The Barrier (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Otro mundo - full transcript

A family faces danger after being reunited in a dystopian Madrid; Julia's attempts to rescue an abused minor results in grave consequences.


Julia, pack your things, hurry up!


Good evening, fellow citizens.

Thank you for listening to me.

This is my first speech as the new
president of the Spanish Government,

and certainly the most challenging.

Our country, and the whole world,
faces a critical juncture.

The recent World War III
has destroyed our environment

as we knew it.

-The economy has collapsed.

-The Earth's resources...

...are severely compromised.

Can I pack my stuffed animals?

Indispensable supplies

like water, electrical power and gas

must be drastically
rationed and controlled.

-Finish packing.
-The health,

safety and even the survival

of our population
are seriously threatened.

At a time like this,

terrorists take advantage
of our weakened system to undermine it

and the emergence of new viruses
leads to overburdened hospitals

and challenges medical knowledge.

I told you not to go near the window.

Grab your things. Now.

It is not the time
for sterile political disputes.


Julia, sweetheart.

From now on,

a national united government
is officially established,

formed by technical experts
competent in all fields...

It was really hard to get them.
People are desperate out there.

-Thank God.
-It's terrible.

Given the severity of the situation,
I declare a state of emergency.

Parliamentary monarchy,
for the time being,

is hereby suspended.

I don't want to deceive you,
this transition

will demand radical changes
in our way of life.

But it is the only way
and we must stand together.

I'm asking you, as I'm firmly convinced
that we all share one goal:


This is an exceptionally
difficult time...

We have to get out of here now.

Fill the tank and start the car.

Don't be long.

With the help of all of us,
the future will be ours again.

Thank you and good night.

Clear out! Please, clear out!

Move away from the road.
Move away from the road.

A state of emergency has been declared.

Return to your homes.

Make way!

-But he told you.

No, I don't want to.

He also said we have to be quick.

Girls, come here.
Come with me, please.

This is for your birthday,
fire red and water blue.

It's cute,

but it's not our birthday.

Put them on, my love. Come on.

Open up!

What's going on, Dad?

I love you more than anything.

-We love you more.
-We love you more, Daddy.

We know you are in there, open the door!

Turn around,
I have another surprise for you.

Hold hands.

Open the door!

Open up!

Open the door!



Come on! Come on!

-My love!

-Ramón! Ramón, please!
-It's done.

-Move, ma'am!

-No, no, no, no!

-Let's go!

Emilia! You son of a bitch!

Emilia! Emilia!

The girls... Girls!

Julia, Sara!

Girls, where are you?


Julia, you're here.
Where's your sister?

Sara. Come here, sweetheart.


Are you okay? Thank God.

You are okay.

It hurts.

What, my girl?

Dad told us not to say a word.

It's okay, it's all right.

Where did he do it?

Back here?

-In our ears.
-Shame on you.

Can I see yours, Julia?

Daddy did them very well,
it won't hurt for long.

Where is Daddy?


They took Daddy... but he will come back.

I'm sure he will be back.

Come here.

Come here.






Bye, Mom.

We're going now, like you wanted.

It's late, sweetheart, let's go.

I'm really sad to leave her, Dad.

I'll carry you with me, my love.

Hello? Anybody here?

Your booze.

So good to see you, honey.
People are thirsty and out of control.

Ten grand.

Will you do me a little favor?

Take this upstairs
to the private rooms.

Thank you, sweetheart.

Let's have another
glass of champagne, shall we?



What have they done to you?


I'll get you out of here.

Can you walk?

I'll help you, come on.

Come on.

That's right.

Let's get out of here.

Who the fuck are you?


I'm leaving
and I'm taking her with me, all right?

Let her go!

You pig!

-No, please.
-What now, bitch?

Let's get out of here.

Let's go.

Look at me. What's your name?
What's your name?

Sol, Sol.

Sol, let's go.


Shit, my necklace.

Wait for me, Sol.

Don't move, okay? I'll be right back.



For your safety,
the curfew will start in five minutes.

