Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - My Name is Jose - full transcript

Raven gives the Titans new super powers, but they have a hard time adjusting.


♪ T E E N T I T A N S ♪

♪ Teen Titans let's go ♪


♪ Teen Titans, go! ♪

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

- Mmm.
- Ugh, this is so gross.

Ain't nothing gross about
shrimps and prime rib.


I make it for you, more
shrimps and prime rib.

- Berto, my man!
- Beast Boy, you have some.

- No thanks, Berto.
- Excuse me, just one shrimps.

- No.
- For me, you do this.

I'm a vegetarian, dude!

Please, not talking politics.
Only shrimp and prime rib.

Okay, fine,
one's not gonna hurt.

What am I doing?
I ain't no shrimp-eater.

You almost got him, Berto.

It's not me, it's shrimps.

You know, you're right,
prime rib is pretty good,

but when you add
shrimp to the equation,

something magical happens.

I think the shrimps show you care.

It is why no one
can resist the shrimp.

What have you done?!

This is my entire basketball team.

- These shrimps sure are delicious.
- You're monsters.

- And you're the worst.
- Okay.

- What's his problem?
- He's just mad 'cause Raven

don't wanna talk to him no more.

Raven? I don't have time
for dating, you little goblin.

I've been too busy
protecting the ocean.

You can't even stop
my man, Berto,

from cooking up
your basketball team, fool.

Sick burn!

I always knew you was
too fishy for Raven.

Sick burn!

Why do you keep saying that?

Saying, "sick burn" after a sick burn
makes the burn even sicker.

Anyways, we out, I'll
say hi to Raven for you.

- Oh, wait, no, I won't.
- Sick burn!

- See?
- Hey, Fish Boy, you hungry?

I'm afraid you're going to Aqua Jail
for crimes against crustaceans.

Okie-dokie, okay.

The stakes have
never been higher.

Robin is in the match of his life

against his greatest competitor,

Can he take this game
of solitaire?

And the answer is,
no, he loses again.

- And that's okay.
- What's he doing?

He has been engaging in the
solitary activities all of the day.

That's because I realized
I'm fated to be alone forever,

and I decided I might as
well embrace the lifestyle.

So the sad.

Yes, very. Now if you'll
excuse me, I'm going to use

all of my free time to get
my personal finances in order.

This is going to be fun.

Speaking of alone forever,

guess who I saw, mama?

- I don't care.
- That's what I thought.

Youse only interested in one
handsome, good-looking dude

and that's moi.

- Right?
- You're both knuckleheads.

Sick burn!

- Hey.
- Sorry, dude, but I gotta call

a sick burn a sick burn
when I see a sick burn.

Fish Boy.
Would you like to hear

the story about island I come from?

Quiet, criminal, you'll answer
for your crimes soon enough.

I see, your heart belong to a girl.
But she does not like you.

- Let me tell story.
- No. Thank you.

- You sit, is very long story.
- I don't want to...

- I have cat Zoli, but not always.
- Argh!

This cat comes in my backyard,
I want to be a friend.

But he does not stay.

So I put a food out for him

every night, days and weeks
and I put the food.

He eats, but always runs away.

I don't give up, I put food
and you know what?

Oh, let me guess, he stayed?
Did the cat stay, Berto?

He got hit by car,
he was in cast

and he could not
run away no more,

I adopted him,
now Zoli is very good cat.

I don't see how that helps me.

I make it for you,
shrimps and prime ribs.

I don't eat shrimps!
I-I mean, shrimp.

For girl, you fishy boy.

Raven, so good to see you.

Whatever, I got your message.
What's so important?

I thought you might like
to join me for dinner.

Oh, interesting.
You see Beast Boy

and suddenly you wanna
have dinner with me?

He just reminded me
how much I care about you.

You don't care about me.

You just care about your rivalry.
Later, chump.

I guess I'll have
to eat it all myself then.

- Is that...
- Oh, this?

Yeah, it's shrimps and prime rib.

The prime rib is a meal
in itself but,

you added shrimp?

This one was my racquetball partner.

You went through all this trouble.

