Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 28 - A Doom Patrol Thanksgiving - full transcript

Beast Boy returns home for Thanksgiving and the Doom Patrol enter a float in the town's parade. The Doom Patrol finds old home movies about themselves that The Chief had hidden.

♪ Yo!

♪ That's cool that's cool
That's super dope ♪

♪ I like that right there
That's what's up ♪

♪ Come kick it with your boy
Baby, that's what's up ♪

♪ I get down with the DP
That's what's up ♪

♪ Yeah, that's what's up
Yeah, that's what's up ♪

♪ You know this right here
Yo, that's what's up ♪

Yo, yo, yo.
What up, Doom Patrol?

Beast Boy!

I'm so happy
that my baby...

Uh, it's good to be home, Moms.

Hey, big bro,
you want to meet my new friend?

- Sure.
- His name is Mr. Turkey.

And I made him
out of last year's leftovers.

Uh, it's nice
to meet you, Mr. Turkey.

Please call me Sal,
because I'm full of salmonella.

That's so gross.

Happy turkey time, Beast Boy.

Same to you, Robotman.

Oh, perhaps you'd care
to wrestle in the fall leaves.

We could dislocation
so many of the body parts.

That sounds great, yo!

What up, Chief?

Beast Boy! Hello there.

Make sure you
and your robot brother

stay away from the TV remote.

But I do not want to watch
the football all day's long.

I want to watch
the happy puppies

in the Dog Dog Show Show.

I want to watch
a bunch of football players

give each other
some extreme injuries.

So give me back the remote.

Fine, Chief. Here you go.

But, it won't do you any good
without the batteries.

Give me those!

Fight! Fight!
Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hey, hey, hey.
Stop fighting, you two.

This is Thanksgiving.
Not Christmas!

- Well, he started it.
- I'm sorry, Chief.

Can I get you a warm bottle
or maybe some nursery rhymes?

Because you're acting
like a big baby.

- Am not.
- Are, too.

That's enough!

Now, why don't you go
help Negative Girl

set the ping pong table
for dinner?

- Fine.
- Okay.

Wow. Looks like you
had your hands full
this Thanksgiving.

I have been pretty busy.

I made this centerpiece
out of locally sourced weeds.

- I cleaned the bats
out of the attic.

Get outta here! Shoo!

And I spent all morning

making this tofu turkey
just for my little baby.

Aww, thanks, Moms.

You really go all out.

I just hope I can get
the rest of my cooking done
before the parade starts.

Oh, yeah.
I can't wait to go

to the Codsville
Thanksgiving parade.

It's been my dream
ever since I was a young girl
to be in that parade,

smiling at the crowd
and doing that slow wave.

You know,
the one where it looks like

you're trying to
screw in a light bulb.

So do it, Moms.

Oh, no, no, no, no, dear.

I could never be
in that parade.

Well, holds on to that dream,

because someday
it might come true.

Tell us, Beast Boy.

What is the purpose
of this super-secret meeting?

I was thinking,
since Moms does so much

for us on Thanksgiving,
we should make her a surprise.

- That is so nice.
- What'd you have in mind?

Well, she really wants
to be part of the Thanksgiving

so I thinks
we should build her a float.

Great idea.

Oh, yes.

Oh, I am very skilled
at the art and craft times.

And I love building things
because you never know

when someone might get
horribly mutilated.

Great. Now, let us get to work.

Yo, Moms,
Chief, come outside.

What is it, sweetie?

We've got a big surprise
for Momsy's.

Hey, this better be good.

I'm missing the game.

Now, you know how's you said,
you've always dreamed

of being
in the Thanksgiving parade.

Well, we took it upon ourselves
to build yous

the greatest float
ever created.



I... I can't believe you three
build me an actual float.

this isn't just any float.

This is a very special float.

It represents
each member of our family.

Look, we have
the football player

to represent the Chief's love
of extreme sports injuries.

Then we have
the canines to represent

my love of the dog show,
which I enjoy so very much.

And over here,
we have Mr. Turkey.
Gobble, gobble.

And, I added this toilet
to represent my tradition
of eating so much food

that I have to take
a big Thanksgiving Day poop.

And because Moms
is our mama bear,

we added this mama bear.

So what'd you think?

I think
it's the best float ever?

Come here, you three.

We better hurry

if we're going to get
to that parade.

That's what's up.

- Ha-ha, we made it.

And just in time too.

It looks like the parade
is about to begin.

This is so exciting.

I can't believe
my Thanksgiving Day dream
is finally coming true.


Huh? Why isn't
this thing moving?

Not so fast.

What up, Brain?

What do your degenerates
think you're doing?

Oh, we was just about to enter
our float into the parade.

