Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 14 - Creative Geniuses - full transcript

The Titans visit the Jump City Comic Book Con, where they meet Marv Wolfman and George Pérez but also tangle with Control Freak over an exclusive toy.

♪ Go! ♪

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Today is the day of the
Jump City Comic Book Con.

I can't believe you guys
are getting this worked up
over a comic book convention.

Is it not just a room
filled with the picture books?

No, mama. Comic Book Con
ain't just about comics.

It's a place where you can meet
comic book legends,

attend interesting panels,

buy toys that are so rare,

you never want to take him
out of the package, yo.

Oh, that sounds the amazing.

I wish to attend
the convention of the comics.

I'm glad to hear that Star,
because we're all going.

Forget it.

I am not wasting my weekend
with a bunch of smelly
comic book nerds.

Okay, then I guess
you don't mind missing out
on this exclusive

Pretty Pretty Pegasus
action figure, with
five points of articulation...

Solid gold plastic.

And real life
horsey sounds.

Real life horsey sounds?
Fine, I'll go.

Titans, go! To the
Jump City Comic Book Con.

Ha-ha, we's here.

This place is so dope.

Now, where can I get
my hands on that

Pretty Pretty
Pegasus exclusive?

On the other side
of the convention floor.

Quick, Marv, take my picture
with these fans.

They're dressed just like
the Teen Titans.

We are the Teen Titans.

Isn't that cute, George?

They think they're
the real Titans.

Hold up.
You're Marv Wolfman
and George Perez.

It's an honor to meet you guys.

Yo, Marv and George,
will you sign my belly?

Who are these guys?

You don't know
who Marv Wolfman
and George Perez are?

They're the comic book legends
that turned the Teen Titans

into a phenomenon.

Also the dudes who created
Cyborg, Starfire,
and you, Mama.

Created me? Give me a break.

You doubt our creative power?

Come on, Marv.
Let's show them.

Creative geniuses.

No way!

We look so jacked!

You think that's jacked?
Check this out!



- SuperMarv!
- And Super-George!

Behold the power of the pen!

You two truly are
creative geniuses!

As a legendary comic writer,

I have the power
to fill your speech balloons
with expertly crafted dialogue.

Oh, really?

Then let's see if you can
keep up with this.


It's time for
a double page spread!

Look, it is
the Giant Mutant Chicken!

Ugh! What is
a chicken doing here?

It's our world.
We do what we want.

Ahhh! Eat my friends,
just let me live.

What's up with him?

Our version of Robin
was a fearless leader.

This version is just sad.

See, Marv, this is why
I don't watch animation.

Beast doomed.

Titans, relax.

We were just messing with you.

You were messing with us?

Yup, after four decades
of working together,

we still love coming up
with new ways to
have fun with you guys.

-It's what makes us...
Creative Geniuses!

Well, you can keep your
creative geniuses to yourself.

Come on, guys.

Now, let's keep moving
so we can find that exclusive.

Not so fast, Raven.

The Teen Titans Go! panel
is starting in just
a few minutes.

Really? I've always wanted
to be on a panel.

Then follow me.

Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome the stars of
Teen Titans Go!

Scott Menville, Khary Payton,
Greg Cipes, Tara Strong
and Hynden Walch.

Okay, who has the
first question for the cast?

Wait, it's just
the voice actors
on the panel and not us?

This has to be a mistake.

Ahem, we have a question.

You guys really nailed
those costumes.

You look just like
the Teen Titans.

We are the Teen Titans,

and we want to know
why you guys get to be on
this panel instead of us?

It's completely unfair, yo.

You're right, this is unfair.

We actors work in the safety
of a recording studio
at Warner Bros.

while you guys,
the real heroes, are out there
facing danger 24/7.

Well, it's not exactly 24/7.

- We take a lot of naps.
- And play video games.

And do the watching of the TV.

In a typical week,
we average about...

five minutes of
actual crime fighting.

Yeah, give or take.

Regardless, you guys should
totally join us up here.

Don't mind if we do.

Who's this
little cute papa-dog?

This is my little bro.

He's the wisest of the wise,
the highest form of life
on the planet.

Isn't that right, little bro?

Whoa! My man's a genius.

I have a question.

How do the writers come up
with all those scripts?

Man, we don't use scripts.

They just press record
and we party in the booth
like the Waffle episode.

That whole thing just sprang
from us eating breakfast food.

What do you enjoy the most
about playing the me?

I love your big heart.

Oh, thank you.

- Let us do of the hugs.
- Hynden hyper hug.

Oh, can I have a hug too?

The no!

I want to know what
secret acting technique
Tara uses to do my voice.

It's simple.
I don't get much sleep.

Now, smile for the camera.

Oh, I've got a question
everyone is dying to know.

Will Starfire and I,
finally fall in love
this coming season?

Sorry, we can't give out
any spoilers.

Don't play coy with me,
Scotty Boy.

Answer the question!

Whoa, whoa!
Easy there, little guy.

These lips are sealed.

I have ways of making you talk.

Whoa, look at those abs.


Ow, nice going, Robin.

You just embarrassed us
in front of our fans.

I knew coming here
was a bad idea.

Maybe we should just go home.

No! We can't go home.

There's still plenty of fun
to be had.

Plus, we still need
to locate the exclusive
Pretty Pretty Pegasus.

You do not want to leave
the empty handed.

Fine. We can stay.

But we're going straight to the
Pretty Pretty Pegasus booth.

- Got it?
- Totally, yo!

Well, well, well,
the Teen Titans.

Control Freak?

What are you doing here,
you conniving couch potato?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm here for the
Pretty Pretty Pegasus

Well, you're too late
because I just bought
the last one.

Oh, no. What am I gonna do?

Give it back, Control Freak.

Forget it.

This limited edition
is mine now.

Don't make us
take you down, dude.

Oh, please, you can't
defeat me at Comic Book Con.

This is the one place where
nerds like me reign supreme.

You're no match for me, Titans.

No way!

Control Freak just turned
himself into an even
bigger nerd.

We can't let him get away
with this.

But how are we supposed to take
on all that nerd power?

We're just five Titans.

No, there's more.

Five more to be exact.

Teen Titans cast,

Teen Titans cast bot, go!

Abs crunch!

Swag bags of doom!

Waffle shield!

Flash on!

Little Bro!

Hynden Hyper Hug!

Now, give up my
Pretty Pretty Pegasus.
It's over.

Not yet.

I still have one last trick
up my sleeve.

The stench of a thousand nerds!

Oh, we can't withstand,
ugh, that much body odor.

We must summon the power of

Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

Creative Geniuses!

Form Creative Sword!

That battle was amazing.

I never knew
a comic book convention
could be so much fun.

Here you go, Mama.

Whoa! Wow!

Thanks to the Titans cast bot
and super comic book legends
Marv and George,

the Teen Titans
are once again victorious.

what's up, Titans!

Oh, yeah, there's nothing
that could stop us.

This is not
what I signed up for.