Citizens are kindly asked
to return home quietly.

What's wrong?



Love, what's wrong?

-I killed a man.
-You what?

A soldier.

Hugo, how far is Madrid?

About two hours away.

Don't be a pain, just relax.

Hey, did you see their weapons?

It's creeping me out.

Listen, I don't want
you to scare Marta. Stop it.

How's it going?

Hey, didn't you hear the latest news?

The internal team just informed me

that I shit my pants.

It was terrible.

A nuclear disaster all over the studio.

-My legs are numb--
-Álex, stop it.

You are all going to die
if you don't lock me in a room.

What's going on here?

Agent, sorry if we bothered you.

My brother's never been to the capital.

You shut up!

You watch yourself.

I'm constipated and also very angry.

-Good evening, Navarro.

-Get out!
-What do we have?

It seems that whoever killed him
ran away after the fight.

There are traces
of epithelial tissue on his nails.

The commander most likely
used force against her

-and she stabbed him...
-I don't really care

about the circumstances.

I want to know who did this.

There's the madame.

Listen to me,

Commander Mérida was
one of our President's right-hand men.

No one, absolutely no one
must know he died under these...



Of course, my Commander.
You can count on my absolute discretion.

Was he with one of your girls?


He brought her.

The commander liked girls
with no experience.

Come on.

Why are you here?

-Come on.

Do you know these people?

All of them.

Apart from the young lady
that the commander brought,

did anybody else set foot in here?

The girl who brought the alcohol.
I didn't notice.

-I'm really sorry.

Don't move!

Look who we've got here.

Your father will be very happy.

Commander Jiménez,
the new star police officer.

Did you come to have fun
or just to kill the party?

Whores, alcohol, drugs... and a corpse.

You call this a party?

You have to leave, Julia.

They will find you sooner or later.

What do you mean leave?
Where am I supposed to go, Carlos?

Somewhere safe and free.

There are some trips arranged
to cross the strait.

I know someone, all right?

A colleague who also left the Army.

Listen... you won't be alone,

I'll go with you.

What about my mother?

I can't leave my mother alone, Carlos.

Do you know what will happen
when they find the girl you saved?

Your mother wants you to be alive.

Do you think my aunt has changed much?

I don't know.

Soon, you'll see for yourself.

We're going to Madrid!

With Grandma in three months.

Madrid police checkpoint.

Everybody off.

Keep your documents visible.

Stay in your seats until
the vehicle has completely stopped.

That way.

Keep moving. Come on, quickly.

Line up. Now!


don't leave my side.

Come on.


Please, have your documents ready.

-An ill man!
-Don't move!

Possible evidence!

Come with us, sir.

-Are you his wife?

Come with us, too.
Give her a bracelet.

-No, not her!
-You can't enter if you are sick

or have been in contact
with sick people.

Even if I have the virus,
I want you to go to Madrid.

All right?


Come on, move forward.

Move forward.


Why are you going to the city?

We're looking after my mother-in-law.
Family reunification.

We're brothers.

And your mother?

-Well, my wife...
-Let the girl answer.

She's working, but she'll come soon.

Go to the bus.

Once you arrive, you must register
and request a work permit.

Thank you.

Come on.


For your safety, please remember
to carry your ID documents.

-Please, be careful.
-Don't worry.

I'll go straight to my mother's,
don't worry.

See you later? I'll pick you up.

No, I want to sleep there.

With her.

Don't say anything.
The less she knows, the better.

All right.

For your safety...

What do you think?


-Let's have a look, shall we?

Stay with your uncle.


That's how the water works?

-That's it.



You are beautiful and so, so big!


Look, this is my uncle Álex.

-I don't know if you remember me.

Last time I saw you, you were her size.
You are a man now.


I hope there is room for everybody.

Sure there is!
We will make room anyway, right?

-I don't want to disturb.
-That will be hard.

Don't get started.

Ok. Álex, look,
I left a box over there.

I won't open the shop today.
We're all going home.

For lunch!

Follow us!

