Tempted Again (2009–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

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"Sanbanggol (Sanbang village)".
-"Ahndoi (No)", "Uihumhae (Dangerous)". -"Ahndoi (No)", "Uihumhae (Dangerous)".
Well done, William!
How did you find this place?!
Are you a castaway?
You... My treasure!
No! Stop it!
William, it's okay. He isn't a bad person, he is someone I know.
It's okay, William.
No, he took away my treasure.
Stealing food from the kitchen...
Wandering around late at night....
And those strange objects you carried around. I knew there was something going on.
Don't you know how much trouble you are getting yourself into by hiding a foreigner?
If you don't report the presence of the foreigners, I'll do it myself at the government office.
William is a good person! You can't report him!
I don't want William to die.
The blue-eyed guy isn't a bad person.
How would you know such things when you can't even communicate with him?!
I can tell! Even though I don't know his language, I can tell!
It's not like he committed a crime and got sent here like you. He just happened to drift here after his boat sank.
I picked him up at the beach, so I know!
- I want my treasure back! - William!
This blue-eyed person is called William. William.
And this is...
Yan from Nagasaki.
Oh right, Yan. He is Yan.
Nagasaki?? Does that mean he's Japanese??
Are you Japanese?
And this exile is called Park Gyu. Park Gyu.
"Fuck You"?
Yes. Park Gyu.
Your name... is "Fuck You"?
How dare you call my name out loud!
Fuck You? That's hilarious.
Don't you worry. Stay put, okay?
Wait a little bit.
Hey! Exile!
Wait a moment!
Please keep it as a secret from my family. They were shipwrecked after the storm.
Grandpa said that the blue-eyed man will be killed if he gets sent to Han Yang.
I have to report this.
Clear the way.
Please keep this a secret. I'll do anything that you ask of me.
It was your idea.
That you'll do anything I ask you to do.
I'll see how you do and decide.
All right.
Huh...huh... Who said you can use the casual form of speech?
I understand.
It's so tiring.
Is it tiring?
Then, I'll be on my way to the poli . . .
Let's go to the orchard.
Are those persimmons for the king as well?
No, they are not.
But we have to pick the best ones and send them to the officers.
They will use them for various events and ritual services.
Hmm... About the secretary in Daejung Hyun government...
That person doesn't look like he's from around here.
Hmm, when was it?
Anyway, they say he came when the government prohibited people from moving away.
Maybe that's why he's the way he is. He has no sympathy for people, not even a little.
Like someone else I know...
I guess he's from Bibyunsa. (one of the the civil and military authorities)
What? Bibyun?... Byun (feces)?
Never mind. Go finish what you were doing.
She's really unbelievable!
She always says that she hates the exile, but she's always with him... How foxlike!
Yes, indeed. Remember when she made a big fuss about him taking the medallion?
That's what I mean!
Beo Jin !
We must not delay.
It's quite close, we can sail across on a small boat.
Do we really have to hurry?
- I haven't retrieved my...- Forget it!
One guy saw us.... It won't be long before they find us.
Bap Mugutsooka? (Have you eaten?) Salpyu Gapsuh! (Be safe!)
Seorin merchant group in Han Yang
I saved you..you...who had nowhere to go.
How could you stab me in the back?
We won't ever touch the goods again.
From now on, you'll have to face the world in the name of Seorin Merchant Group rather than Chosun.
I've committed a grave sin.
Look at the end of staining our merchant group's name.
How can each province have a different way to mark their wares?
Each province has a different measurement... to weigh, count, etc.
Goods that come in here should be standardize in measurement and re-priced based on it.
Do the same for the goods that are leaving here...
Yes.... I will do that.
This is dried abalone that just came in today from Jeju.
It's the best product made out of the best quality abalone, which is found and sun-dried by the female divers of Jeju.
These are also from Jeju. the highest quality horses.
They are in great demand, Japan and China preorder them.
Now, because of the intense investigations, supplying them has gotten difficult.
