The Barrier (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - full transcript

Why is there nothing anymore?

{\an8}that we don't know how to cure.

And the planet also became very sick.

and they took away our freedom.

But we're going to get it back.

Wow, you look just like my mom.

-So, how is she?
-She's absolutely fine.

-Her mother saved her life.
-In exchange for her own.

-Uncle Álex.
-Where are you going?


Marta, shit!

The girl was taken to the colonies
until you and your wife find employment.

-I have to ask you a favor.
-I told my wife

that we were good friends.

We were.

But not anymore.

Tell him to come by at 7:00,
there will be a pass at the fence.

I killed a man, a soldier.

Leave her alone!

I'm sure my wife can change her plans.

Do you know why we don't get results?

You're a coward
and didn't up the dose like I said.

These special children
are our last hope.

{\an8}On the ground, quick!

-Don't move!

{\an8}They found me!

{\an8}Come on! Don't move!

{\an8}Hey, little one...

What is it?

{\an8}Put your hands up, ma'am.

{\an8}Listen to me, please.

{\an8}-We'll hide in here. Quick.
-We are good people.

{\an8}-The two girls are in my care.
-Is the whore inside?

{\an8}We have no money...

You know him?

But don't worry,

we aren't going to say anything,
you can relax.



{\an8}No, get off me.




Carlos, wouldn't it be better
to go at night? Isn't it safer?

Yes, but my contact wants
to cross before dark.


Jesus, it's Hugo!

A pleasure.

What do you mean they took Marta?

Yes, at the register.

It seems they're taking kids
from unemployed parents.

I don't know, it's a new law.

-And are you okay?

No, relax,
your mom already got me a job.

there's a problem.

A married couple?


I've already been given
the checkpoint passes.

They don't want just me.

-You want me to pretend to be Sara?

-Then I'll see.
-She can't, I'm sorry.

Sorry, but I'm not talking to you.


Hugo, we have to leave right now.

More important
than your niece's life?

-Jesus, Hugo...
-Come here.


There are people
putting their lives at risk for us.

We have an appointment we can't miss.

If they want him,
they'll hire him, married or single.

And relax.

Sorry, I can't help you.



Good luck.

Maybe if we tell him what's going on...

Good morning!

Good morning! Let's go, up!

How's it going over here?
Great, excellent.

You have to wash your face,
wash your hands...


I didn't expect this from a girl
that looks as smart as you.

You still don't know how to put
your handkerchief on? It's so easy!

and you put it up.

I told you we shouldn't have come
to Madrid, dammit!

Álex, stop hitting stuff, please.

It was the only thing she asked of me,
you know?


We'll find her. I promise.

What can I do?

The worst part is
I don't know what to do.

I didn't answer back.

I had no idea what your plan was,
but I believed you.

And that night, I slept like a log.

You've always known
what has to be done, Hugo.

Deep down, you know.

And when we know,
we're going to look for her

and we're taking her back
to Asturias, the three of us.

That's what we're going to do.

After what?

Well, let's get started.
Héctor, come with me.

But they give you yogurt.

Did you stab Commander Mérida?

I don't remember.

You don't remember.

How long do you think
your little sister can stay by herself?


And you're here.

What have they done to you?

I'll get you out of here.

I'll help you.

-Stop, Carlos!

-Stop the bike! Stop!



I need your help, Mom.



Very well.

-Very good.

She had lots of braids.

It's in the closet. She left it
the last time she came to see us.

Of course. I'll show you.

-Where are you going?
-Come on...

Do you remember me?

-Yes. You were here yesterday, right?
-Can we chat for a second, please?

Excuse me.
Can you cover for me for five minutes?

Do you remember the girl
that was with me?

You tested her blood.

Well, she's lucky.

Come back tomorrow.


Look, I don't want to be a bother.

It's just I need to speak with you.

-Julia? No, why?
-Who is it, Mom?

But there's no need to worry,
I'm sure she's doing great.

I'm sure she's being
well cared for, yes.

-Julia is traveling for a few days.
-Really? I saw her just a moment ago.


Begoña, is something wrong?

No, no, it's nothing.



And cheap.

-They've arrested her.

-The girl you helped.

-They're interrogating her.

There's a transport leaving tonight.

It's safer than us trying to travel alone.

But it's tonight or never.

-They don't know when the next will be.

As soon as you leave work,
when you cross the fence, go here.

-Go to the old M40 tunnels.
-Let me see.