I'm so happy we are all together.
Look what Grandma got for you.

That is not easy, okay?
Sweets are usually scarce.

-But here is some candy.
-Thank you!

Wow! Look, Dad, candy!

What? Are you sad for your boss?

It's a pity, isn't it?

She was so beautiful...

Until we find the little whore
who was with the commander,

this will happen to every one of you.

You don't want to talk?

Fine. Who wants to be next?






I can't believe you are here.

Where's the girl? Marta.

You are so beautiful and tall!

It's amazing!

You look just like my mom,
you're identical!

Didn't Dad tell you?

Hey! What's this?
No kisses left for me?

-I'm so jealous.
-Come here.

Eat this, it's delicious.

It's good, right?

You were hungry, weren't you?




Sol, honey, what took you so long?

Grandma, let's talk inside.

...the preventive measures
that will keep us...

-You’re in good shape, Hugo.

...or the medication
you get at your examination.

-Let's check this beautiful girl out.
-Your turn.

Your turn.

-Need help?

Let me see.

-Beautiful girl.
-Let's take this off.

Hey, look...

The same.

Mom gave it to me when she did this.

They were looking for a formula...

This way, we'll be together.

She said I shouldn't tell anyone.

Your mom was very smart.
And very good.

-Breaking news.
-Let's see...

Take a deep breath.

The National Security Office
has just announced

that commander Antonio Mérida
has died in a terrorist attack.

-Breathe in.
-There are no details yet...


Good. Perfect.

-Want to get changed?

Do you want your pajamas?

-They're in your room.


How is she?

She is fine.

Her mother saved her life.

In exchange for her own.

Hugo, it's very important that nobody
finds out Sara died from the virus

-or they will put you in isolation.
-Of course.

What did you say in town?

That she came back to Madrid,
that you needed her here.


Emilia, you...

Do you think that
if we had come back earlier...

-I don't know.
-No, Hugo.

I couldn't have done anything.
There is no cure.

-Curfew starts now.
-Oh, curfew.

-Stay at home.
-What is the curfew?

You can't go outside.

And they turn off the lights.

Careful, it's hot!


Let's have dinner.

I can't wait!

It smells so good, Emilia.

It looks wonderful, Mom!

This was your mom's
favorite meal, Marta.

Meat and potatoes.

Well, meat is a thing of the past.
We used to eat it before.

What else did you have before?

Before what, my love?

I don't know, when I wasn't here.

We had many things, good and bad.

There was a river across Madrid,

huge parks,

but also so many cars.

A lot of pollution and noise.

-No, serve yourself.

A lot of noise, Marta,
all the time, even at night.


Mom told me there were phones
and you could have your own.

-It's true.
-That's true.

And you told me there were
tons of TV channels, right?

Why isn't there anything now?

Honey, they will think
we've never talked about this.

Well, Marta knows that...

before she was born, there was
a big international conflict...

A World War.

Yes, a World War.
And a lot of people died in the war.

And because of those deaths,
some diseases emerged

and we don't have a cure yet.

The planet was also very sick,
with no water.

Radiation was present in many countries.

People were very scared
and wanted strong governments

that could guarantee their safety.

You understand?

But that's normal, isn't it?

Well, yes, but the bad thing
is that those governments...

were the ones
that caused the war, my girl.

And in the name of security,

they took away what matters most.

You know what it is?

-Do you know, honey?
-What is it?


But we will get it back.

Right, Mom?


That's what Grandma says.

I'll help you, Grandma.

So will I!

Here's to freedom.

To life.

To never forgetting those we love
who are not here anymore.

And to us always being together.




Well, let's eat. This is getting cold.

Emilia, it's really delicious.

So tasty.

For your safety, do not stop
in the street and do not form groups.

Keep your papers handy...

Ugh, what a line. Let's go.

Come on.

-I'll get in line!

How will you explain
what happened in this country?

In a way that she can't say anything
that gets her in trouble.

-Be careful.

-I know she's not my daughter...
-Will you shut up?

If she were my daughter,
I'd want her to be informed, that's all.


