Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 7, Episode 13 - T is for Titans - full transcript

The Titans are shocked to learn that the T Tower had previous owners.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Good news, Titans.

We no longer
have to suffer the miseries

of this infernal tower.

We are moving out.

Moving out of the Tower?

But the Tower is our home.

Are you sure
you're feeling okay?

Something seems off
about you, bro.

Yeah, you're looking
kind of janky.


I know not of what you speak.

Now, make haste and pack
your carrying cases.

Fine, you're the boss.

- Whatever.
- Sadness.

I'm warning you.
I'm gonna be
grumpy all day now.

All day!

Goodbye, the Tower.

We will miss you.

I still don't even understand
why's we moving out.

Did he just lock us out?

Hey! You guys!
Help me!

It is friend Robin.

But if that's Robin,
who that other Robin?

He must be an imposter.


Obviously, whoever's
behind this evil act

wanted to target
the weakest member
of our team.

Hey, I'm not the weakest.

We have been tricked
into leaving the Tower.

That janky-looking Robin
is gonna get it.


Titans, go!

All right.
Where is this impostor?

Wait. You guys thought
that was me?

I don't know.

I thought you were having
a bad hair day or something.

I don't have bad hair days.

The janky Robin,
reveal your true identity.


It may seem rather bizarre,

but yes, yes, toads we are.

My name is Croak,

leader of these toads.

You were trying to steal
the Tower from us.

No, this is our tower.

Our tower it be.
We lived here first.

We are the rightful owners,
you see?

Yes, yes. Before it
was the Titans Tower,

it was once the Toad Tower.

For years, we lived
a happy and peaceful life.

Whoa. The T doesn't
stand for Titans?

It stands for Toads?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

You've been living here
the whole time we have?

- Oh!
- Yes, yes, it is true.

We've been trying
to get rid of you
this whole time, too.

Remember the time
the TV stopped working?

That was us.

Remember the time
the couch fell apart?

That was us.

Remember the time
the elevator broke down?

That was us.

All of it was caused by us.

For eight years,

we've tried to get you
to leave the Tower.

Well, it's time for you to go.

This might have been
your tower once,

but it's ours now.

We have the deed to prove it.


You think it's yours
and that's where
you're wrong.

Listen closely, Titans,
as I sing you this song.

♪ The time has come
I do believe ♪

♪ You've had your fun
Now kindly leave ♪

♪ Go pack your bags
Walk out the door ♪

♪ You do not
Live here anymore ♪

♪ A home in the shape
Of a capital T ♪

♪ Is a home
for a toad I do decree ♪

♪ Not a place for teens
with the likes of you ♪

♪ So I currently ask
Of you to shoo ♪

♪ Be gone, go now

♪ Don't ever come back

♪ Or else we'll have to

♪ Attack!

I'd like to see you try.

Ain't no toads going to
kick us out of our tower.


My little toady heart
cannot handle such violence.

Oh, I think it's the big one.

Here I come,
big burrow in the sky.

I think we have hurt him

without landing the single blow.

I feel kind of bad now.


Oh, poor little guy.

Do you need medical
attention or something?

Oh, I appreciate your concern,

but I'd really just
like some space

during this difficult time.

We completely understand.

Come on, guys.

Let's step outside.

And please take your bags.

I sure hope the little guy
pulls through.

What is wrong with us?

Picking on
a helpless little toad.

We're monsters.

Toad Tower! Toad Tower!
Toad Tower!

Whoo! What's my name?

- Croak!
- What's my name?

- Croak!
- Yeah!

Have we again been tricked

into doing the leaving
of the Tower?

Yes, I believe we have.

Man, those toads are clever.

Okay, toads.

- It's...
- Shh!

- Uh, can you just...
- You're ruining the best part.

Oh, sorry.

That's enough! It's time
for you toads to leave.

No, no.

It is you who soon
will want to leave.

Uh, what's that?

A magic toad stone, of course.

With this stone,
I can turn any place

into a toxic work environment.

Oh, shiny toad stone,
with your magical gleam,

release your noxious toxins
on this Titans team.

Your magic has no power
over us, Croak.

Titans, let's take out
the trash.

Roger that!

No, not that kind of trash.

Not what kind of trash?

Wait. So we're
not taking out
the actual trash?

No, I meant it figuratively.

We're taking out the toads.

Then why not simply say that?

Your workplacecommunication is the poor.

No, it's not.

My workplace communication
is rich with awesomeness.

Why are you yelling at us?

Uh, major abuse of power, bro.

I'm sorry.

It must be the magic toad stone.

It turned the tower
into a toxic work environment.

Right. Blame it on
the toad stone.

No one ever takes
responsibility around here.

Hey, I'm taking responsibility
by taking out the trash.

Forget the trash!

I is feeling very
undervalued right now.

Yeah, me too.

I spent a lot of time
separating out the recyclable.

I am the one
that did the separating.

Why are you taking
the credit for the work
that I have done?

Because it's a toxic
work environment.

The morale is so low.

I cannot work in this toxic
environment anymore.

- I am out.
- I quits.

Me too.

I expect
the package of severance.

Titans out.

We got tricked into leaving
the tower again, didn't we?


This means the war!

The tower is ours.

Titans Tower!

Wrong. The tower is ours.

Toad Tower!

Both of you are wrong.

Before, it was a Toad Tower,
it was the Turkey Tower.

We are here to reclaim
our Tax Accountant Tower.

Toilet tower blocks
of the tribe of toilets.


Thunder clouds are the rightful
owners of the Thunder Tower.

Ah, great! Now we
have to fight
toads, turkeys,

tax accountants, toilets
and thunderclouds?

And that's not all.

So it was originally
the Tyrannosaurus Tower?

He's so big.
What could he have
used the tower for?

Whoa! That T. rex
rocks so hard.

Perhaps moving out of the tower
is the good idea.

We are not moving out!

There's only one way

to determine the rightful owner.

It's time for
a T Tower Showdown.

Only one left.

Extinction beam!


Looks like
all the dirty work is done.

Ha, ha. We win!

The T stands for Toad.
In your face, lousy teens.

Whoa. Hey!

What the...

- The T Tower is actually...
- The J Tower?

What does the J stand for?

It stands for me.

'90s sitcom star, Jaleel White?

You mean, it's the Jaleel Tower?

That's right.

Did I do that?