Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Walk Away - full transcript

After the T-Car is destroyed in a fight, the Titans go to a used car lot to find another vehicle.

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♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Season 06 Episode 11
(Video release: S06E05)

Episode Title: "Walk Away"


Titans, go!

Nothing's working.

Don't worry, Mama!
I've gots this!

Oh, my baby!

My sweet sweet baby!

My baby is gone.


Looks like it's totaled.

And we just
paid it off the yesterday.

Ugh, I was really
looking forward

to not having
a monthly car payment.

This is... Great!

We finally have an
excuse to buy a new car.

You're excited
to go car shopping?

Uh, car shopping
is the worst, fool.

I would rather be the creed
bird that eats the food bits

from the teeth
of the clarg beast.

I know that car shopping
may seem like a huge hassle,

but that's only because
you've never gone

with a master negotiator

like myself before.

Trust me,
this is going to be fun.

Uh, let's check
that new cars out, baby!

Look at all the new styles.

That one is triumphant.

- Oh, this one's fresh.
- Shiny.


Who said anything
about a new car?

You did.

A new car
is a terrible idea.

Today, we'll be looking at

pre-owned vehicles!

You want us to buy a used car?


We ain't buying no old
dirty car that stinks like butt.

Yes, we are.

In the first year alone,

the value of a new car can
drop by more than 20 percent.

I don't wants to
lose those good percentages!

A pre-owned vehicle,

will do a much better job

of retaining value over time
making the butt smell worth it.

- Wow. - Wow.
- Wow. - Wow.

So, we're agreed?

we'll buy an old sticky car.

Let's just go to the dealership
and get this over with.

Not yet!
You aren't prepared to face

the dealer.

I think we can handle
a car salesman, dude.

Uh! Wrong!

Car dealers are
the sneakiest snakes

that ever crawled
from the gutter.

- Harsh.
- Chill, bro.

Ain't they just men and women
trying to do their jobs?

They are the enemy.

That's why
you need to learn

the three important
rules of car buying.

Number one,
never allow the dealer to size you up.

I see. You do not want
the dealer man to know

that you are the very short.

You gonna wear some stilts
or something?

It has nothing to do
with height!

"Sizing you up" is the process

by which the car dealer
asks questions

in order to find out how much
money they can squeeze out of you.

Never answer any questions.

I shall do
the zips of the lips.

Rule number two,

never accept
the dealer's initial offer.

They can always go lower.

Never agree to buy a car

until you can smell
the desperation.

We know what desperation
smells like.

We smell it on you
all of the time.

Rule three,

and this is the most important.

Never be afraid to...

walk away.

I aint's afraid to walk away
from nothings Watch this.


He has done it.

He has used his legs and feet
to make the exit.

That is some
good walking away right there.

It looks like
you're all ready

to enter the capital world
of auto sales.

Titans, go!

Buy a pre-owned vehicle!

Remember the rules, Titans.

And never forget,
car dealers are crooks.

That's just
a stereotype, Robin.

Hello, Titans.

- Dr. Light. - Dr. Light.
- Dr. Light. - Dr. Light.

I should have known
a villain like you

would turn to this
kind of criminal enterprise.

Oh, no, no, no.
You've got it all wrong.

I gave up my life of crime

to focus on my true passion
of selling pre-owned vehicles.

I've always been drawn
to the romanticism of it.

Oh, that is the wonderful news,
Dr. Light.

Plus, it allows me to atone
for my villainous deeds

like donating all of my profits
to underprivileged children.

That is just incredibly kind.

Oh, ho-ho, yeah.

So kind, so lovely...

It's all lies!

He's just trying to trick us

into overpaying for our car.

Just give him a chance,

So, you're in the market
for a vehicle.

How long
have you been looking?

- Well, kind sir, we...
- Don't answer that.

We're not going to let you
"size us up."

Yeah, we're not going to tell
you how bad we need a car.

You will never know

that we can do the paying of
the cash monies up the front.

And under no circumstances
will I tell you

that Robin is the adopted ward
of billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Uh, will you excuse us
for a moment?

- Why?
- Ow, man.

What you do that for?

You just let Dr. Light
size us up.

Now he knows how much money
he can squeeze out of us.

I'm not
going to squeeze you, Robin.

I believe in building long-term
customer relationships.

Today, you're to get a fair deal
on a great car.

I promise.

We'll see about that.

I have a plethora of cars
to choose from.

It is my goal
to find the right one for you.

This vehicle was previously
owned by Catwoman.

I'll buy it! I'll buy it!
I'll buy of the kitty car.

Smells like a litter box. Pass.

Here, we have the Mobius chair.

It can teleport you
anywhere on the planet

in a matter of seconds.

Check it, real Italian pizza.

Hmm, does it have
a cup holder?

Um, no.

Hard pass.

Here is the Batmobile

from the movie Batman & Robin.

Oh, snap.

I wants to be a Batmans.

I's George Clooney.


Come on, man.

There has to be at least
one car you're interested in.

What's that one over there?

This is the Joker Mobile.

Well, I don't think
it'll meet your needs.

Like I care what you think!

Roomy interiors, leather seats,

and this clown motif reminds me
of growing up in the circus.

Let's take it for a test drive.


Won't you
please slow down, Robin?

Of course not. Now,
tell me about the features.

This is
a laughing gas launcher.

Here is the oil slick switch

which is good if you're
being chased by a vigilante.

With also a fun novelty horn.

Ooh, what about that one?

I'm afraid that feature is no
longer available on this model.

Of course it isn't.
What a scam.

Uh, I think
we're ready to talk numbers.

I'll get the paperwork.

The joy! We are finally getting
the car that is not the new.

Here you are.

Is this a joke?

The price is more than fair.

In fact, I'm losing money
on this deal.

Under no circumstances am I
buying this car for that amount.

Come on, dude.

Just the pay the man
so we can get out of here.

Are you forgetting rule two?

"Never accept
the initial offer."

Bad news, Dr. Light,

you're going
to have to go lower.

I'm sorry, Robin,
I really can't.

Then you'll have to give me
more car for this price.

And how do you expect me
to do that?

By giving me
all of the features

including this one.

I can't give you that feature.
It's unsafe.

You're just trying to
rip me off.

Just let it go, bro.

Never! He's lying about this
feature being safe and I'll prove it.

He's going
to destroy my dealership!

That car is unstoppable.

We are the doomed.

No, we're not.

Remember the third rule
of buying a car, Titans.

"Never be afraid to walk away."

I'm ruined.

Well, done, Titans.

I'd call today
a resounding success.

We still need a car though.

Don't worry. We'll come back
tomorrow when he's willing to negotiate.

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