Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 38 - Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl SanPedro - Part 4 - full transcript

In the final epic showdown with Carl Sanpedro, the Titans head to Croatia, home of dragons and ice zombies.

[bird crowing]

[cat meowing, mouse squeaking]

[elephant trumpeting,
lion roaring]

♪ Go!

[opening theme playing]

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Hey, Gumshoes,
guess where you will be going next.

Nah, I's done with this guessing business,

How about we guess
where we are not going?

- We're not going to Rome.
- Or Hawaii.

Or the Cancun of the Mexico.


You are not going to any
of those exciting places.

[all groaning]

So, where are we going?

I give you clue.

My home country, Croatia.

That wasn't a clue.

Holds up, what's a Croatia?

Croatia is a European nation

known for its
spectacular beaches,

tasty cuisine, and...

It's also where Game
of Thronesis filmed.


[gasps] You means
that place gots dragons?

Well, that program isn't real.

We love that show!

-Ooh, all of the backstabbing...

And the betrayals.

Berto, why didn't you tell us
there's dragons where you're from?

I do not watch Game of Thrones.

Too much politics.

It's a fictional show!

But if it were real,
I would be the King of the North.

[scoffs] You're more like
that boy king that nobody likes.

I would be King of the North!

Now, shush!

Berto has an important
assignment for us.

That is right, Gumshoes.

I need you to go to
my home in Zdrelac.

Make sure that I did
not leave the door open.

we're not going after Carl Sanpedro?

And you want us to fly halfway around
the world just to check on your house?


If a bird got in,

you get my neighbor,
Blasko, to take it out.

You don't take it yourself.

Dude, we can handles a bird.

I say you don't
take it out yourself!

Titans, go!

Check on Berto's house!

Wow, what a beautiful country!

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but where's them ice zombies?

Or giants?

Or the dragons.

That is from a television show!

They film all that stuff
in Dubrovnik anyway.

Ooh, ooh,
then that is where we wish to the go!

It's hundreds of miles away!

[all chanting] Dragons!
Dragons! Dragons!

There are no dragons!

Let's just check
on Berto's house.

[door creaking]

He did leave the door open.

Who needs dragons
when we might see...

A bird.

[bird screeching]

Is you serious?

The knock, the knock.

Hello, bird?

Okay, guys,
I think we're good. There's no bird...

- [screeching] - [screaming]

Big Croatian bird!

Someone get Blasko! Get Blasko!


You gotta come get this
bird out of Berto's house.

look. It's a note from Blasko.

It says he left town after a
longshoreman stole his octopus salad.

[all gasp]

That sounds like
the Carl Sanpedro.

What are the odds?

Don't worry, Blasko.

We'll get your salad back.

And finally catch the
elusive Carl Sanpedro.

The question is,
where did he go?

If I know Carl,
he went to the island of Pag.

To drench that stolen salad in
the region's world famous olive oil.

we don't wanna go to no oily island.

Don't you wanna learn about all
the great things Croatia has to offer?

Only if it involves the undead.

too bad. We're going to Pag.

Fine. But we is gonna
travel there our own way.



[water splashes]

Can you believe this olive grove

has been here for over 1500 years,


I am the mother of the dragons,

do the bending of the knee.

The North will never
kneel before you.


Then you shall be

the destroyed!

- The dracarys! - [yelling]

[inhales deeply]

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

You can't breathe
fire near this olive oil.

It's highly flammable!


Chill, bruh,

we just having
some good old fun.

We're supposed to
be looking for clues.

But looking upon
the trees is the boring.

Are you kidding?

These trees are magical.

Is it one of those
medieval fantasy trees

that lets you see through time?

Even better.

They produce a magical oil

which can slightly
lower your cholesterol.

I'm pretty sure that's a magic tree.

There's no such thing as a...

who's that model over there?

Show me those angles!

Such a pretty bird.


[screams] Where...
Where did you come from?

I'm a three-eyed me.

My power is to travel back
in time to stare at people.

Like a creep.

Okay. Cool.

Also, I'mma take one of these.

To have.

See ya.

I saw it all.

What did you see?

That you live an
embarrassing life.

And I had a vision of Carl
kicking it at Krka National Park.




Look at these waterfalls,

We already saw
waterfalls in Jamaica.

but these are slightly different.

Water be water, fool.

Carl clearly isn't here anymore.

We must have just missed him.

Can we please go
to Dubrovnik now?

We're not going to Dubrovnik just so
you can visit a bunch of tourist traps!

If you don't let us go,
I'm gonna tell everyone

- what I saw in my vision.
- Fine, go ahead.

You sure about that, bird boy?

[nervously] I have
nothing to hide.


[all gasping and whistling]

- Shame! - Shame!

The shame!


You're not going to shame
me into taking you to Dubrovnik.

♪ Shame, shame, shame Shame,
shame, shame Shame, shame... ♪

- [continue singing] -
There's nothing shameful

about my pretty bird
pictures. They're artistic.

What's that? I can't hear
you over all the shame.

- Cyborg. - [continue singing]

- Cyborg. - Stop!

We'll only stop if you
take us to Dubrovnik.

[groans] Fine.

- [continue singing]
- Cyborg. Cyborg.

Okay, blah, blah, blah,
shame, shame, shame...

"Winter is coming."
Here we are in Dubrovnik.

Nows where could that
filthy casual Carl be?

Look, a Carl clue!


It is the salad of the octopus.

Carl must be nearby.

[creature roaring]


Look, it's Carl Sanpedro!

And he be holding that octopus salad,



- Ice zombies! - Cyborg!

They're working
for Carl Sanpedro.

Wait, is that Mr. Freeze?

No, it's clearly a zombie king.

I love everything about this!

This is crazy. We
can't fight them.

-Not without the King of the North!
-[trumpets play]

- [bird screeches] - Titans, go!



[both roaring]





[both roaring]


Raven, we need help!

Resplendent Croatia...

Lend us your aid!



[all] Croatian bird!


Thanks for the help, face tree.

Game over, Carl.

Your culinary crime
spree ends here.

[all] Berto?

Hey, Gumshoes.

[gasps] It was you all along?

Of course!

Why did you send us upon
the chase of the wild goose?

I wanted you to appreciate the
overlooked places in the world.

you could have just told us that.

This whole trip was
a huge waste of time.

Does this look like
a waste of time?

[all gasp]

It is all of the dishes from
our globetrotting adventure.


You're right,
Cyborg. It is fun to learn about geography.

And there's only one way to finish it off,

With some acapella beatboxing!

[all beatboxing]

Okay, bye!