Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 52 - Witches Brew - full transcript

The Titans throw a Halloween party and invite the Justice League, but the witches brew that Robin creates has a few side effects.

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Season 05 Episode 52

Halloween party
at the tower!

Whoo-the-hoo! Whoo-hoo!
Episode Title: "Witches Brew"

It's gonna be sick!


Would any of you
care to tell me

why you're all acting like
you're going to a party?

Uh, because
we're going to a party.

We are not going
to a party.

We are hosting
a party!

And as hosts,
it is our job to fret

over details
no one cares about,

until we are sick
to our stomachs!

So we can'ts have the fun
at our own party?

Of course not!
The party is not for us.

It's for the people
we're trying to impress.

- And who's that?
- Oh, I don't know,

just the Justice League!

That's why tonight,
everything has to be extra...


If you want spooky,
I got spooky.

Do you dare feast upon
these Eyeballz and Brainz!


- Nasty!
- The squishiness.


You peeled them Eyeballz
just like I likes.

We need real scares,

or the Justice League
won't stay at our party.

You didn't really expect me to
conjure real eyeballs and brains?

Of course I did. And to think
I was going to rely on you

to make a real witch's brew.

But we gotta have
that good witch's brew, bro.

I's disgusted by the idea

of a Halloween party
with no witch's brew.

Don't worry,
I can make it myself.

Robin, you shouldn't be messing
with the witch's brew on Halloween.

The forces you may unleash...

Is that grape soda?

Along with a fresh
squeeze of lime

and the final ingredient...


Fizzy water!

Fizzy water!

How is that any different
from lame grapes and pasta?

Because this
is a real witch's brew.

Real witches don't
use fizzy water.

Yes, they do. I got the
ingredients from the Internet.

See, bubbles.

That's how you know
this is real, mama,

look at 'em bubbles.

you do not know

anything about witches,


Behold, the perfect witch's brew!

They're here!

Happy Halloween!

to our spooky party!

This is going horribly!

We need something
to distract them.

- Cyborg, hit it.
- Hit what?

Hit it!

You can't just tell somebody

to hit it without having worked
out what it is beforehand.

I mean, that's nonsense.

Music, hit the music.


while they're having fun,

let's make sure we have enough
potpourri in the bathroom.

Great job, Titans.

We have successfully
masked our shame

and the shame of those to come.

No, no, no!
The Justice League has gone!

Oh, it's official,
our party was lame.

What? Did you hear that?

- It sounds like...
- The Justice League's laughing

at us for being so lame.

Ah. Why they gots
to rub it in?

Actually, it sounds like


Have we not established

you do not know the thing
about the witches?

It's obvious we're
being mocked from afar.

There's nothing left to do
but stew in self-pity.

Or we could
just enjoy the party.

I said stew!

Crime alert! Well,
Halloween's already been ruined.

We might as well
go fight crime.

It looks like the trick
or treaters are under attack!

It's the Justice League.

And they've
become witches!

What could have turned them
into witches?

What do you think's turned them
into the witches, mama!

Drinking the witch's brew
at the party!

The duh.

But that was just grape soda
and fizzy water.

Yeah! Witch's brew!

Just like it said
on the Internet.

So you're saying drinking
grape soda made them evil?

No. That made them witches.

Now they're just lashing out
because they lack self-esteem.

They can'ts even gets
close to the society's

impossible high
standards of beauty.

I means, check out
them hair and nose warts.

And the outdated wardrobe.

I mean, I think they look fine,

but you know how some people
can be so judgmental.

Yes, society is
the real villain here.

What are you guys
talking about?

Witches, Raven! How about you
read a book and educate yourself!

We have bigger things
to deal with.

They got the kids!

We have to find out
where they are taking them.

Don't worry. I know just how
to lure them out.

I'm wittle dimples.

I'm just a wittle boy who loves

This is humiliating, bro.

You don't like dwessing up
like this?

No, man, we don'ts.
We don't likes it at all!

Perhaps there is
the other plan?

There is not another plan!

If we're going to save the kids,
we're gonna have to act like kids.

You want to
rescue the wittle kiddies, right?

We gots to.

Then get into character!

I poohed in my pants!

Where's my lollipop?



Good. Now let's
get their attention with a little song.

♪ On the good ship, wowipop ♪


Sing the song!

♪ On the good ship, lollipop

♪ It's a sweet trip
To the candy shop ♪

♪ Where bonbons play ♪

♪ On the sunny beach
Of Peppermint Bay ♪

♪ On the good...

I told you,

our adorable disguises
would do the trick.

Stop talking like that.


You're still the Justice League,
you can't do this!

Let's just save these kids.

So what's the plan?

If there's one thing that can
take on witch's magic,

it's more magic.

Why didn't it work?

Because, as we've been trying
to politely tell you all night,

you don't know anything
about witches.

But you have not received
the message.

We's already said
theys be angry

due to their crushing
lack of self-esteem.

So the only way
to save those kids

is to make the witches
feel pretty on the inside.

By making them look the pretty
on the outside.


Yous gots to pluck them hair
and nose warts, yo.

Pluck, pluck, pluck.

Try these dope kicks on.

Ooh, and the fashionable

Oh, snaps,
you witches be looking good, yo.

Real good!

They are brimming
with the confidence.

They don't need those kids now
that they have something better.

Self-esteem! -

Huh. I guess I don't know
anything about witches.

You sure don't.

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