Maybe I misjudged you.

Ah, the joys of solitude.
Just me and my puzzle with

no agonizing social encounters
to ruin my day.

Whoo, you looking real fine with
that flower in your hair, mama.

- Mmm-hmm, Aqualad gave it to me.
- What?!

You spending time with that fool?

Yeah, he made me a nice dinner.

I was really impressed
by the effort he put in.

- I thought youse hated that fishy dude.
- At least, he cares.

But I cares!

Oh, that's right,
you show me all the time

how much you care about me.
Oh, wait, no, you didn't.

Sick burn!

Dirty Aqualad.

Whassa am I gonna do?

Why do you not make
Raven the dinner yourself?

'Cause I's a vegetarian.

No lady ever been won over
with a vegetarian dish.

I tell you what you gotta do, man.
Shrimps and prime rib.

Ooh, no one can resist
the flavors of land and sea.

But I can't cook nothin', fool.

Then why don't you get
Berto to make it?

Ah, that's smart.
Real smart.

Berto, open up!
I gots a shrimps emergency, yo.

Where's Berto?

He's currently serving time in
Aqua Jail for crimes against shrimp

and he's also cooking some
delicious meals for Raven and me.

- No!
- Yes.

- No-o!
- Ye-es!

- No.
- Yes.

- No.
- Yes.

- Nooo!
- Yeees!

Getting Berto to make dinner for Raven
was supposed to be my dirty trick.

Well, I guess you'll just have to rely
on your personality to win her back.

Oh! Wait.
You don't have one.

Sick burn!

Anyway, have fun being lonely,
you little goblin.

Welcome, the madam.
You're the table is the ready.

- Uh, what's going on?
- Oh, nothing, you know,

I just cooked you up
some real nice din-din

to show you how much I care, baby.

For the first course, a sampling

of store-bought cold baby
carrots from a package.

- Mmm, mmm, mmm.
- For the second course,

the cubes of the cold tofu,
also from the package.

Ooh, these are very nice.

And for the main course, salted
crackers also from a package.

This little turnip is here just
to look fancy, don't eat it.

- Wow.
- I knows. You ain't never been

cared about so much that a
dude made you baby carrots, huh?

Theys was just babies,
but I didn't care.

No, I mean, wow, this is terrible.
I'm gonna pass.

- What?
- I'm saving my appetite.

Having dinner with Aqualad again.

Food's better and so is the company.

♪ Sick burn ♪

Stop making the burn sicker!

You really love her, don't you?


Then the best thing
you can do is... give up!

- Give up?
- The sooner you start pretending

to enjoy a solitary life, the better.

I've been learning to play the flute
and I've never been happier.


I can't ends up like you. I
gots to get Berto to make me

some of them shrimps so
I can gets Raven back.

You look lovely tonight.

Maybe slow down a little bit,

Don't worry, Berto,
we's gonna rescue you.

- Okay, but first I tell story.
- We do not have the time.

It is long story, start in 1493,
the battle of Krbava Field.

- More!
- How about we, uh, take a walk?

- More!
- Okay, okay.

You see here?
20,000 Ottoman...

Taking forever.

We all wish you would hurry the up.

Berto, I'm gonna need
a lot more shrimp...

The Titans!
What are you doing here?

Breaking Berto out, so he can't make you

some of them shrimps
and prime ribs no more.

Aiding an ocean criminal
is a punishable offense.

Oh, yeah?

Well, we's taking this old
dude out one ways or the other.

Titans, go!

Hey, what's going on in here?

- Berto?
- Hello.

I thought you were
making these dinners.

I... I arranged to have
them made, hah.

- Uh, does it really matter?
- Yeah, it matters.

Ha! In your face, fish face.

- Here you go, mama.
- Get those away from me.

But you're supposed to love me once
I gives you these magical scrimps.

Shrimps and prime rib
has no magic in them.

- It is effort, that is the magic.
- Berto gets it.

But you two have a lot to learn
about shrimps and prime rib

and I know just the thing
to help teach you a lesson.

Mmm, you know, you can
really taste the love.


Sick burn.