Security is tight in Jeju to find the thieves who stole the goods set aside for the king, right?
I think you're going to have to go to Jeju.
To Jeju?
Bring out your offerings for the palace.
Sanbang village residents.... Bring out your offerings to the King.
(What the heck!)
First, I'll tell you the order of who guards the storage for the offerings to the King.
Daesanggoon's family will be in charge of it from today to the end of this month.
For the rest, you will take turns of 5 days.
Because there have been thieves around, all of you should be more careful.
Yes, sir.
Then, we'll inspect the goods for quality.
What's this? Where are the rest of the abalones?
This month the divers couldn't find as many abalones.
We're going to use all the medallions that we've saved to waive the allotment.
Have you collected that many medallions already?
1, 2, 3, 4 . . .
Hey, Beo Jin, what are you doing? Give him the medallion from the ancestral rites.
What are you waiting for?
The medallion you lost before....You haven't found it yet?
What's that?! You've lost the medallion?
It's not that...
Beo Jin lost the medallion.
Did you really lose the medallion?
Its so hard to prepare the tributes to the king already, and you lost the medallion?!
What are you going to do about it now?
I'm sorry... I'm sorry.... I'm sorry.
Do you think an apology will do?
It's not the first time. You were a problem before when we went diving, too.
What are you going to do now?
I will take responsibility
I will add the abalones needed to the pile to make up for what's missing.
Stay at home.
No, Mom. I'm prepared. I'm going to work hard.
Don't think about following me and just stay at home.
You don't have to do any work... just don't cause any trouble.
Beo Jin...
I should have given it to her earlier. What should I do now?
How did you come to visit me?
I found this on the road.
It looked important.
Tax reduction medallion
You should have taken it to the government office directly.
Because I'm an exile, it doesn't look good for me to be seen going in and out of the office.
That's why I came to visit you.
Thank you for being considerate for the residents of this village.
I'm so tired from working because of the exile.
I haven't been able to visit William.
I wonder if they've been starving.
William! Didn't I tell you that if you come to the village, you will get into big trouble?
Have you eaten yet? (Morning greeting)
Rice, it is called "bab".
It's pretty.
Yeeppuh, chammalo yeeppuh. (Pretty, really pretty.)
Do you like it? Do you want me to show you how it's done?
- Yeeppuh (pretty). - Pretty?
They were the petty thieves around the village.
I've received the message that you were on your way.
Are you going to let everyone know that the investigator has come?
Does the central government already know about this case?
That's why I'm here... to take care of matters. How did you manage so poorly?
You have to keep my real identity hidden in Jeju. And the government office has to follow my command.
What are you doing?
Just stay put for a moment.
I'm trying to measure this.
I think it will fit.
Who's going to wear such unfashionable clothes?
Clothes have to fit well on the shoulders and neck...to be comfortable.
I have very fair skin.
I'm not sure those colors would look good on me.
Is the leader of the divers home?
She'll be back shortly.
I guess you really are a scholar.
I thought you only knew how to chase after women.
You're too harsh in your words...
Tell the leader of the divers.
We've retrieved the lost medallion.
If she brings the rest of the medallions,
you will be given credit for the rest of the offerings to the King.
Where did you find it?
From Elder Han.
He received it from the exiled scholar.
Anyway, tell her what I said.
Do you really want to die?
Stay calm...
You're talking about staying "calm"?
Come here now.
What? You didn't have the medallion with you?
You didn't take it?!
It's not that...
No, you got me wrong.
Do you know how much I suffered
because of the medallion?
Do you have overflowing energy?
What does that mean?
Why are you running around like crazy?
Mom, it's not that...
This exile, our medallion...
Instead, I will teach you how to write in Hangeul (the Korean alphabet).
Copy what I write.
Now I will say a word and you will write it down.
Mang-a-jee (troublemaker)
Boong-uh (goldfish)
I've taught you for hours already.
You still don't get it?!
You really have a goldfish's brain.
What's that?!