Okay, let's go.

-Hello. How are you?

Don't worry.


No hurry, I've been waiting
all my life for this moment.

What moment?

The appearance of such a clever nurse,

so nice,

so pretty.

Too bad I'm going to get poked, right?
Not everything in life can be... Ouch!

That's because you didn't relax your arm.
Look at your daughter.

I'm not his daughter.
He is my uncle.

His name is Álex and he's single.


But not by choice.
I'm very romantic.

I'm thinking about asking you to marry
me and be the mother of my children.

What do you think?

You're done.
Now you'll move on to the interview.

Wow. You hurt me
and then you abandon me.

She's crazy about me, right?

Is it a boy?

Marta Mújica, ten years old.

The Mújica family?


Good morning.

You will split up for medical records
and personal interviews.

The girl will go with her
and you two will come with me.

-Can't she stay with us?

Don't worry.
It won't be long.

All right, go with her.

-Will you come with me?

Are you Hugo Mújica?


-What about your wife?
-Sara Pérez Noval.

I know how to read.
I'm asking you where your wife is.

-In Asturias. She'll come in a few days.
-Why didn't she come with you?

I came earlier with my daughter.
She couldn't wait to see her grandma.

You know how kids are.

No, I don't.

I'll ask again, why didn't
the three of you come together?

Sara had to finish some things at work.
She'll be here in a week.

-So, the girl is alone with you.
-And with her grandmother.

Just this week,
until her mother arrives.

And... Did you come
with a job offer or...

No, we just got here.


-Thank you very much.

Wait, I think
my daughter's papers are missing.

-No, we're done.
-What do you mean "we're done"?

That's all.

I'm not leaving
without my daughter's papers.


-Uncle Álex!

Where are you going, honey? Hey!

Hey, where...

They're taking Marta!
They're taking her, dammit!

-Marta! Marta!

Take this.

-Marta, Marta!


Where are the stairs?

Over here, over here.


-Marta, hey, hey!

Let go of my daughter!


No! Dad!

Hey, hey!


Marta, Marta, honey.

Marta, honey.

Stop! Stop the bus!

I love you, Dad.







Here's some reassuring news for...

Hey, hey! My daughter!

-My daughter!
-Stop! Where are you going?

-My daughter's in that van!

I don't have it. Let me through.

Listen, I don't know what happened.

It must be a mistake.
Let me through, please.


Hey! Okay, okay.
We're going, we're going now.

-Hugo, we are leaving.

-Let's go, they will fucking kill us!

-They'll fucking kill us!

Let go of me. Marta!

For your security,
have your identity documents visible

and available to law enforcement.


Emilia! Emilia!

Emilia, they took Marta!

Listen to me.

-She did a blood test.
-Excuse me?

-Who did you say they took?
-My niece.

-Those pieces of--
-Álex. This is...

the block chief, Begoña.

At your service
and that of the whole community.

You're Sara's husband, right?

-And who are you saying they took?

My daughter.
My ten-year-old daughter.

I don't know, we were at the registry
and they separated us.

-They took her.
-I understand.

-Do you and your wife have a job?

That's why they went there.

Well, that's it. Mystery solved.

They took your girl to the colonies
for children of the unemployed.

And they don't give a deadline?
A warning...

They must have decided
it was the best thing for her.

That's evaluated by specialists.

How can separating her from us be best?

-Easy, Hugo.


Your daughter will be
looked after and protected.


Until you and your wife get a job.


I'm sure she is enjoying herself

because colonies for kids
are like a vacation.

That's nice! That's great to hear!

And where are those beautiful colonies?

Well, all over the country.

Unfortunately, there are many children
who need protection.

We are much more relaxed now, Begoña.

I'll walk you to the door.

Well, you know the rules.

If they're staying,
they need to come sign the registration.

-It's very important, okay?
-Of course.

-And you daughter Sara, when she comes.

And, like I said,

everything is perfectly controlled, okay?

-So, have a good day.
-They will.

