Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 37 - Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl SanPedro - Part 3 - full transcript

The Titans travel to India to stop Carl Sanpedro, and learn about the sport of cricket.

[bird crowing]

[cat meowing, mouse squeaking]

[elephant trumpeting,
lion roaring]

♪ Go!

[opening theme playing]

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Hey, gumshoes.

Carl Sanpedro has struck again.

Guess where we are going next?

Forgets it, Berto.

We are tired of the guessing.

Pretty please?


Then I will do the guessing.

Are we going to Slovakia?


Are we going to the Montana?


Where are we going to?



Just tell me the answer.

- Okie-dokie.
- [thuds]

You are going to Chennai, India.

[women, echoing] Chennai.

That sounds great.

How is that great?

Nobody's ever heard of Chennai.


We get to learn about another
overlooked part of the world.

But we do not wish
to do more of the learning.

We wanna go somewhere cool.

Chennai is cool!

It's the hometown of the famous

meditation guru
and chana masala maker, Vishnu.

Yo, I bet he could get us a part

in one of them Bollywood movies.

Bollywood movies are the best.

They got those crazy,
hilarious action scenes.

Romantic dream sequences

that reveal hidden truths,

take place in Switzerland
for some reason.

And the wonderful dance numbers
with the shirt ripping.

The slow walking

and the dancing up on the bus.

Unfortunately, Bollywood
is based in Mumbai.

Chennai is a cricket city.

I ain't going to no city filled
with them lousy crickets.



Not the bugs, the sport.

Yes, cricket.

The excitement
of being on the pitch,

bowling the ball
past the batsman.

The Batman plays the cricket?

Not Batman. Batsman.

As in, the striker
who is responsible

for preventing
the loss of a wicket.

Did you just make
those words up?

Your mouth-hole is making
the nonsense!

Cricket is a very popular sport.

In fact, Chennai's cricket team
is playing in tonight's

championship match.

- [grunts]
- And I am afraid

they need your help, gumshoes.

According to this,

Carl Sanpedro stole
their lucky chana masala,

from the T. Nagar
shopping district.

Then this will be

an opportunity for us
to nab Carl

and learn about the wonders
of cricket, Titans.

We're really not interested.

We would much rather enjoy
the Bollywood excitements.

Too bad. Titans, go!

To India!


- [explosion]
- [all screaming]

- [engine whirring]
- [thuds]

[all gasping]

[women, echoing] Chennai.

Wow. Would you
look at this place?

It's like something
out of a movie.

It's got all them
tight alleyways.

And the densely-packed streets.

This would be the perfect spot

for a Bollywood action sequence.


- This city is about cricket.
- [crowd cheering]

That's why they sell
all of this cricket gear.

Now, help me look for clues.

- [all] Yeah!
- [thuds]

Hey, guys. Check me out.

Don't I look like
a dashing treasure hunter?

That is not
a treasure hunter's hat.

It's to help the wicket keeper
block the sun from their eyes.

Oh, man,

I'm gonna ice some vampires
with these.

Those aren't stakes.

Those are stumps.

I guess I can make a good pizza
with this spatula.

Ooh, and do not forget
the oven mitts.

Stop getting distracted.


We need to focus
on finding Carl.


[tires screeching]

Looks like Carl found us.

[laughs cunningly]

We've gotta get that
chana masala back.

I say we take these fools down
Bollywood style.

This is not
a Bollywood situation.

Too late! [rips shirt]




- [smacking]
- [grunts]



- Surf's up!
- [thudding]



I can't tell if this fight is

supposed to be funny or serious.

- It's both.
- [engine roaring]


This fight has no logic.

Who cares? It's entertaining!

[stomps hard]


But the physics
don't make sense.

Ain'ts nobody care
about physics.



[helicopter hovering]


[distant explosion]


[Starfire grunts]

- [screams]
- [banging]

[distant explosion]



[distant explosion]

Did you see that?