No matter what, I am good at teaching how to speak Korean!!
I don't care, I don't care.
I'm not going to learn.
You really are a goldfish.
Jeju Daejung Hyun Port
It's at the end of this month.
Is the ship ready?
Of course.
Fortunately, a ship is heading to Yongmeori (dragon head) beach .
Are those Japanese trustworthy?
Watch what you say.
Inn at Yongmeori beach
Did you say that there is gong to be a shipment?
We have to catch them without mistakes.
If we miss even one of them,
they may move their base camp.
My lord.
How did you find out
about this?
As a government office secretary,
before you ask me about it,
you should feel ashamed of not preparing for the trouble in advance.
Storage in San Bang village for offerings to the king
Don't go that way....
What kind of dream was that?
Oh, Beo Jin is here.
Stay awake.
What will happen if you fall asleep?
Dad, drink this and
stay awake.
Thank you.
Where are we going?
This will be the best chance to escape from here.
Just follow me.
Inn at Yongmeori beach
What are those clothes you're wearing?
Who are you?
Don't worry.
I'm just a Japanese who drifted to Jeju Island.
Do you know Ishida from Nagasaki
I'm from there.
Police are coming!
Get him!
Over there!
It's morning.
Were you keeping watch all night?
Thank you, Beo Jin.
Go home first and
help out your mom.
What now?
A nobleman doesn't yawn?
I thought you were just a trouble-maker but,
you're kind-hearted to take care of your family.
With that kind of heart, would you bring me some water?
Of course, there's always a ploy.
Always bossing me around night or day.
Beo Jin's dad is getting arrested!
Beo Jin's dad is being taken away!
Gosh! What's happening?
Why my dad?
Why are you arresting my dad?
Please don't take my dad away!
Please stop it!
Please stop!
Why are you arresting him?
Beo jin, don't do this.
Beojin, Beojin!
Beojin, don't worry!
Just go, Beo Jin, I'm all right.
You too, Beo Jin's mom, I'll be okay.
Dad....My dad...
What do we do?
Only if I didn't fall asleep...
Only if I didn't fall asleep, this wouldn't have happened.
Whoever the thief is...
I'm going to catch him for sure.
If I catch him, I'll.....
I won't leave them alone!
There's somewhere you must go with me.
You said you wanted to catch the thief, right?
Hurry and follow me.
That doesn't make sense!
William wouldn't do that kind of stuff.
They've previously stolen food before.
You, exile.
You shouldn't be like that.
They have the villagers' knives and bowls.
How can you deny it when you've seen them already?
Beo Jin!
Here, eat this.
You, fool! Stupid!
What do I do now?
What's wrong?
The things you stole...
Do you even know what they are?
Those were made from the sweat of women on this island.
Because of you, the villagers must pay the price!
There's no alternative.
Get up!
I will have to report you to the government office.
What are you talking about?
Report them?
You can't!
Are you going to let your dad get punished like this?!
Then, what do we do?
He thinks we are the thieves.
We'd better take him to the cave.
Beo Jin, f...follow me.
Where are you going!?
How many times do we have to walk the same path?
How did men with such a bad sense of direction find their way to Chosun?
Be careful of the thorny plant !
Are you okay?!
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Oh, I know!
Over there!
There were many here.
Yeah, it was here.
This is where the thieves kept the tribute for a while.
Get ready!
What are you saying?
What do I mean?
They must dive at least.
They can't dive.
Who you should be worrying about now is your father, not these foreigners!
Even though you may have not stolen the goods,
you still ate them away, so you have responsibility
Beo Jin, it's all right.
Thank you, William!
This is too small.
This one is empty!!
We cannot use any of them.
This one is good.
You're better than the female diver.
"Jotta (Good)"?
Since you have filled up only a quarter of it, you'd better hurry up.
He gets me well.
Thank you.
For keeping William as a secret.
Anyway, thank you.
If we do a little more, we'll be done.
It's a little lacking, but
let's go back now.
We can do more.
What a foolish thing to say!
