The Barrier (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - La soledad de dos - full transcript

A new noravirus case
has been confirmed in Sector 1.

You mean there are at least
two virus carriers in this sector?

We'll find them.

This is Mateo, my son.

He looks just like him.

We never saw his body,
Fernando, we never saw it.


One of the kids has turned up.
He's alive.

-Step back!

Our gardener was on the bus
and they came for us.

I was on the bus, Iván.
They're looking for me.

Sergio's parents have been found dead.

They were killed for sure.

They had nothing,
what was there to steal?

This country has far more serious problems
than a petty theft in Sector 2.

They didn't listen to me
and trusted you.

And those aren't this country's flag!

-She's pregnant, Iván.
-And she's sick.

She was on the bus.

And this matter is close to us
because one of those kids is at my house.

I promise you'll have me by your side.

I don't know where to begin
to find your children,

to do justice, but I swear I will.

You'll help her, right?

I'll do what's best for her and for you.

Search the entire house for Manuela!

Good luck.

Sit down.

Are you cold?


Come, get in bed.

What about you?

Are you okay?


Of course.

Don't worry about me.

Iván, what are you doing?

I told you not
to go near her unprotected.

-Go on, get out.

I'd rather stay.

Wait outside, please.

We'll prep her, it'll be a minute.

Go on, go.

You can come back later.


Take it easy, it'll be fine.

Don't answer.

It's your mom, Iván.
She's worried.

It's the fifth time, let me talk to her.

If you answer, I'll take Manuela
and you'll never see us again.

Okay, but calm down.

What can I do?

What's your plan?

Give her the vaccine.

The vaccine isn't stable.

We've never tested it
in infected humans.

She got infected in the last 24 hours.
Give it to her.

All right.

But you stay away from her, you hear me?

This is dangerous
for you and for us all.

Promise you won't go near her.

We'll see.

What's wrong?








I have no idea where they might be.
You know I'd tell you, ma'am.

Give me Manuela's parents' address.
Now, Rosa!

Manuela's parents are dead.

A grandmother, an aunt,
she must have someone.

The poor girl has no one, ma'am.

Good evening.

Leave us alone.

Why are you here?

-Checking on you.
-How do you think I am?

This is no time to just show up.
Luis won't answer, he must be close.

Why are you alone?

Please, go.

Alma, look at me.

I have checkpoints at every exit,
I have five units combing the roads.

-We'll find him.
-I want you to leave.

We'll find your son, I promise.

Answer me.

Answer, please.

I saw your husband came.

Yes, he had to go.

It'd be good to have him on our side.

My husband is a good man, but...

He never believed Mateo was alive
and he still can't believe it.

Maybe he needs time...

Time is never enough
for something like this, Alicia.

I'm so sorry, Emilia.

How can that man be so blind?

-He's a cop, he knows.
-No, Emilia.

That's why
he's more confused than anyone else.

He's part of the system.

Yes, I know, I am too,

and I'm so lost in all this.

But I can tell you he has reasons
to be deeply worried.

He's a police officer.

If they find out he's involved,
what would they do to him?

Excuse me...

I'd like to thank you
for everything you're doing

to find our children.

If you'll let me,

this is a song I learned here in Spain.

I used to sing it to my baby
at night to bring him good luck.

It means:
"Let the boy fall asleep soon

before the big dog comes
and takes him away."

But that's Basque.

How can you understand it?

My grandpa sang it to me
when I was little.

God help us.

I'm starving. What's for dinner?

How about a special dinner?

Pasta and tomato sauce?


-You know what I want for dinner?

A fresh tomato salad.


-And freshly cooked cod.

-You know what I want for dessert?

-Strawberries! And chocolate!


The kind that melts in your mouth.


I'm sorry, dear, there's no sauce.

Oh, no tomato sauce.

But I've got something.

Let's see, let's see...

What is this?

I've got cod!

And fresh tomatoes and strawberries.

No way!

-Where did you get it?


I bought it.

I see.

In a store
where they have lots of stuff, right?

There's plenty to spare.

I see, at Rosa's market.
Everything at the best price.


What about the chocolate?

With almonds!

-What? Want some?