Oh, so that
is what you call
this abomination.

What? This is a pretty float.

We worked hard
on it, you goober.

Well, as ground marshal...

it is my job to ensure
that this parade

brings the people
of Codsville together.

And I can't have you's
scaring them off
with this weird thing.

Take it away.

Oh, come on, bro.

Don't be like that.
It's Thanksgiving.

The day of generosity.

I suppose you're right.

I should be generous,
which is why

I shall give you five seconds
to turn this float around

before I have it impounded.

Okay, okay, we're going.

That snob
is always ruining our fun.

Well, we ain't giving up
so easily.

But you heard the brain.

He doesn't want us
in the parade.

True. True.

But, who cares
what that fool says?

Yeah, forget the Brain.

We're gonna be
part of this parade,

whether he likes it or not.

Now, let's find a way
to sneak in.

Time to get...


Punch it, Chief!

There's gotta be
an opening somewhere.

Hurry, Chief, turn there.


Number one Doom Patrol!
Doom Patrol!

Hear those gasps?

We've taken their breath away.

Yeah, we left them
totally speechless, yo.

Doom Patrol!

Oh-oh, Chief.
The Brain looks mad.

You better get that
insurance card ready.

Don't be silly.
I don't have "insurance."

I should have known
you degenerates would not
have given up so easily.

But you're too late
to stop my plan.

What plan?

As you know,
Thanksgiving marks the start
of the holiday shopping season,

and I'm tired
of dealing with the crowds.

Therefore, I'm going to
imprison this entire city

so that
all of the holiday deals

would be mine
for the taking.

The Brain
is imprisoning everyone
in cranberry sauce.

And not even
a good stuff either.

Canned cranberry sauce
is the worst.

That's enough, Brain.

Don't make us
take you down.

Do you degenerates
truly think you can defeat
my mighty float?

Oh, you're going down.

Because we've got
a float of our own.

Touch down!

You shall pay for that.

Go doggies! Go!

Hmm, but let's see
how you deal with this?

Take cover!

- Turkey attack!

Now... it's time to end this.


You may have defeated me,

but good luck
dealing with those crowds.

We ain't worried about
no crowds, fool!

Because we can get
those same holiday deals
by shopping online, hello.

Nice work, Doom Patrol.

Now, let's go
finish the parade.

But how? Our float is ruined.

And we worked
so hard on it too.

Don't sweat it, yo.

Because I gots an idea.

We did it!

We made Mom's
Thanksgiving dream
finally come true.

This is
the best Thanksgiving ever.

That's what's up!

Quick, Chief, pass it to me!

Over here! Over here!

Pass it to me, Chief,
I'm open.


- Boomsies!

Nice throw,
you big goober.

It's all good.
I'll gets it.

Hey, what's this?

Oh, nothing.

Just some
old home movies

from when each of you
got your superpowers.

That's so cool.

Let's watch 'em, yo!

Oh, yeah.
- Oh, it's been so long.

Can't we do something else?


Here they come
for the final lap.

And pushing it for the win
is Cliff Steele!

Oh, snap! You used to be
into auto racing?

That's right.

Before I got my robot body,

I was a super-fast
race car driver.

I will always remember the day
of my terrible accident.

It was the day...

I won the race.

And now I shall celebrate
by dancing through the night.


Ooh, this club is having
a breakdancing competition?

Oh, I would like
to win that very much.

Oh, yes.

Oh, no!

You may be
the best race car driver boy,

but I am the best
break-dancer boy.

Uh, check it out, check it out.

No way. I have
all the best dance moves.

Look, I packed them.
It's a suitcase of dance.

Whoa! What? What? Yeah!

- Ooh!

But can you do
The Robot?

Hey! Watch it!

I am sorry.
It was a terrible accident.

I was trying to do the Robot,

but it remains
the one dance move

that has
evaded my mastery.

Well, I can
fix that for you.

You can?

Sure. All we have to do
is get a little extreme.


The surgery was a success.

Now I can do
the robot dance?

Of course!
Because now you are a robot.

How is this possible?

Simple. I remove your brain

and put it inside
the robot body.

Could you not have just
gotten me dance lessons?

Sure, but this is way better.
You'll see.

Cool body.
But it's going to take

more than that
to defeat me, Robot boy.

I am not a robot boy.

I am a robot man!

Beep, spin, twirl. What?

Swiggle, swiggle, swiggle.

Oh, yes. What? What?
What? What? What?

Zoop, zoop. Zip, zip.

Restart, restart.
Control, alt, delete.

So authentic.

- Yes! Oh, you know it!

I win again! Yes!

So what were you doing
in that nightclub, Chief?

Yeah, I thought
you hated music.

I can't remember.
It was years ago.