The day is almost over.
If we stop right now,
it'll be useless.
As a female diver, you know better.
You know how dangerous it is to go into the water in the dark.
We... have a job to finish.
It needs to be done.
Beo Jin.
Don't go.
If you want to go, go alone.
I am going to finish catching abalones with William.
You do as you please.
We can do it.
Wait a little.
It's strange
that even though we can't communicate in words, I feel at ease when I'm with you.
When I'm with you, I feel like I'm in a whole different world.
A different world?
It's the same sea I see every day, but when I'm with you, it feels totally different.
If I close my eyes and open them like this,
I feel like I don't have to dive anymore
and can live freely.
The foreigner's part is done here.
From here on, you can't come down any further.
I will pass over only this time.
Do not steal from people ever again!
We are still a little short of our quota.
Will it be okay?
It cannot be helped.
I'll be back soon.
Go and wait for me.
-Beo Jin!! -Dad!!
Hyungnim (Brother)!
Thank you!
Beo Jin's mom!
Beo Jin's mom!
You had a rough time.
Exile, you eat more, too.
It's okay. You eat it..
Then, I will eat it.
It's good today. I'm off!
Thank you, sir!
I heard you helped a lot.
Beo Jin really is a filial daughter. You're a lucky man, Beo Jin's father.
What a good girl! Doing all that for her father.
But I'm very curious about something.
Everyone in the village knows Beo Jin is such a bad diver.
But, how did she catch that many abalones overnight?
Did you steal them from another village by any chance?
What kind of nonsense is that?
I'm just kidding. There's no need to get angry.
Where is Jang's daughter?
It's me.
Are you the one who caught two baskets of abalones for her father?
You caught all those abalones by yourself, right?
It would take even for high-ranking divers two days to catch that amount.
How did you do that?
Well...The thing is I did it night and day.
Tell me the truth now.
She did not do it alone.
From 9am to midnight, yesterday,
she did it with me.
Are you telling me an aristocrat dived all night with a grown-up woman?
I'm just an exiled scholar living with commoners now.
So I simply took a chance to help them. Is that such a big deal that you came here to praise me?
It must have been hard to see in the dark water, but you caught that many?
I guess it was a blessing of Sulgoondae Granny.
They did it together? What are they talking about?
I told you something was wrong.
Oh my!
It's a goblin! A goblin is here!
Keut Boon's mom!
There is a goblin over there!
It's a goblin! Goblin!
You crazy old man!
Why did you come into our house like a stray cat?!
Stop it!
What a bad cook you are! It taste horrible.
So, why did you steal our horrible food?!
Ahjumma, ahjumma, let's not do this.
You may get punished if you do this to an insane person.
Jeez, what's that on his head?!
That must be some sort of dried seaweed!
Do you think we wouldn't recognize you if you put that on?!
Was it you who stole my boiled barley?!
You, you and you.... Your food all taste horrible.
Are you commenting on our cooking when you are just nothing but a thief?!
Food from Sami village is delicious.
Go eat your food there!
Quit it!
How hungry he must have been to do that?!
You steal food, and yet, you carry around your own water?!
Water is the thing you must be most careful of.
If you drink it thoughtlessly, it may cause you big trouble.
Water! Be careful of water!
You too. Be careful of water!
The night after I drank some water, I became drowsy.
All I had was a night snack and water, nothing else.
What is this jar for?
Can't you tell from what you see? This is the drinking water jug.
It's the water for those who guard the tribute storage at night.
But, I wonder why all the guards fall asleep during their shifts when guarding the storage...
What are you doing?
Go away! What the hell are you doing with the drinking water?!
I'm borrowing this gourd bottle for a while.
What? What is this?
Beo Jin got arrested.
Who did you hide in the cave?
Help me !!
Last time, with a foreigner...
What's that?
Give me back my treasure.
That silly foreigner will cause trouble for sure.
Are you going to help us out?
William said he won't ever go away without me.
Do you really believe that he will keep his promise?