-Then give me a kiss.

Here, sweetie, you deserve it.


-Can I open it?
-Only if you give me some.

You can have the chocolate, sweetie.

She can, huh?

How much is it?

For your safety, don't stop in the street
or gather in groups.

Have your documentation handy
and show it when requested to do so.

For your health,
a mandatory health checkup next Tuesday,

from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

I'd hug you too, but...

Well, deep down, I'm hugging you.

I think you're fucking awesome
and your daughter is fucking awesome too.

I mean, really great.

She's really lucky
to have you as her dad,

and you are to have her as your daughter.

What was Álex saying?

What he doesn't dare to tell you.

That he's crazy about you.

No, Alejo. Give it to her first, please.

-We'll give it to both of you.
-No! Her first.

What's wrong?
Relax, don't be upset.


If you insist, we'll give it to her first.

Does it hurt?


Done. You'll get better, okay?

I promise.

Thanks. I owe you one.


Manuela! Manuela!


-What's wrong? Do something.
-Easy, she's just sleeping.


What did you give her?

What did you give us?



I'll go talk to your mom now.

It won't be a pleasant conversation.

Don't worry, Dad.

I have to clarify some things
about those kids.

The CIM?

Do you think she's lying?

I don't know.

I hope not.

I'm sure there is an explanation.


Do you still love her?

-Do you love each other?
-Sure we do.

Your mom and I are very close.

But sometimes, couples...

We've been together for so long
that we're almost part of each other.

But time goes by and each of us
has made decisions.

Decisions that have torn us apart.

The funny thing...

is that it takes so long
for you to realize.

But in the end,

you suddenly realize
that you and your partner speak

completely different languages.

Finally! Where were you?

I've been calling,
why didn't you answer?

-Where's your dad?
-In his office.

In his office?
What about your brother?

I don't know. Why?

I called you a thousand times!

-Where were you?
-Stop for a second!

Can you let me talk for once?

Sergio's parents were murdered.

He isn't the only stolen boy,
there are many more.

Their parents are looking for them.

And lots of them
happened to be at the CIM.

Will you listen to me?

-Do you know where your son is?
-How is that relevant now?

I'll get Sergio's blood tests
and get to the bottom of this.

Do as you please!

I don't know what bullshit they told you,

but while you were who knows where
doing who knows what,

our son went missing!




Why didn't you answer?
I called a thousand times.

Is Iván with you?

Yes, he's here with me.

He is...

Okay, now I can relax.

If he's with you, he's okay.

Alejo, is my son okay?

No, Alma.

He's got the virus.

-What's the matter?
-He's infected.


Alejo, we're on our way.

No, wait for us there.

We're on our way.

My goodness...

-Poor Manuela.

If only there was a cure.

If only.

If only.

Where have they headed?

I don't think the young master managed
to take her far.

-Iván loves her, Hugo.
-He does?

Yeah. It's hard to believe,
but he really loves her.

He really does, you know?


Love is amazing.

And so is this whiskey.

Give me a sip, come on.

Do you miss that?

Not my sister, I know you miss her.

But... love.

I mean being in love.

Go on, put on a jacket,
you'll get a cold.


Don't try not to answer, okay?

Let's see...

Do you miss it?
How do you feel about all that?

Yes, of course I miss it.

I miss it all the time.

What kinds of things?


You're disgusting...

I don't know, being...

Being with her.

Listening to her breathing...

And kissing.


And hugging.

And sex.

I really miss sex.

-Sex is fucking great, it really is.

You'll fall in love again one day.

My sister wouldn't mind.

She'd want you to be happy.

You know that, right?

Yes, I know.


You're a great guy.

Quiet, but great.



It's nice here, isn't it?


I could sleep here all night.

This is the life.

For your safety,

curfew is over.

You can now move freely
and remember to always have

your identity documents with you.


-What's the matter?

I have to go to the mansion.
They're waiting.

But it's so early.

I know.

Look at your face.


Do you have anything to tell me?

-What about?
-Last night, dammit.

I saw you going up to the roof.

Nothing happened, don't be annoying.

You're so boring.

You and I used to share everything,

but since we came here...

