?

Uh... a classic one with trees,
flowers and such... You know.

In an official center or a home?

Excuse me.

Hey, wait!

It's totally forbidden to trespass...

Hi. Good afternoon, I'm Álex.

I've come to talk to my brother Hugo,
he works here.

Yes, and that's why
you shouldn't distract him.

It's important, I promise.

I see.
Tell me what it is and I'll tell him.



Excuse me.

Why are you here? Are you okay?

Yes, yes, fine.
Where are Julia and Daniela?

We need to talk.

I'm sorry, Rosa.
It won't happen again.

Let's go.

Álex, what's the matter?

-Where's the baby?
-He's sleeping.

My father called an orphanage
to take him.


Okay, everybody out.
You can't talk here.

-Just a moment, Rosa.
-No, you can't be here.

Just a second, please.


I want nothing to do with this.

The baby has a father.

-He's waiting for him on the other side.

-That's great news.

But we have to take him.
Transport is leaving now.

I'll go get him ready.

Julia, there's also room for you.


-They want you to take the baby.


They want me to leave, now?




I can't say goodbye to my mom.

Or to Marta either.

Hold on, we're rushing this, Álex.

I'm sure there'll be
more opportunities in the future...


The longer she stays here,
the riskier for all of us.

And we don't know
if there'll be another chance.

Hi! Where are you off to so early?

Come, come!

Don't move.

What have you got in there?

It's a...


It's a kid.

Yes, it's a baby.

Were you pregnant?


It's a long story, we need to go.
Excuse me.

Would you mind not telling your parents?


My lips are sealed.


Sealed with glue.

-Let's go.
-In exchange...

name him after me.

When are we meeting again?



-I don't know, soon.

When I can sneak out.

Know what your husband would do
if he saw the files I gave you?

He wouldn't do the same I did for you...

because he doesn't love you like I do.

We've been together for 20 years,
what do you know?




Have the orphanage people come?

What's the matter?

You should talk to your daughter.

Have your identification handy
for a possible check.

I suppose the baby has an ID.

I can't believe this.

For your safety, have your safeguard

and your identity documents visible
and at the disposal

of the police force.

-Such a cute baby.

-Your son?

Yes. We work
at the Minister of Health's home

and we went to show him,
he hadn't met him.

He hadn't met you, had he?




This safeguard is provisional
and hasn't got the exit code activated.

Excuse me?

Where do you work?

-He works with us.

At the minister's home?

Yes, yes, I started...
I started today as...


a gardener.

It's his first day.


It's his first day
and the owners weren't home.

Is it essential
to have the exit activated?

-Follow me.

All three of you.

All three? I'm the one with no safeguard.
They can go.

Please... Careful there.

This is disgraceful!

They took him?

tell me what's going on right now.

Calm down, Dad.
The baby has a father.

They'll give him back, that's all.

Do you know what a mess you've made?

And you've got us both in it, why?

Things aren't okay out there,
we have to get involved.


are as good as they can be.

The country's been through
so much to make it here.

-Sir, a call from the fence checkpoint.

It's urgent. They asked for you.

Hello? Yes.

Uh-huh. Yes.

I see.

Very well. I'm on my way.

Your friends and the baby
have been arrested.

What did you expect?

Is that them?

Yes, that's them.
These three work for me.

And the baby... Here.

The baby belongs to this couple.

They've asked me to be his godfather.

Shall we go?

Is this it?


My wife told me
your daughter is back with you.


I'm so glad.

Thanks a lot.


You don't just have your mom's eyes.

You also have her way

of being quiet, staring at me,

as if words aren't needed.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Good luck, okay?


Let's go.

I have a daughter who doesn't know
if I helped you or reported you.

Can I ask why you're doing this?

No, you can't.

Here's the pass and the papers.

Quickly, they have to go.

-You'll be in the cargo area.

It won't be comfortable.
Do you have milk and water?

Yes, I do.

You're leaving in five minutes.

Give him to me.


-Take this.

My brother gave me this for you.

It's from your mom.

Don't read it until you're safe.

My mom, always giving commands.

I won't see her again.

No, don't think like that.

I don't know, when things change,

I'm sure we can pay you a visit
or you can come back.

I'm sure we'll meet again, Julia.

That's won't happen Hugo,
it won't happen.

Come on, we're leaving.

I have to go.
Tell my mom and Marta I love them.

-Take care.

Get in!


I've got him.

You mind if I hold him a little while?

It makes me really happy.

You know what?

We're going to meet our grandson.

Good luck.


My sweet child,

you're the only thing I have left
from a time when I was happy.

The day you and your sister were born
was the most wonderful day of my life,

more than when I graduated
or when you father

told me he loved me.

But suddenly, the world changed.

It became dark and hostile,

as if we have switched
to a different reality.

I don't want to lose you, child,
that's why I'm asking you to leave.

As long as you're alive, darling,
the world is a better place.

Your mom, who loves you.

Good evening.


But Julia...

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Mom, I can't.

I can't.

I'd rather die with you than live alone.

As stubborn as your dad.

How's Marta?

Fine. She's sleeping.

Calm down, I didn't leave her side.



Marta, open the door.




Hey, what are you doing?

-Marta, what's happened?

-What's the matter, child?
-Darling, are you okay?

Are you okay?

Easy, it's okay, it's okay.

Remember to call Aunt Julia mom.

You'll do fine.

Dad, wait, have you seen this?

-Not now.
-You knew.

The Government has decreed to raise
security to level 1.

-Did anyone else know?
-The minister helped us.

He knew nothing about the departure!

I know you're Julia, you smell like her.

-It's the girl, shall I check on her?

-Hey, careful. Okay, okay.
-Don't wreck everything.

No, please.

-We have something to celebrate today.
-A new era is beginning for us.

Let's toast to defeating the virus.

-The future belongs to us.
-The future belongs to us.

There's a hidden plan.
They want to end many people's lives.

-Someone will do so here.
-I don't like what you're implying.

The children are fine,
healthy and happy.