-Bye, Emilia.
-Bye, Begoña. Thank you.

That bitch.

-If anything happens to Marta...
-I swear we'll fix it.

By hook or by crook.

I have to find a job, no matter what.


Hugo, I think I know someone
who can help us.

Thank you.

Close the door on your way out, please.

Hold it, hold it.



Hello, Luis.

How are you?

Hanging in there...


Like you.

When I picked up the phone and heard
your voice, I couldn't believe it.

Are you doing well?


And your daughters?

They're fine.

I have a favor to ask you, Luis.

I have a granddaughter.

She just arrived
from Asturias and this morning,

when they went to the registry,
they took her to the colonies.

Could you get her back for me?

How much power do you think I have?

That of a secretary.

Does her father have a job?

-I see...

-He just got here. He's an engineer.
-If he doesn't...

An engineer...

I can try to find something for him,
but it will take time.

He can do anything. It's urgent,



My wife is looking for someone
for the house, but not an engineer.

Anything, it's work.

Let me make a call.


I'll wait outside.

Tell him to come by at seven.
This is the address.

-He'll be there.
-He'll have a pass at the fence.

-Should we take you somewhere?
-No, it's all right.



I told my wife
we were really good friends.

Were we?

Yes. We were.

But not anymore.

For your health,
entry is strictly forbidden

for those who did not
pass the medical examination

or who have symptoms of disease.

Applicant means and capacities will be
assessed for the coverage of what...

I have to go in. I have to work, please.

-Don't you understand?
-Come on!

-I'll get the necessary papers tomorrow.
-Shut the hell up!

Thank you.

For your health and safety,

entry is strictly forbidden
for any person that is sick,

undocumented or improperly dressed.

For your health,
entry is strictly forbidden

for those who did not
pass the medical examination...


Who are you?
What are you doing here?

Yes, I'm here for a job interview.

Ah, then go to the service door.

-Over there.
-The service door.

Yes. Come with me.

If they see you here, you're out.

Come on.

-By the way, I'm Manuela.
-Nice to meet you. Hugo.

Show me your hands.

-I washed them before I came.
-Wash them again

and make sure to use the scrubber.

There's the sink.

-I will inform the mistress.
-Yes. Thank you.

Don't let him touch anything.

There's your soap.


You're welcome.

Good afternoon.



Ana, a glass of wine.

-And who are you?
-I'm here for an interview.

I hope you're lucky
and don't get the job.

This house is prettier
from outside than inside.

You want the white stuff?

I'm not eating it.

No, no. Thank you very much.

Master Iván,
I'll make you a snack right away.

-Thank you, Rosa.
-You, come with me.


Good luck.

-It's marvelous.
-Do I really have to wear this?


You'll look beautiful. Try it on!

Mom, I look like a doll.
I look like a yellow chicken.

You'll look beautiful.
Trust me.

Rosa, what do you think?
For dinner.

It's beautiful, Daniela,
like everything your mother buys.

-Fine, I'll put it on.

What a fixation with dressing me up.
I'm not like that.

It doesn't matter what you are,
but how you look.

What's more, you always
end up being what you seem.


-Nice to meet you.

Hugo Mújica, right?

-Come here, please.

My husband told me
so many good things about you.

I don't have much to tell you.
I'm in a hurry, they're expecting me.

An engineer?

-What kind of engineer?

Agricultural engineer.

Bad times for the Earth.

Yes, very bad.

I must warn you
that we need people who are intelligent,

but especially hard-working.

This is a domestic job:
you have to scrub, serve,

take orders from Rosa...
And it's a lot of hours.

No problem,
that's what I'm looking for.

All right, perfect.

Tomorrow, we are holding
a dinner for a few guests

and we need someone urgently.

I want you to know that you'll have
your contract and your papers in order.

-We're legal people.

Come here tomorrow afternoon,
Rosa will explain absolutely everything.

Is your wife thin like you?

For the uniform.

My wife?

You didn't know we needed a couple?

Yes, but my wife already
got a job at another house.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's a must.