-Am I interrupting?
-No, not at all.

-Shall we?
-Let's go.

Good morning.

-You're finally here.

Rosa, what's happened?

What had to happen,

they found them
and now they're both infected.

They're bringing him home,
but it doesn't look good.

That virus is a hell of a bastard.

A cousin of mine...
Well, never mind.

Relax, Rosa,
home is the best place for him to be.

-What a mess.
-Come on,

enough chitchat, they'll be here soon.

Take these sheets to the main room.

I'll make room for Manuela here.

Sure, Rosa.


-What's wrong?
-What have I done, Hugo?

-What have I done?

Hey, look at me. Look at me.

You just wanted to help, that's all.

At least they're together, right?


Let's go.


Come on.

You're here.

Thanks for coming so quickly.

We just heard.

-We're sorry about what's happening.
-What's that?

We came to change the sheets.

Do you know anything about noravirus?

It's a deadly disease,
it can't be cured with new sheets.

Everything a sick person touches,

sheets, towels, clothes,
must be burned afterward.

Alma, they aren't doctors.

Then explain it clearly
so they understand what we're fighting.

Well, I'm sure you can understand
we're a bit nervous.

It's a virus that, once inoculated,

the entire organism very quickly.

It's passed on through bodily fluids:

saliva, sweat,
blood, vomit...

That's why we need to avoid
any kind of physical contact.

You'll be given gloves and masks,

but under no circumstances
should you come into this room.

-Understood, sir.

Very good.



Your dad
was a great expert on this virus.

I know.

If only he was here.

If only.

What the hell are you doing here?
Are you nuts?

You came to the meeting
but left before we had a chance to talk.

I told you everything I had to,
but you didn't fucking listen.

I'm just looking for those kids.

You're the only father
who can help me find them.

-Don't you see?
-There's nothing to be found.

I saw my son dead in the hospital.

Do you know how long it took me
to accept that?

But you heard
what my granddaughter said yesterday.

You really didn't
question it for a second?

You didn't think
one of those kids could be your son?

You can deceive all those parents
with your hot air, but not me.

I can spot a trickster when I see one.

Can you really say this is not your son?

I don't want to see you here again.
Get lost.


Alma, I wanted to check if there's news.

No, Enrique.

Sorry I haven't informed you.

My son turned up at my brother's camp.

They're on their way home.
I hope it isn't too late.

Dear lord.

Let's hope not.

How are you?

How do you think?
I'm devastated.

I'm the best virologist in the country,
the best.

Yet my son got infected
by the housemaid.

-To top it all off, my husband...
-Hold on, what's wrong with him?

He accused me this morning.

Parents are looking for their kids.

-He asked if I knew where they are.

-I don't know where that crap came from.

Should I deal with it?

Could you?

You know I can do anything you need.


I don't think...

I ever gave you
the thank you that you deserve.


Are you there?

You don't need to thank me, Alma.

I have to go,
there's something I need to take care of.

-Why was that woman here, Navarro?

-What woman?
-Don't play dumb.

Why was that woman here?

That woman is nuts, sir.

-She just speaks nonsense.
-What nonsense?

Something about some children
who died long ago.

I told her not to bother us again.

I didn't arrest her
since she's the minister's friend.

I thought it was better to let her go.

I want the twenty most efficient
and loyal men in this building,

and I want them now. Got it?

Got it, sir.

How is he?

Still sedated. Hi, Luis.

Thanks for bringing him.

His fever has rocketed.

Antipyretics don't work.

Take him to the room.

You'll be okay, you hear me?

You hear me?

-They didn't bring Manuela.
-You'll get better.

-You hear me?

Alma, we need to prep him.

No... Don't come near me!
I'm sick, I can pass it on to you.

We can't get sick.

We heal.

What's your name?


Hi, Pedro.

-I have to go. Bye.

My love, my love.

My love.

How is he?
How does it look?

I don't know, Luis.
We lost vital time.

The virus is in his blood now,

traveling all over his body.

But you had a vaccine, didn't you?
Do you have a prototype?

No. You can't be here.
Follow the protocol.

-Will he be okay?
-Yeah, yeah.