-You're very pretty.
-Shut up.

You look like a nun, but...

Shut up.


entry is strictly forbidden
for any person that is sick,

Do you have anything metallic?

This pass is for a married couple.

Yes, but my wife couldn't come
right now, she'll come later.

-Kindly step aside.

I'm sure you are a father too.

Stand back, God dammit!



{\an8}Citizens are beginning
to gradually feel more...

of theft and acts of violence,
despite figures improving slowly...

Don't let that happen again.

How does it look, Hugo?

She liked leaving it down.

-Where do they get all that water?
-From the sea.

Come on through.

Thank you.

With the artichokes,
please, only the core.

Yes, Mrs. Rosa.

-The celery, please...

One moment.

Get them to give you the special leaves
to put in the soup, okay?


Normally, I choose the maids.

-You have five minutes.
-They already disinfected us.

Those squirts at the fence
are only for clothes.

Let's go!

Come with me, please.


You'll look very elegant.

Well, look at you.

And that?
What happened to you?

Must have been some fall.

-Nothing serious.

I can't believe it.

We'll leave the drinks here.

Never together.

Yes, ma'am?

-Hugo Mújica, right?
-Yes, ma'am. This is...


The uniform suits you.


Sweetie, let me have a look at you.

A code just for women.

If they had to wear heels,
you'd see how long that code would last.

Come on, get your heels.

Everything is ready
to welcome our guests, right?

Well, it's just that yesterday morning
at the register, they took my daughter.

Our daughter.


Are you nuts?

Yes, yes, of course.

And you too, little sister. Very tall.

-Very well.

You know your husband
is the star of this government.

-Not as pretty as you.
-Let me see.

Good morning.

How can I help you?

I'm Begoña Sánchez,
assistant to the State.

I know who it is you're looking for.

I can give you
the address where she lives.

Álvaro, you need that budget
for canapés, don't you?

Don't come at me with that,
we're talking seriously here.

we are all working hard
so that every citizen has at least

Because those that don't have
enough are living on the edge.

People don't miss what they never knew.

One moment, please!

Yes, yes, I was expecting him.


How are you? Welcome.

head of the Security Directorate General.

On the contrary,
we're happy to see you, Commander.

-Thank you very much.
-Is it good news?

Let's go to my office.

Go with the gentlemen
and get them something to eat and drink.

But the good news is
that we have made our first arrest.

-A bit of wine, please.

No. But she saw everything.

So we'll soon have more arrests.

-It's nothing.
-I'll change that. Excuse me.

One moment.

-Have we seen each other before?
-I don't think so, sir.

I hope not.

I must be mistaken then.

I didn't get a chance
to greet you earlier.

Clean all this up and lock up.

Take this and clear the table,
they've already gone to the garden.

-Hello, Sergio.

It's mine.

-and this one to brake.

How cool!
What a neat car you have.

I'd love to, but I can't right now.

They don't let me.
I'm working.


Well, we'll see.

What? Are you leaving?


You're very quiet.

I neither like nor dislike him.

I don't like him at all.


But when they're on top,
who will protect us from them?

No. No, no, no, no.

Come on, let's go see your godchildren.

We aren't thieves.

But there's no document here.

Only she can tell you that.

-Let's go and ask her.
-What do you think you're doing?

-Come here, please!

Just to talk with the lady.

Ma'am, I'm sorry to insist, but
I need to know if you'll hire us or not.

You'll have your daughter soon.

-Thank you.
-Thanks so much.

Let's go, Rai.

Told you it went with the heels.

Thank you, thank you.


Did the dose work?

Tomorrow morning, I want
a report with all the final results.

Come on, you'll feel
much better now, you'll see.

How are you feeling?

You rest with the angels...

What's this?


Of course I will.
I promise.

Go on.

You'll be fine tomorrow.

Good night, my princess.

You know what to do.


...available to law enforcement.

I just need you to know something.


-You don't know what he...
-It's okay.


Of course I'm going to get her back.
I have the papers.

I need you to take care of my mother.

The door!

Freeze! Get down!



but for the whole
Security Directorate General

and above all,
for the honest and peaceful

which is most of this country,

while attempting to flee the capital.

the security forces of New Spain

We'll continue to ensure the prosperity
and security of us all.


Good evening.

Because our hand will not tremble
when it comes to preventing anyone,


Come on, let's go!

Meet me at my place this afternoon.
Would you like to?

I'll handle it.

because I have a girl
who depends on her dad

My angels.