Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 23 - Jam - full transcript

[bird crowing]

[cat meowing, mouse squeaking]

[elephant trumpeting,
lion roaring]

♪ Go!

Opening theme playing...

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Season 07 Episode 23 (IMDB)

Episode Title:


Ah, I just love the smell
of this place.

The aroma of sweaty feet
encased in the shoe leather

is most pleasing
to the nose.

[both inhale]

- Let's skate!
- Let's skate!

[snaps fingers]

Well, well, well, looks like
we've got some fresh meat.


Ooh, they certainly
have all the right moves.


Hiya, ladies.

[Starfire] Harley Quinn,
Poison Ivy and Catwoman?


You ladies here
to rob the joint?

No, but I was thinking
of stealing your moves.

We're not here
to start anything.

We were just admiring
your skating.

Thanks. But we usually
don't accept compliments from villains.

[Catwoman purring]

You don't trust us. I get it.
We're the bad guys.

But hear us out.

We're looking for
two new recruits

to join our Roller Derby team.

What is this
Derby of the Roller?

- You like skating?
- Oh, yes. The very much.

You like punching people
in the face?

- Who doesn't?
- Then let us show you what it's about.

Sure. Whatever.

Girls, meet our manager, Lou.


- Your manager's a hyena?
- Pretty cool, right?

Oh, Lou is the adorable!


Let's roll!

- [engine revving]
- [tires screeching]

[Lou cackling]

Whoa, what kind of
sketchy place is this?

Welcome to roller Derby, girls.

[crowd cheering]

[all cheering]

So, what do you say?

[both] We're in!

Perfect. [snaps fingers]

Okay, let me show you
how to play the game.

Two teams face off
on an oval track.

Each team's got five players.

Four blockers and one jammer.

[Poison Ivy] The jammer
gets to wear a star in their helmet.

[gasps] I wish to be
the jammer.

My name is the star
and I love the jam.

Done and done.

Now, the whole point
of the game

is for the jammers to get past
the other team's blockers.

After initial pass,

the jammer tries to get past
the blockers again,

this time scoring a point
for every blocker they can get past.

Simple, right?

[crickets chirping]

Um... sure.

- [fanfare playing]
- [female announcer on speakers] Up next,

- the Gotham City Sirens.
- [crowd cheering]

[gasps] That's us.
Come on, girls. We're up.

Whoa, whoa,
where are you going?

We can't compete tonight.

We have not the practised.

[laughs] Who needs practice?
Just wing it.

Ladies and gentlemen,

here come
the Gotham City Sirens.

[all mimicking sirens]

[announcer] Snarly Harley.

Ulyssys S. Plant.

Fright Bite.

Car Fire on the 405.

And Grapes of Azarath.

And their furious challengers,

the Brainy Brawlers.

Oh, derby funk!

The Brainy Brawlers
are one of the roughest,

teams in the league

[whistle blows]

[announcer] Oh! Car Fire on
the 405 takes a butt to the gut.

[all cheering]

These Brawlers are tough.

We've got this, girls.
Just push!

Oh, they've got
telekinetic powers?

They don't call them
"Brainy" for nothing.

[girls grunt]

- [cheering, whooping]
- [whistle blows]

[sighs] I am still feeling
the butt gut.

Ow! I think I broke
a branch or two.

Hmm. I don't think we can beat
these Brainy broads.

making indistinct noises]

Lou is right.

If we wanna win this, then we're
gonna have to pull out the big guns.

and with our combined big guns,

we will be doing
the mass destruction

and the utter annihilations!

Oh yeah, you know it.

Come on, ladies.
It's time to tighten

those laces and
punch some faces.

Now you're speaking my language.

[both] Derby iz 4eva, girls.

[girls mimicking sirens]

[whistle blows]

Oh, I'm sorry. Looks like you
got a little rink rash. [laughs]

Watch your step.

I am the jammer.

You get the jam.

And you get the jam!

And you get the jam!

You're just felt
the Grapes of Azarath, baby.

[whip cracking]

[announcer] And the Sirens
are on the board.


[girls cheering]


Look, girls.
We're down by four.

And we have 30 seconds
left to score.

- Oh, no. It's a Brawler Wall.
- Brawler Wall!

How are we ever gonna get
Star over that wall?

There's only one way.

Roller Vault.

- [meows meekly]
- [gasps] Roller Vault?

No. No, no, no.
That's too dangerous.

Ha! My middle name
is "Dangerous."

Actually, it's Frances.

Whatever, it's the only way.
Let's roll.

[siren wailing]

- [ Crowd cheering]
- [announcer] The Sirens win. The Sirens win!


[Catwoman whimpers]


[groans] We won.

I can't believe that worked.

[all mimicking sirens]


[both] Derby iz 4eva, girls.

- [Catwoman purrs]
- Great jammin' out there.

Thanks. This team rocks.

Hey, where's Lou?

[gasps] He was taken.
By the Brainy Brawlers.

[all gasp]

"Lou is ours now.
And you are never getting him back"?

"Signed, the Brainy Brawlers"?

I can't live without Lou.
He's my best friend.


We will help you rescue him.

Do you know where
the Brawlers hide out?

Yeah. But it's impossible
to get around their security.

Then we'll just
have to go through it.

There. That's the building.
That's their hideout.

[car screeching]

[guards grunting]

[guards groaning]

Oh, I hear my Louie.

He must be behind
this steel door.

I do not see the Lou.

Uh, I don't think
we came here to rescue Lou.


I can't believe it worked.

So, getting us to join
your roller derby team

was all just
part of an elaborate plan

to trick us into
helping you pull off a heist?

Very smart, right?

Hurtful, actually.

What'd you expect?
We're the bad guys.

- [laughs mischievously]
- [Catwoman meows]

But what about the Lou?

Oh, he's fine.

He's actually waiting outside
in the getaway car.


- Hit it, Louie baby!
- [cackling]


Wow, you know,
they're really good.

Leave them to me.


- Bad kitty, bad kitty.
- [whimpers]

The bad kitty!

[whines, yowls]

Come on, Lou. Punch it.

[laughs, gasps]

They're getting away.

Then it's time for the jammer
to do what jammers do best.

I am the jammer.

And I will do the jamming.



Sorry, Sirens.
You're going to jail.

I get it. We're the bad guys.

But when we break out, we're
totally getting the team back together.


Derby iz 4eva, girls.

[camera shutter clicks]