Now will you please
stop putting me on trial

so we can go
get something to eat?

Not just yet, Chief!
I want to check out my movie.

Hey! I remember this.
This is the day

the Chief helped me win
my squishy-mushy face.


A hundred tickets!

I'm never
gonna win that bear.

Don't get down
on yourself, little lady.

You can still win that bear.

But how?

I'm almost out of tokens.

By playing this.

If you can
defeat the mother ship,

those tickets will be yours.

All systems ready.

Warning! Warning!

Oh, come on! Ugh!

Try it again.

- Ugh!
- Try it again.

- Ugh!
- Try it again.

This game is too hard.

No, it isn't.

You just have to become
one with the game.

Well, can you help me?

Sure, sure.
But let me ask you something.

Are you willing
to get extreme?

I'll do anything
to win that bear.


Hey, uh, is that thing safe?

Oh, definitely not.

What did you do to me?

I turned you into
a negatively charged being.

Now you can become
one with the game

and win that bear.

But you could've just
shared your tickets with me.

Oh, where's the fun in that?

Now, go on.
Give it a try.

Warning. Warning.

You're going down.

Oh, yeah?
Who's laughing now?

Take that!

You're right.
That was fun!

Now give me that bear!

And that's how I won
my favorite squishy-mushy.

But isn't that bizarre
that the Chief was spending

his leisure time
at an arcade?

It does sound suspicious.

There's nothing
suspicious about it.

Now can we please go eat?

I'm starving!

Not so fast, Chief.

I want to watch my movie.

Oh, my goodness.

This was when I was
trying to make it

as a Hollywood actor.

Look out! It's a monster!


Whoa! What's the matter?
That take was perfect.

But look at me.

No audience is gonna
take me seriously as an actor

if I'm covered in slime.

I know, I know,
but don't worry.

I'll make sure
it doesn't happen

in the next movie.

Cut! That's it!

I am done acting
in these low budget movies

where I end up getting slimed!

All of my life,
I've dreamed of becoming

the biggest Hollywood star
the world has ever seen.

But now I fear
it's just never gonna happen.

Well, this machine
can help you with that.

It can?

Of course.

That is, if you're willing
to get a little extreme!

I love getting extreme.

Great! Then, hop inside here.

What exactly is this thing?

A movie prop?

No, no, no, no.

It's a chamber
that will modify your DNA.

Wait, what?

What just happened?

The chamber
merged your DNA

with children's
modeling clay.

But all I wanted
was a new audition.

I know,

but now you're guaranteed
to become

the biggest Hollywood star
the world has ever seen.

Look out! It's a monster!

I'm finally
a big Hollywood star.

Wow, I can't believe
Moms was a movie star

on a Hollywood set.

Speaking of which,

what were you doing on set
that day, Chief?

Well, that's not important.

Now, how about
we get ourselves some grub?

Hold up, Chief!

We still gots to watch
the one about me.

Go away! We're eating!

Don't be rude, Chief.
Answer it.

All right, all right.

Yeah, what do you want?

Who is it, Chief?

I don't know.
There's nobody here.

That's odd.

It's probably just a prank
from those rotten teenagers.

It's not a prank.

It's a cute little baby boy.

Well, what's it doing
at our door?

I think he needs a new family.

And I think he found one.
Oh, yes, he did.

You can live with us forever.

Oh, somebody needs
a diaper change.

Fine, I'll change him,

but this better be
a one-time thing.




Oh, man.

It's like his poo-poos are
on an infinite repeat cycle.

If only there was a way
to avoid changing him.

Avoid changing him.

Say there, little guy,
you wanna get extreme?

I'll take that as a yes.
To the laboratory!

Guess who just solved
our pooping problems?

- Behold!
- Why is he green?

Nothing to be alarmed about.

I simply injected him

with an experimental
monkey serum.

You did what?

Now he can transform
into animals

and go poop outside.

Once again,
you've gone to the extreme.

But I guess we don't have
to change diapers anymore.

And that makes everyone
a winner.

Except for our neighbor.

Not on my azaleas.

That was so much
of a super funky
fresh fun times, right?

Hold up.
Who shot these movies?

- Who cares?

Party, party time.
Party time. Party-- Oh.

- Yo, check it.
- What is it?

Oh, it's nothing.
Give me that!

Let me see that folder.

- What?

Chief, you were planning
to transform us the whole time?

And for what?

So you could turn us
into a team of superheroes?

No. I did it to turn you
into a family.


I can't believe
you care about us so much

that you'd turn us
into a family of freaks.

That is so nice, Chief.

It's literally
the sweetest thing

anyone's ever done for me.

Come over here
and give us a hug.

Don't go all mushy on me.