Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 50 - The Score - full transcript

The Titans have a hard time dealing with their emotions when an evil composer changes the music in their show.

Crime alert!

It appears someone
has broken into

the music library
at Warner Bros. Studios.

Oh, look, the tiny grandma.

That's no grandma.

That's crazed composer
Ludwig Von Sournote.

Guten Tag, Titans.

Oh, and it's Lud-wich,
actually, yes.

It's like the "John" of Germany.

Cut the formalities, Ludwig,
and tell us what you're after.

So, you want to get down
to the gritty-nitty?

Very well.

I am after the Telepix machine.

Tele-what, now?

Telepix machine.

You know, the machine
that provides the score
for your show?

So, that machine keeps score?

Well, in that case,
I shall go for the extra point.

It's good.

No, Titans.

The score is the music
that accompanies
a television show or a film

to enhance
the emotional impact
of a scene.

Yes, the score can make
a scene feel scary,



or even romantic.

Which is why
it is so very crucial

to the storytelling process.

Oh, give us the break.

Don't nobody care
about the score.

In fact, it's so unimportant

that our storyboarders
handle it.

Which is precisely my problem.

I am being put out of a job
because your storyboarders

get their music
from this cursed machine.

It is a tough industry.

You're telling me?

Do you know
how difficult it is
to be a composer?

No, but I have a feeling
you're about to tell us.

You spend all your time
making music demonstrations

and working on spec
to land a gig

only to lose it
to this glorified MP3 player.

Well, not anymore.

I am pulling the plug
on this machine.

Now, your show will be forced
to use my score.


Who cares?

There's no value in a score.

Yes, there is,
you obtuse, little man.

Well, I am going to
prove it to you
by using my musical magic.

The good luck with that.

We ain'ts worried
about no score, fool.

You will be.

- Whatever.
- Now who's up for a snack?

Oh, yeah.

When did the kitchen become
so terrifying?

It sure does seem
a whole lot scarier.

It is giving me the heebies
as well as the jeebies.

And all the hairs
be standing up
on the backs of my neck, yo.

There's nothing scary

about this kitchen.

Ludwig is just using his score
to make us feel nervous.

I'm not too sure about that.

Relax. I'm just getting
a bagel.

And now, I'm slicing my bagel.

Be the careful, Cyborg.

I have the feeling
that something terrible
might happen.

There's only one way
to find out.

I can'ts look.

Ow. What'd you do that for?

You scared me.

I just wanted some butter
for my bagel!

Well, all this tension
has made me lose my appetite.

- Me too, bro.
- The indeed.

Let's get out of here.

Being in that kitchen
really put me on edge.

My heart is still doing
of the racing.

Then why don't you all calm down

by watching some TV?

Great idea, bro.

Listen, mama, we need to talk.

About what?

You know what this is about.

You just stole my spot.

Well, I don't see
your name on it.

My name ain'ts gotta be on it,
'cause my body is already
grooved into the couch.

So groove your body
someplace else.

It ain't that simple!

It takes years to develop
that perfect body groove.

And I can'ts deal with
that kind of commitment.

You can't deal with
any kind of commitment.

Oh, so that's what
this is about.

You wanted to sit here
so you could make me jealous
with your new boyfriend!

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

I don't have a boyfriend.

Oh, really?

Then who's this?

The Aqualad?

Oh, man, this is getting good.

That's right, mama.

I know all about the two of you,

and your secret trip
to the Bahamas.

We didn't go to the Bahamas
because we're in love,

we went because Aqualad
needs an operation!

What kind of operation?

He needs a butt transplant.

A butt transplant?

Oh, no, that sounds serious, yo!

I'm afraid it is.

Well, here, he can have mine.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

No one is in need
of a butt transplant.

Are you the sure
about that, Robin?

Yes, I'm sure.

Raven and Beast Boy
are just getting caught up
in the score again.

Now, get lost, Aqualad.

Well, that certainly
was exciting.

Now, can we please
just watch some TV?

That's weird.

It's not working.

Oh, no.

It appears the batteries

have died.

Oh, come on, Star.
You can't be that upset.

Do not tell me
how I should feel, Robin!

Okay, okay. But they're
just a pair of batteries.

No, they were our batteries.

And they deserve
the proper burial.

The dearly beloved,

we are gathered here today

to honor the memory
of our friends,

the batteries.

I remember the day
we purchased them.

They were so full of the life.

And they put a lot of
the energy into
keeping us happy,

even though
it left them drained.

And while they may have
only been the AA batteries,

to me, they will
always be the AAA.

That was beautiful, Star.

It's just not fair.

Oh, why couldn't they
have been rechargeable? Why?

You guys
are all acting ridiculous.

We can't help it!

Well, there's no way
some stupid score
is going to affect my emotions.

Now, to enjoy
this delicious bagel.

It's got
such an intoxicating aroma.

Oh, and would you
look at those curves?

Uh-oh, I think somebody's
fallen in love.

You've got that right.

We've got so much in common.

We rise early in the morning,
our favorite meal is brunch,

and we're both incredibly plain.


will you marry me?

I'll take that as a yes!

I now pronounce you
man and bagel.

Robin, you may kiss the bread.

Who did this?

Oh, sorry, bro.

Being around
all this breakfast food
made me hungry.

Then you can eat my fist!

Calm down, dude.

You're overreacting.

You're right.

I'm not in love with this bagel.

My emotions just got
caught up in the score.

Perhaps there is more
to this score

than we originally thought.

I guess that Ludwig dude
was right, yo.

Which is why we need to stop him

from using it to manipulate us.

Titans, go!
To Warner Bros. Studios!

Listen up, Ludwig.


Before you say anything,
let me guess, please.

I love the guessing games.

Okay. You are here
to tell me how much

you have been enjoying
my score.

Yes? Am I close?


We are here to shut you down.

Now release the Telepix machine.


Fine. Then I guess
we'll just do this
the hard way.

Ooh, it looks like
we are gearing up
for a fight sequence,

and I have
the perfect action score
in mind.




Titans, go!

These drums is really powerful.

The strings are too nimble.

These horns know how to stab.

Oh, ow!

These woodwinds
pack a punch.

And this bombastic bass
is blowing me away.

Now, give up, Titans!

You cannot defeat
my musical might.

He's right. His score is just
way too awesome!

Do you really mean that?

Of course we the do.

Today, you demonstrated
to all of us

just how powerful
your score can truly be.

So, does this mean
you're going to keep using
my score?

Oh, no, no, no.

We don't have the budget
for that kind of thing.

But we do know someone that has
plenty of money for your score.

Thank you for your help, Titans.

Now, consider this score