Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 17 - Polly Ethylene and Tara Phthalate - full transcript

When the Titans' beach day is ruined by garbage in the ocean, they learn all about recycling.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

- Yeah.
- Woo-hoo!

Ah, what a great day
for a beach day, Titans.

The sun is so bright and warm

that I don't care that
it's slowly damaging my skin.

And this ice cold water
is so refreshing.

Beach days are the best, yo.

Friends, look,

I have found
the sunken treasure.

Uh, those are
bottle caps, Star.


I think
I've caught a big one.

Yo, guys, check out
all these jellyfish.

Ew, those aren't jelly fish.

They're plastic bags.

Ugh, this water is nasty, yo.

There's only one thing
to do about it.

Titans, commence
Operation Cleanup!

Aw, man, we didn't even
make a dent.

We need to figure out
what's going on
and put a stop to it.


Guys, there's a name
on this bottle.

I bet you, this Pete person
knows something
about this garbage.

Then we better track him down.

Titans, go!


- Yo, Pete!
- Pete?

Here, the Petey, Petey,
Petey, Petey, Pete.




Hey! Aah!


- Pete!


We're never going
to find this Pete-foo,

Over here!

Who said that?

We did.

Dude, those water bottles
are talking to you.

Oh, we're not
just simple water bottles.

We're also magical molecules.

- What?
- No way.

Who are you guys?

I am Polyethylene.

Polly for short.

And I am Terephthalate.

But you can call me Tara.

And when we combine,
we become...


But what exactly is "Pete"?

It's the most versatile plastic
on the planet.

Which means we can transform
from simple water bottles

into a variety
of cool new products.

Like this!

By the power of Pete,
recycle into...

A playground!



Thermobond packaging!

Or, best of all...

Ugly holiday sweaters!

But how is this the possible?

Are you two some kind
of wizards or something?

No, silly.

It's only possible

through the power of recycling.

We'll show you how it works.

The process starts right here

where recycled bottles
are fed into this machine,

which removes their waste.

Uh, so this is where them
bottles go to take a poop?

Oh, no, no,
not that kind of waste.

This machine removes labels,
stray pieces of metal,

and any form
of contaminated plastic.

Can the plastic become
the contaminated?

Yes, if it's been exposed
to dirt or toxic substances.

Which is why you should
never mix your plastic
with your garbage.

Because then
it cannot be recycled.

Thanks for the tip, yo.

Next the bottles are taken
over to this machine

where they get washed
and dried.

You think we could run Robin
through that machine?

He is in desperate need
of the shower.

I don't need a shower!

Finally, the bottles
are chopped up
and melted into tiny pellets,

which can be made
into new products

like carpets, furniture,
or even tote bags.

But you don't need
a fancy recycling center

like this one to recycle.

You can just as easily
recycle at home

by finding new uses
for the things you own

instead of throwing them away.

Like turning this soda bottle
into a planter
for an urban garden.

Wow. I never knew
a plastic bottle
was so valuable.

Them bottles
be plastic gold, yo.

But... if all of this
plastic can be recycled,

then why is so much of it
ending up in the ocean?

Because only 9%
of plastic waste

ever gets recycled.

Only the 9%?

Ugh... That makes me so angry!

Hmm, that is
a shockingly low number.

Yes, it is.

Which means
the rest of the plastic

ends up in the ocean,

where it gets sucked
into the great garbage patch.

That must be what's attracting
all of the garbage
near our home.

Can you take us there?

Of course,
but you'll never get in

looking like that.

How come?

Because the patch is ruled
by an evil warlord

who only allows garbage
onto his island.

Well, that won't be
a problem for us.

Yeah, people been
calling us garbage
since the reboot.

That's pretty funny.

Titans, go!

To the great garbage patch!

Whoa, look at the size
of this place.

I told you, only garbage
is allowed passage.

Garbage verified.

See, I told you
people think we're trash.

Whoa, check it out.

I've never seen so much trash
in all my days.

This place is depressing.

What is the happening?

This doesn't look good.


Major Alcuranitro Butane Styrene!

That's Major ABS
to you, civilians.

Just check out this six-pack.

Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!

Now, tell me, what are you kids
doing on my island?

We came here to make you
clean up your act.

You can forget it, mini-boy.

Why do you insist upon living
on this island of trash?

I'll tell you why, miss.

I was once a simple toy,

who dreamed of being recycled
into something new

like one of those delightful
little garden gnomes.

But when it came time
for me to be recycled,

I was rejected

because my local
recycling center

wouldn't recycle
my ABS plastic body.

And, instead, I was dumped
into the ocean. Hoorah...

Where I came up
with a new dream.

I would build a mighty weapon
out of garbage

to exact my revenge
on the cruel business
of recycling.

So you're going to get revenge
with this garbage patch?

No. Hoorah.

This is only the surface
of my weapon

This is my full weapon.

I call it the Contaminator!

And, with this machine,
I shall contaminate

exactly 9% of the world's
recyclable plastic.

But if you do that, then
nothing will get the recycled.

And all of our recycling
centers will be destroyed.

Hoorah! That's the plan!

Well, your plan ends here.

You don't have the power
to stop me. Hoorah!

Yes, we do,

because we've got
the power of recycling.


By the power of Pete,
recycling to...



Recycling to...

tote bag!

I'm gonna squash
you ninnies flat.


Recycling to...


Face it, Major,

you're no match
for the power of recycling!

Then let's see how you
handle some toxic waste.

Recycling to...

Oh, no!
We've been contaminated!

So transform into something
to clean yourselves up.

It doesn't work like that.

Now that we've been

we can't transform.

Hoorah! You recyclers
are pathetic!

If anyone's a big recycler,
it's you.

Me? A recycler?

Never! Ooh... No!

By creating your super weapon
out of trash,

you gave new purpose
to all of this waste.

Which is another way
you can recycle.

Hoorah. You're right.

You know, perhaps there's more
to this recycling business
than I thought.

But what's going to happen
to all of this garbage?

Don't worry, we have a plan.


You turned all that garbage
into this?


We used the plastic bags
for the flower beds.

Water bottles for fledgers.

And turned these milk jugs
into bird feeders.

We didn't forget
about you, bro.

Which is why we made you this.

A garden gnome outfit?


This is amazing!

Thanks for making my dream
come true, Titans.

I love recycling

We saved the world!