Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 36 - Where Exactly On The Globe Is Carl SanPedro - Part 2 - full transcript

Carl Sanpedro has struck again, this time in Jamaica, so the Titans take off for the Caribbean.

♪ Go!

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

Hey, gumshoes.

My shoes have the gum upon them?

Gumshoe is another word
for detective, Star.

Then why does he not say that?

Because I like to say gumshoes.




Gum... shoe.


Stop saying gumshoe!

I am afraid,
my fellow longshoreman,

Carl Sanpedro has struck again.

Tell us where
that filthy casual
was spotted.

I hopes we get to follow him

to some place sweet
like New York City.


- Paris?
- Nope.

The pyramids of the Egypt?


Just give us the answer, 'Berto.

Carl has been spotted
in Jamaica, gumshoes.



You mean we're going to Jamaica?

Y'all, this is gonna
be dope, yo!

You got that right.

This trip is going
to be educational.

Hold up.

Did he say educational?

We ain't wants
no edumacationals.

We're globetrotting gumshoes.

That means learning
interesting facts

about other countries
while tracking down Carl.

Are you sure that
is what it means?

Of course! I once played
an old computer game,

so I know exactly
what's in store for us

as international detectives.

Here is your
assignment, gumshoes.

According to this,

Carl Sanpedro and his henchmen

were seen in the city
of Montego Bay

stealing Brian E. S. Jones's
oxtail stew.

Yo, that's my man's
favorite foods, yo!

The poor Brian E. S. Jones.

Okay, Titans.

We have 36 hours

to catch Carl Sanpedro.

There is the time limit?

Seems arbitrary.

Sorry. But that is the way

of the gumshoe.


It's time to find out...

What's he doing?

It is the unnatural.

Globetrotting gumshoes
always sing a cappella

as they travel from
one location to the next.

Why? Why would they do that?

Because they do.

So just do it!

♪ Gumshoe

Montego Bay

is Jamaica's second
largest city.

Ooh, and
its major industry is...

I hate telemarketers.

Look, it's one of
Carl's henchmen.

Let's get him!

Tell us where the Carl is

or be destroyed, man-hench.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop that!


My fellow gumshoes
are new to this.

Why are you letting him go?

Because the henchman
only serves one purpose:

To inform us that
Carl is in the area.

Yo, that fool knows

where that dirty Carl be hidin'.

Yes, he probably does.

But, now that we know
he's in the general area,

we can investigate further,
at a local museum,

port or hotel.

Where are you getting
those options from?

It's Gumshoe 101.

Now pick one.
Shall we investigate...

the museum,


or hotel?

Fine, let's try the museum.

This be a waste of time!

How can the museum curator
have no idea where he went,

but somehow knows
his favorite painter

is Vincent van Gogh?

I don't care
who his favorite painter is!


His personal interests
have no bearing
upon the investigation.

Oh, but they do.

How else will we get a warrant?

By establishing probable cause

and getting one from a judge?

Oh-ho, Raven.

Every gumshoe knows
that to get a warrant

you need to know
the suspect's
personal interests,

in order to properly
identify them.

Otherwise, you could end up
arresting the wrong person.

Oh, right, I'll be sure
to keep detailed notes

about Carl's taste in art.

Good thinking.
Where should we look next?

The port

or the hotel?

Does it even matter?

The port it is!

We're running out of time!

Why are we talking to a parrot?

Because he has good intel.

Birds ain't gots no intel.

They's birds.

Were you not listening?

He told us mountain climbing
is Carl's favorite hobby.

The Carl is the
dangerous criminal,

and you're asking
the bird about the hobbies?

The hobbies?


What a lead, right?

We'll need that info
for the warrant.

You're writing this down
right, Raven?

Oh, yeah. Got a big file going.


Hey, gumshoes.

What up, 'Berto?

You here to help us
with the case?

No, I just came here
to call you gumshoes again.

Okay? Bye.


Perhaps we will have
the better luck
at the hotel.

The bellhop said
he was going
to the birthplace

of reggae music.

Where was the reggae born?

I'll look it up on the Internet.

No, you will not.

Gumshoes don't use the...


That is cheating.

We use this.

What is the that?

It's an almanac.

Man, we ain'ts got no time
to be flipping them pages!

I'm just going to
check the Internet.

I dare you to try.


The birthplace of reggae
is Trench Town.

The finally.

Let's go get Carl.

Aren't you forgetting something?


Great, Carl is still
in the area.

Where are you going?
What about the henchman?

We'll leave him alone
and learn about the city

while we question
some birds and weirdos.

No more the learning.

The man-hench will
speak the truth this day.


Titans, this is not

the way of the gumshoe.

No, it's better!

Now, tell us where Carl is.

Dunn's River Falls.

Let's move!

What are you waiting for?

I'm not going anywhere

without some
a cappella beatboxing.

We need to learn some facts
about Dunn's River Falls.

No, we are nearly
out of the time.

There he is!

Let me at him!

A dirty decoy!


Isn't this great?

No, it's not!

Carl done booby-trapped
this entire area.

Exactly! Gumshoes
always have to avoid

weapons and beartraps

before they're about to nab
their suspect.

I don't wanna be
a gumshoe anymore.

We can't get past all these
weapons and beartraps.

We will never retrieve
the Brian E. S. Jones's stew.

There's one last thing

that might be
crazy enough to work.

We chase him back and forth,

from left to right,

about three times.

That's it?

I promise you,

it's a lot more exciting
than it sounds.

I bet it's not.

Titans, go!


We got that stew!

Take him to jail, Officers.

You got
the necessary warrant, man?

Better! We got evidence.

That won't be enough.

You need to put
the suspect's
personal interests

into this computer.

That's real?

Did you think
I was making it up?

Luckily, Raven's been
making a detailed file

concerning Carl's
personal interests.

No, I haven't.

I was being sarcastic, you goon.

Argh! We need to get this right!

Maybe we can just guess
the right answer. Let's see.

- Favorite artist?
- Leonardo da Vinci?

Favorite hobby?

I bet my man
plays a mean croquet.


You've been issued a warrant
for one, Mr. Jay Walking.

Which means

you're gonna have to let
this suspect go.

I knew we should have listened

to that museum curator.

I cannot believe
the Carl got away.

At least we retrieved
the oxtail stew.

And we all learned
how warrants work.

There you are.

I have important news.

Carl Sanpedro has struck again.

Sounds like we'll be doing
some more globetrotting.

Maybe we're going
to Machu Pichu.

No, no, no, nope!

The Greatest Wall of the China?


The Leaning Tower of Pizza?

It is none of those places.