Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 29 - Glunkakakakah - full transcript

Robin teaches the other Titans the art of concealment through a game of hide and seek.

♪ Go! ♪

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

What are you doing
in my chest, dude?

Teaching you a lesson,

on the art

of concealment.

- Ta-da!
- Wow! Cool.

I know. Batman taught it to me.

And today, I teach it to you.

- No, thanks.
- No, thank you.

We don't want to learn
another one of your
boring lessons, Robin.

And besides, we already
made plans for today.

Yeah, we's going to sit here
all day and do nothing y'all.

Well, too bad!

Today you are going
to learn the art
of concealment.

And before you say no again,
you should know
that this lesson

involves us
playing hide and seek.

- All right!
- I love playing hide and seek.

What is the hide and seek?

You know the game where
everyone hides

and one person
has to find them.

Oh, on my home planet
of Tamaran
we have such a game,

But we call it Hunt 'N

That's great, Star.

I'll be it first.

That way I can see
how much training you'll need.

Now, go hide.
One, two, three, four...

You'll never find us in here.

Ready or not, here I come!

- Found you.
- Aw!

That was a terrible
hiding spot, Titans.

You clearly need
a lot of training.

Okay, Beast Boy. You're it.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You fools ain't going to be
able to hide from me, yo.

One, two, three, uh...d,e,f...

Where do we hide?
Where do we hide?

Relax. First,
let's do a little recon.

Ready or not, here I come!

He turned himself
into the blood hound?

How are we going to hide
from that?

By following lesson one
in the art of concealment...

covering your scent.

Now, quick, hop in.

You want us to hide
in the trash compactor?

Yes. Now, get in.

Oh, man, it smells
like Robin's fish breath.

Pretty great, right?

Beast Boy will never be able
to pick up our scent.

But it reeks in here.

And I am trying very hard
not to do the throwing up.

Look on the bright side.

You've just completed
your first lesson
in the art of concealment

Is this also
part of your lesson?


We must have
activated the compactor.

Quick, see if you can brace it.

It is not working.

Nice going, Robin.

Now we're gonna get flattened.

This is all your fault.

We need to call for help.

Birdarang, come in.

Birdarang, do you read me?

What's up, homeslice?

Listen to me. We've trapped
ourselves inside the compactor,

so I need you to shut it down.

What's that? I'm in the middle
of a ridonkulous dance party.
Oooh, oooh!

I said I need you
to shut it down!

Word. I'm on it, el jefe.

What are you doing, Birdarang?

I'm shutting this party down.

We're going on all night
until the sun come up,

Oh, no!
We're about to get flattened!

Found you!

Okay, Star.
This time, you're it.

You sure you got the
hangs of it, momma?

Indeed. I will simply
play this game
like we do on my home planet.

One Tamaran, two Tamaran,
three Tamaran...

Ready or not, let the Hunt...

And the Glunkakakakakah begin!

To those who are being
the hunted,

prepare to feel
the Glunkakakakakah!

I don't know what
"Glunkakakakakah" means,
but it doesn't sound good.

I think they dice people up
into itty bitty pieces
on her planet.

Man, these crazy Tamarans, man.
They're crazy.

Yeah, way less seeky
and way more slashy.

Maybe we should
call off the game.

Relax. No one's in danger
because Star
will never find us.

And how do you expect us
to stay so hidden?

By following lesson two
in the art of concealment,

becoming a master of disguise!

You cannot hide
forever, friends!

You shall soon
feel the Glunkakakakakah!

Are you sure
this is gonna work?

Batman taught me.
So yes, it'll work.

I hope you're right.

- I thinks I gotta poop.
- Hold it in, Beast Boy.


Tell me
where the friends are hiding?

Forfeit the location
or face the annihilation.

Give them up now

of face the cert--

No, wait, it's me, Robin!

I give up! Just don't give me
the Glunkakakakakah!

Oh, it is the you,
friend Robin.

Very well.
If you do not wish to have
the Glunkakakakakah,

then no Glunkakakakakah,
you shall have.

Ah. Phew.

Yo, what is Glunkakakakakah
mean anyway?

I believe it is what you
Earthlings refer to
as the kiss.

- Ah!
- Ooh, ooh.

I would like to play
the Glunkakakakakah, please.

Me too, me too.


Booyah! That was the sweetest,
softest Glunkakakakakah
that I've ever received.

Wait. I changed my mind.

I want the Glunkakakakakah!
Give me the Glunkakakakakah!

I am sorry, friend Robin,
but once the Glunkakakakakah

has been rejected,
the rules of the game state

that I cannot offer you
another one ever, ever again.


Cut it out you big baby.

Right. Sorry.

Okay, Cyborg, you're it.

No problem. With all my tech,
it'll be easy to find you guys.

One, two, three...

Quick, Titans, hide!

[speaking gibberish]...20.

Ready or not, here I come.

Where to hide? Where to hide?

Cyborg's robot body can track
our heat signatures.

So hiding from him
is not gonna be easy, yo.

Which is why we should follow
lesson three in the art
of concealment.

Hide inside Silkie!


Ew! It's all warm
and sticky in here.

Which is precisely the point.

Hiding inside
Silkie's warm body
should mask our heat.

I hope you're right, fool.

Multiple heat
signatures detected.

You thought you could
hide from me?

Booyah! Mega spicy chips!

Hide and snack, baby.

See, it's working.

Cyborg will never
find us in here.

But I think
something else did.

Ah! What is that, yo?

It sounds like the monster!

And it is headed this way!

How's you guys?


It's just our old pal, Freak.

Yo, what you
doing up in here, Freak?

Silkie eat Freak.

Wow! Bummer, man.

Oh, vegetables!

Oh, you smell my okra.

Vegetable! Vegetable!

Don't give it to a him,
Beast Boy.

He's just gonna want more.

Sorry Freak, Bossman says no.

Oh. Freak do booty scooty?


♪ Scoot you booty
Now do the booty scooty ♪

♪ Scoot you booty
Now do the booty scooty ♪


Aww! I got to give him one now.


Freak, love you!

I love you too, Freak.

Now give Freak more!

Sorry, Freak! I was fresh out.

- Ahh!
- Run!

I think I see a way out.

Found you!

Okay, Raven is it.

No, I've had enough hide
and seek for one day.

Come on, Raven. One last round.

I promise we'll hide in a spot
that's so good

you'll never find us
in 100 years.

One, two, three, four...

Oh, boy.
It's time for my story.

Now, where
did I put that remote?

Oh, so that's where
they were hiding
all these years.