-Rosa, we'll keep looking.

I'm sure my wife
can change her plans. No problem.

Very good.
I'll expect you tomorrow then.

It's me.

So... do you have them or not?

Miguel Uribe.

A pleasure, Miguel.

Likewise, María José Gómez.

María José.

Or should I call you Mrs. Uribe?

If you call me that,
this will be the shortest marriage

in the history of marriages,
get that straight.

How little you love me...


are you sure you know what you're doing?

Won't you regret it?

-I'm worried about your mother.
-Forget that, I'll take care of it.

We have to get out of here.

Hey, hey.

I'd never leave you alone, Julia.


If you want to get rid of me,
you'll have to kick me out, all right?

It's been 20 years
since the end of World War III

and Spain has a lot to celebrate
as part of the winning side.

Few could imagine
at the end of the war that this country

would reach the level of well-being
that we enjoy two decades later.


These are your uniforms.

You must wear them at all times.

They're washed once a week,
so try not to get them dirty

and be very careful with them, please.

Oh, you will have to give me this

because you can't have
any personal items here.

No stuffed animals, no dolls,
no pendants, no pictures...

It's the rules and the rules
have to be followed, don't they?


That's it, very good.

So give it to me.

Come on.

Guys, stand by the bench.

Madame Principal is coming.
Leave the uniforms.

That's it, stand up straight. Good.

Let's say: "Good evening,
Madame Principal." Come on.

Good evening, Madame Principal!


So you're the new guys.

So cute.

And what smart faces.

You're here because you're very special.
You know that, don't you?

No? Of course you are.

Very special.

All of you.

That's why I expect a lot from you.

You know why we don't get results?

Because you're a coward and
didn't increase the dose like I said.

-Listen to me, Thomas, listen carefully.

These special children
are our last hope.

Take your chances with them
or you're out of the investigation.

I fire you, you're out,
out of everything, and that's it.

Alma, they're so small,
I'm afraid they can't take it.

These kids are on the street.
They're miserable.

And if they can't take the dose,
there's a much better place for them.

I don't understand, Alma.
A better place?

Heaven, Thomas.
They're already in hell.

Come on, let's go. That's it.

Come on, come here.

Come this way.
We're almost there.

Come on, come on.

...eight, nine and ten.

One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

New friends have arrived.

Let's all say hello to our new friends.

Very good.

-Look, Marta, this is your bed, okay?

One, two...

What's your name?

Marta. What about you?


How long have you been here?

I don't know.

Guys, it's bedtime.
But first, what are we going to sing?

The hymn!

That's it. Everybody
in front of your beds, please.

Over here.

You stand in front of your bed
and you go in front of yours.

Tonight, Lucas is going to start singing
the hymn. He's a very good singer.


two and three.

We'll once again hear the name

Of the motherland in all its splendor

For the history that has forged us

Today, it offers us a path by the sun

Now the sky is opening on our path

With more glory,
With justice and with tenacity

Those flashes of a past will return

Those that never betrayed our flag

We will march today united as people

All together building this nation

And in the adversities
That this journey will bring us

Two slices of our blood
Will escort the sun

We'll once again hear the name

Of the motherland in all its splendor

For the history that has forged us

Today, it offers us a path by the sun

Now the sky is opening on our path

With more glory,
With justice and with tenacity

Those flashes of a past will return

Those that never betrayed our flag

We will march today united as people

All together building this nation

And in the adversities
That this journey will bring us

Two slices of our blood
Will escort the sun

My angels.

Yesterday, they took Marta.

We have a problem and we have to go.

-More important than your niece?
-Jesus, Hugo.

That girl is our life.
You understand that, right?

The police and the military
have more and more power

but when they get to the top,
who will protect us from them?

-He's been arrested.
-What? Shit...

You're next.

Who was with you that night?


I'm going to cross that fucking fence
and I'm going to get that job.

-Where do they get all that water from?
-From the sea.

Those bastards
don't have the same problems as us.

I'll never forget what you did for me.



And remember,
the future belongs to us.

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