Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 49 - 50% Chad - full transcript

It's over, Brain.

You're too late, Titans.

You have no hope of defeating
my new evil super suit!

Another super suit?

Like we have not seen
the that before.

Titans, go.

Oh, no! The Teen Titans!

Hold up. Didn't they
already rob this bank?

Heres we goes again.

Control Freak?

- Nope.
- Been the there, done the that.

Us tired of
fighting these fools.

We need some new villains, yo.

We do seem to be stuck in a rut.

But where do we
find new villains?

Ooh, we could cause an
accident at the chemical plant

and hope it mutates
someone into a vengeful fiend.

No, that never works.

Believe me, I've tried.

I know how we can
find some new villains!

How about we advertise?

Great idea, Cyborg.

I am sure we can attract all
kinds of dangerous criminals

with a commercial.

Attention, all villains.

Are you tired of Batman
kicking your booty?

Is your career in crime
getting you nowhere?

Then apply to become the
next enemy of the Teen Titans.

Our experienced team of superheroes
can help you go from being a villain

to a super villain in
a matter of weeks.

Plus our peaceful
home of Jump City,

is the perfect place to
start your reign of terror.

So what are you waiting for?

Get on the phone
and apply today!

Okay. Looks like we've got
a great prospect of villains.

Welcome, and thank
you for coming out.

My pleasure.

Glad to be here.

I hope today is the start of a
long, destructive relationship.

Let's get the ball rolling.

Please introduce yourselves.

I am Folding Paper Man,

before whom the
world will soon tremble.

Positive attitude. I like that.

So, what superheroes have
you worked with in the past?

I have used my amazing
folding paper powers

to battle none other
than the Justice League.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. And
how did that work out for you?

Great! Until they crumpled me
up and threw me in a trash can.

How the typical.

Mm-mm. Them
fools fight dirty, yo.

We would never do that to you.

So, what evil schemes
are you coming off of?

None recently, but I'm... I'm
anxious to get back into villainy.

I went straight for a while and
took a job at a scissors factory,

but I wasn't...

cut out for it.

- Too much?
- Not at all.

Punning is an
excellent villain asset.

Thank you.

Good morning.

I'm Bootface.

I've mostly worked
with Batman who, uh,

left an imprint of
his boot on my face.

So where do you sees
yourself in five years, bro?

Uh, mainly continuing to work
through the trauma of having a boot print

on my face!

Interesting. Yeah.

I see you've brought
a weapon to show us.

Yes. I keep this
on me at all times

'cause you never know when someone
might try to stop you with their boot.


Oh! So you've got a
paranoid obsession.

Okay, okay.

We like that in a villain.

Thank you.

And you, sir? Please
introduce yourself.

Hi. Uh...

I'm 50% Chad.

Whoa! Check this dude out.

Are you even from
the DC universe?

I've mostly fought
the Doom Patrol.

At least I think I have. I've never
actually met them face to face.

Because, as you can
see, I have no face.

So to answer your
question, maybe.

And are you available
to be the full-time villain?

No. Part-time only.

There's a half a chance I
won't even show up to fight you.

And I understand if
you're not okay with that,

because I only half care.


Would you guys excuse
us while we talk it over?

I love Chad.

He's so quirky
and unpredictable.

Plus, he's only
interested in part-time,

so we wouldn't have
to fight him every week.

True. But the others have
gimmicks that might be fun to battle.

I says we make them duke it
out right here and hire the winner.

It would be the helpful
to see them in the action.

I have an idea.

Well, you guys have
made it hard to choose.

So we'd like you to commit a
few crimes to help us determine

if we wanna fight you
on a long term basis.

- Sounds good.
- I like half that idea.

I would relish the chance
to reveal my power.

Great. Then show
us what you got.

And may the worst villain win!

Crime alert.


Wow. These new villains are really
out to prove they can ruin our lives.

Ooh, so which one is it?

Folding Paper Man. And he's
terrorizing the citizens of Jump City.

Titans, go!

Paper plates.

Paper pinatas.
Paper wrapping paper.

So much wasted paper.

What do you people think?

Paper grows on trees?

The party's over,
Folding Paper Man.

Teen Titans!

I was wondering
when you'd show up.

So what have you
got for us today?

Prepare to face my
amazing power of...


Hey, that tickles.

You seem impervious
to my air attack.

But can you face the
terror of my mighty warship?

This is the disappointing.

Can't you turn yourself into
a cool crane or something?

No. Doing origami on
my body is really hard.

I can only fold in
half seven times.


That's six.


It hurts.

Thank you,

Folding Paper Man.
We'll let you know.

It's Bootface.

Titans, go!

The bubblegum?

Aw, mans.

Getting stuck in
gum is the worst.

What kind of a jerk leaves this much
bubblegum in the middle of the road?

I'm that jerk.

And I'm gonna cover
this entire city in gum.

So no one can kick me
with their boots ever again.

We won't let you
get away with it.

Go ahead and try.

You're stuck!

You can't kick me.

No, but we can punch
you in your boot face.


So do I get the job?

Ooh, we'll let you know.

So far, I have not been impressed
with any of these new villains.

No, me neither, yo.


I bet that explosion was
caused by the 50% Chad.

And with any luck, he'll have
something terrible in store for us.

Oh no. 50% Chad is
destroying half of the city.

I was going to
destroy the whole city,

but I only finish
half of what I start.

That's okay, 50% Chad.

Now show us what you've got.

Agh! Help!

He's got me in a half nelson!

Half a pair of the
wretched socks.


Let me at him!

He's doing the half step.

Can't resist, must join in.



He clawed up half my body!


Wait, wait!

I think we've seen
enough, right, Titans?

You know it.

That fight was crazy.

And totally unexpected.

I thinks we found our man.

Or at the very least,
half of our man.

Then from this day forward,

50% Chad is an official
villain of the Teen Titans!

Wow, thanks, broskis.

I hope today is the start of a
long, destructive relationship.

Us too, Fiddy.

Us too.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! You're going
with him, instead of one of us?

That is so insulting.

Ooh, sorry fellas. We just think
going forward, Chad's a better fit.

But I just upgraded my weaponry.

And I spent all day
practicing my origami.

Ooh, we're sorry, guys.

But we only have room in our
schedule to fight one new villain.

We hope you the understand.

Yeah. Maybe you'll
have better luck next time.

There ain't gonna
be a next time.

Yeah. Because we're gonna
destroy you right here, and now.


Not so fast!


Wow. You guys really
upped your villain game.

Perhaps we were
the wrong about you.

Yeah, yeah. Give us a
chance to reconsider, yo.

No. It's too late for that.

Too late for you.

Forget it, broskis.

If anyone's destroying
the Titans, it's me.


I'm giving you
the boot, Bootface.

I'm gonna slice you in half.

You want to talk half?

One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight.

Ah! My back.

He did it.

Ooh the whoo!

Thanks for saving us, 50% Chad.

Don't mention it, broskis.

You da man!

He may be only 50% Chad,

but he is a 100% awesome.