Your mom is doing all she can
to save him.

-Get out, please.

Sergio, let's go.

-Let's go.
-Is Iván sick? Is he going to die?

Of course not.

He's sick.

But he's sleeping, so he doesn't know.

I want him to be okay.

I like Iván, even if
he doesn't pay much attention to me.

Same here. Come here.

When you finish with the towels,
go take Manuela's bed apart.


Rosa, we should wait a while,
they might bring her.

They won't, Sara.
Don't you get it?

How can they...?

We'll have to help her, don't you think?


Yes, Domerol 110 mg.
Good, yes. What else?

Termaldina. Yes.

In capsules?

Good, okay.

Thanks a lot.

Rosa, the towels.

Yes, sir, almost ready.

Well, hurry up.

-Sir, excuse me...
-Rai, is the coffee good?

Go get the ambulance guy,
tell him to take it away.

Don't let anyone see.

-Sir, excuse me.
-No, hold on.

He'd better park it behind the house.

-Sir, we need to talk.
-What do you want?

What about Manuela?

-I know nothing about Manuela.
-Manuela left with your son.

They left together.


The girl is pregnant, sir.



I don't know, no one's told me anything.

We thought they'd bring them together
but they didn't.

We're afraid she's alone, dying.

Rosa, the towels, come on, come on.

Yes, sir.

He's dying, Alejo!

He's dying!

I gave him a transfusion earlier,
but it didn't work.

It's the most aggressive strain.

He can't die.

If my son dies, I'll kill myself,
you hear me? I will.

There's that blood
I told you about, but I don't know.

Do what you must, Alejo.


All right.


Where's the girl?

-What girl?
-The one with my son, where is she?

I didn't see any girl.

It's not a good day
to treat me like an idiot.

Where is the girl?

She was dying.

-She's been infected for days.
-I still want her.

Where the fuck is she?

Sara, Hugo, come.

Hurry up, come.

Manuela is here, go get her.
Take the van.

Go, hurry up.
We'll see if we're lucky, go.

-Thanks, sir.

Come on.

Come on, speed up.

I have to go.

Water... Water.

I'm sorry. Bye.

Each day that passes
is a day lost, dammit.

I know. But we have to wait.

Besides, this isn't your business.

-Actually what?

Never mind.

What's wrong, Emilia?

You should leave, Álex.

I'll talk to Sara and Hugo.
You four should return to Asturias.

When they find out we're looking
for those kids, anything could happen.

Emilia, if you think
my brother is going to leave you here,

then you don't know him very well. Or me.

If we go, we go together.

Believe me, if I've ever been sure
I don't want to leave, it's now.

I've been turning
a blind eye for too long.


Why don't you go stay with Marta?
I don't like to leave her alone.

Well, I gave her homework.

She's doing some division
that will take her a while.

Marta has been doing division
for a couple of years now.

Want some more water?

Okay, but don't forget to toss the bottle
in the glass bin.

Uncle Luis told me
recycling is really important.

Daniela, don't say anything.

If you interrupt,
I don't know if I'll be brave...

and strong enough
to say what I want to.

I really like you.

I more than like you,
I actually love you.

It may sound old-fashioned,
but that's the truth.

I'm not asking you
to love me back, honestly.

But hey, I'm not crazy
and I know you like me at least a bit.

What do you think if

we hang out one day,
get drunk and see what happens?

Okay, but you'll have to tell her.

Daniela, your boyfriend.


For fuck's sake.

Hello? Álex?

Yes, yes, it's me.

Are you calling about my brother?


Marta, darling, I know you're there.

Open up just a second, cutie.

My grandma is in the store, Begoña.

Yeah, I know.

But I want to talk to you, sweetie,
not to your grandma.

Your parents told me

to come get you.

They want you to go to the house
where they work.

My uncle Álex will be here soon.
If they want me to go, he can take me.

Oh, my little girl is a bit stubborn.

Well, as you wish.

But open up for a second

so I can give you the note
your parents gave me, okay?

No, please!


Please, let go!


Please, let go!

Let go!

Easy, easy.



Hey! Hey!


Wow, look at all the trucks!

-Come, quick.

Come, quickly, evacuate.