That was bananas, yo!

[chuckling] Yeah, it was cool.

No, it wasn't!

Carl got away.

[laughing cunningly]

Relax, dude.

One of his henchmen
dropped this.

[paper ruffles]

[Raven] A map to the
Semmoozhi Poonga
Botanical Park?

But why would Carl go there?

Let's move, Titans.

- [explosion]
- [all screaming]

Whoa. Aren't these trees
beautiful, Titans?


Yeah, wow. Trees.

Especially these white willows.

Their wood is
so soft and smooth.

It's no wonder they're
used to make cricket bats.

Is he about to ask
that tree on a date?

Don't be ridiculous.

A tree this beautiful
would never go for me.

You know what could
bring you together?

A romantic
Bollywood dream sequence.

Ooh, yes!

In the Land of the Switzer!

[sheep bleating]

We don't have time
to go to Switzerland.

We're supposed to be
searching for clues.

The only thing you needs
to search is your heart.

That's where you're
gonna find that clue.

That doesn't make any sense.

And neither will this dream.

[sentimental music playing]

[all laughing]

I knew that dream sequence
was a...

a waste of time.

No, bro.

Watching you act a fool
is never a waste of time.

[laughs, grunts]

But it didn't reveal anything.

Oh, but it did.

The tree is missing
several of the branches.

Of course. Carl must have
stolen them

to make cricket bats.

That means he'll definitely
be at the championship game.

We need to get
to the stadium right away.

[crowd cheering]

Look at that cricket stadium.

Isn't it breathtaking?

I can't believe
all these people are here

to watch a sport that
doesn't make any sense.

Listen up, Titans.

Carl has already
gotten away twice.

We can't let him get away
a third time.

So, we are going to pose
as cricket players

in order to spot him
from the field.


But we don't know
anything about cricket.

Don't worry. The rules are easy.

[inhales sharply]

The batting side scores runs

by striking the ball
with the bat,

while the bowling
and fielding side

tries to prevent
the batting side

from scoring
and dismissing each player.

Means of dismissal include
being bowled,

the ball hitting the stumps
and dislodging the bails

-and the fielding side...
indistinct talking]

[laughing maniacally]

...the ball
before it hits the ground.

Got it?

[all] No.

Great! Let's get in there.

[all screaming, grunting]

Now remember,
we are in deep cover.

No one can know who you are.

Do not worry, Robin.

No one shall know
my true identity,

for I am the batsman.

[suspenseful music playing]




The batsman doesn't
beat up the umpires!

Did you say vampires?


What up, ladies?
You happen to see

-the Ark of the Covenant
around here?
-[women cheering]

Who wants vegan pizza?

[all cheering]

I think we are
blending in the perfectly.

Yeah, cricket ain't so hard.

Would you guys cut it out?

You're blowing our cover.


[laughing maniacally]

There he is.

[laughter fading]

Great. We'll never
catch him now.

Relax. We can still get him.


With a Bollywood dance number.

For the last time,

this is not Mumbai,

and your Bollywood references
are inappropriate.

Sorry, bro. We is
doing a dance number

whethers you like it or not.

[Bollywood music playing]

Rip your shirt, fool.


He's joining in?

That is the power
of the Bollywood dance.

Now we must do the slow walking.

- [Bollywood music continues]
- [doves cooing]


Whoa! Where did
this bus come from?

No one knows.

But the only thing to do is

dance on it!

[Bollywood music continues]

We got him!

And the chana masala.

[all cheering]

You guys were right.

Bollywood is amazing.

Even though we're not in Mumbai?

Of course.

I learned that
Bollywood is everywhere

because it lives in our hearts.

And as for you...

[cricket chirping]

A decoy?

Oh, man. I thought
we had him this time.

Hey, gumshoes.

Carl Sanpedro has just
been spotted again.

Guess where?

[all groaning]

Is it Barcelona?


Is it Egypt?



Is it Portugal?