-We'll all go out in organized rows!
-Hurry, hurry.

Why are there soldiers?
Where are we going?

That doesn't matter.

Come on, outside.

-It's scary.
-Come on. Now!


Come on.


Can I go to the bathroom?

Hold on, my dear.

Come on.

Hold on a bit longer.

You're strong, come on.

You're young.

My boy...

No, Alma. He may be listening,
we have to stay strong.

We'll drain his lung.

Step out for a moment.

-No, I don't want to.
-Alma, it'll be just a moment.

Come on, let them work.

Come on, up, up. Let's go.

Come, come.

I can't take anymore.

He's our son, Luis.

Our first born.

I felt him in my belly.

I held him in my arms.

He was so small.


I watched him grow.

Now he's a handsome man.

He's a part of me.

I've never seen anyone look at each other
with more love than you two.

You don't love him as much
since you don't get him.

He's sensitive,


He's kind, Luis.

He's kind.

Much better than us.

So is Daniela.

Our children are wonderful,
of course they are.

They reflect how much
we loved each other.

Even if we don't...

I feel like you don't
love me like you used to.

He's not going to die.

I don't want him to.

Her heartbeat is slowing down,
we should stop.

-I need one more bag.
-Alejo, if we lose her...

It's her life or my nephew's.

The girl can take it.

Thank you, princess.

Are you sure this is it?

I don't know. The GPS went nuts.

It must be here.


-I think that's it.


What the hell is this?

Why are there so many soldiers at a camp?

I know this place.

-What are you saying?
-I've seen it.

I saw it in Alma's film.
The missing children are here.

-I saw them.
-Come, quickly.

-I swear.

Let's go, let's go.

What's going on?

I want all the children in the trucks.

What's going on?

Why do you care?

You aren't here to ask
and I'm not here to answer.

I want everything searched.
I don't want a soul left, got it?

Move, Navarro!

Yes, sir.


Listen, you'll be okay.
You're going to be fine.

That's the woman who took Marta.

Calm down, calm down.

-We have to help them.
-We can't do it alone. Hold on.

We need to find Manuela first, okay?


How's Iván?

Not well.


made from the blood of someone
with a very high antiviral load.

Plasma prevents internal hemorrhage,

which is what ends up killing the sick.

The same as for Ebola.

Yes, the same principle, Luis.
It's an experimental treatment.

Where do you get the donors?


I discovered some people
can be turned into vaccines.

Remember those children

who carried the cure
for smallpox to America in their bodies?

The Balmis Expedition children.

The monument stood in front of my house
when I was little, in Corrientes.

So, can any survivor
become a potential donor?


there are very few
and they're very special.

They actually need treatment to manipulate
their immune response.


Doses of virus injections
to increase their resistance.

There's no other way.

They can't all endure it.

But those who do are
our only chance of survival.

Wow, you are brave, huh?

I was looking for you.


Leave me alone!

-Let go of me!


Let go!

There was one left.

-Daniela, I told you not to come in.
-Let me in, Dad.

You can say goodbye, but wait a bit.

-I need to see him.
-Wait a bit.


My dear...
My dear...

I'm here, my love.


I'm here, my dear.

-My love.

I'm here, love.

He's responding.

Stop, nobody move!

She's got the virus, she's infected!

-Move back!
-Area under quarantine!

Stop or I'll shoot!

-Another one here!

One more infected!

Here, quick, quick!

Oh my God.

For your safety, level 1 health alert.

Level 1 health alert.

Sir, what are those sirens?

Hundreds of cases in Sector 2.

It's an extreme situation,
it calls for radical measures.

-Commander, is everything okay?
-The black girl's gone.

I don't want her on the loose.

If what you're saying is true,
I can save her too.


Where's Manuela?

Thanks, Mr. President.

This government wants to send
all children under the age of 15

to camps

where they will be safe and sound,

away from the main outbreaks
of the disease.

Look who's here.

Marta is back.

Where's my granddaughter, bitch?


What are you doing here?

None of your concern.
Leave or I'll tell the commander.

Either you tell me what you have in there
or I'll pull it out with my own hands.

Open the door, Luis!