Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 39 - Communicate Openly - full transcript

Terra Decides to pay the Titans a visit and brings her new friend Cinderblock along to ruin their tower.

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Season 05 Episode 39

Episode Title :
"Communicate Openly"

Welcome home, roomie.

Ooh! I can't believe
I get to live here!

Wow! Look at this
cactus with a face!

So cute!

Look at this little Darkseid plushie.

This place is the best!

You guys have been together so long...

I just hope I fit in.

Oh, you will fit in.

You are an official
Teen Titan now.

Nothing can ever
break that bond!


Uh... Cool?

Yo, I gots you a real special
welcomes gift.

A bath towel.


And it's personally
embroidered with her initials?

Oh, thank you, Beast Boy!

They're so...

Gross! Ugh!

They smell like butt.

They smell like butt!


Are those your bath towels?

The Beast, the Boy.

- Shameful.
- That's a bad gift, bro.

No, it ain'ts.
That towel's in great conditions.

I's never even washed it.

I hope we're not making
a bad first impression.

I'm always telling everyone...

Make a good
first impression!

But, does anyone
ever listen to me?

No, of course not.

Why would they?

I'm only the leader!

I believe
you will very much enjoy it here.

Group hug!


Thanks, guys.
I know I'm gonna love it here.

And I promise, I'll be super
easy to get along with.

Phew! Good.

Because the Tower could not
take another monster roommate.

Bad experience with
an old roommate?


Then, who was
the monster roommate?


Well, as long as we communicate
openly and honestly,

we gonna get along fine.

Open and honest communication.

Yeah, that won't work on us.

So, where's my room?

- I'm sorry, what?
- My room.

Is she starting with
the demands already?

Ho-ho, the wow.

Didn't she say she wasn't
going to be a monster roommate?

Uh, I kinda need
a place to sleep.

Well, if youse gonna insist on
some sort of living situations,

then there is one room
we ain'ts using.

Of the course!

That is the perfect place.

You are going to love it.

Here it is.
Home sweet home.

Is that a nuclear reactor?

It sure is.

Is it not the warm
and the cozy?

You don't think
it's dangerous in here?

- Girl, that's crazy talk.
- No, why would it be?

- Oh, no!
- Dangerous? Please.

So you're sure
it's perfectly safe?

Do not touch the reactor!

Maybe there's another room
I could have?

What? Oh, this isn't
good enough for you?

Wow. And I thought we were
the monster roommates.

No, really, I'm not
high maintenance.

I could sleep
in the pantry.

Sure, but I pee-pees
in there.

What about
the broom closet?

I pees in there, too.

- The bathtub?
- You guessed it.

I pee-pees in there.

I pees there, too.
I pee-pees on that.

I pees on that, too.

And that.
I pee in there.

And there, too.

This will be fine, then.

Great! We'll let you
get settled in.

And if there's
anything you need,

please don't hesitate
to keep it to yourself.

- Good night. - Good night.
- Good night. - Good night.

Good night.

So? How did you sleep?


Yeah, it's a super comfy room.

Hey, we're going to watch
some TV. Wanna join us?

Quality time with my new roomies.
Let's do it.

That is where I do
the sitting!

My bad.

- Mm, I like to float above that spot.
- Sorry.

Reserved for the leader
of the Teen Titans.

- Of course.
- Nope.

Hey, hey, hey!
Can't you see thems is my booty grooves?

All nice and warms like.

I'll just sit over there
on the floor.

Cool. But I pees there.

Smell that?

I peed there, too.

That's my sit.

Peed there, too.

You guessed it.
I pees there.

I'll stand.

Hey, down in front,
the show's about to start!

Move it, Bumbles.

"Bumbles"! Ha!
I love it.

You gots a new nickname.


- Bumbles! - Bumbles!
- Bumbles! - Bumbles!

Please don't
call me Bumbles.

- Bumbles! - Bumbles!
- Bumbles! - Bumbles!

Bumbles! Bumbles!

Ooh! Bumbles has
quite a temper.

Sorry. That's not like me.
I'm just feeling a little off.

I better finish unpacking.

Monster Rommmates.

How Rude?

Whadda Jerk!!


Ah, come on?!

Monster Roommates!

Oh, my goodness gracious.

Did she get...

- Pizza! - Pizza!
- Pizza! - Pizza!

Ooh! Mmm.

Oh, what? You're mad that we
didn't save any slices for you?

Well, hopefully next time
Bumbles will be more thoughtful

and buy enough
for everyone.

Don't tell me
she's mad again.

Definitely seems like
she's got a bad attitude.

And she's leaving this
nasty slime everywhere.

So rude!

I believe I know the cause
of her hostile behavior.

It is because of
our behavior.

We have not made her feel
the welcome here.

Yeah, but we warned her
we were terrible roommates.

Yes, but it is difficult to
enter the new living arrangement.

Starfire's right.

We didn't make things
easy on her.

I'd be leaving slime trails,
too, if I had to deal with us.

Us being monster roommates
must have made her one, too.

I think we owe her
an apology.


Where'd she go?

There she is!

Oh, she looks mad.

Friend Bumblebee, it was you who told us
that the key to a healthy relationship

is the open communication.

What Star's trying to say is,

we're sorry.

Aah! We knows we's been
bad roomies.

But don't let that turn you
into a monster, too.

All right. This is some
good open communication.

What'd she say?

She's obviously mad that she has to
sleep in this cramped, ugly room.

Thats be
a valid complaint.

Bumblebee, it was a mistake
to put you in this room.

We are going to start making
it up to you right now

by making your living space
more comfortable.

Perhaps this lamp would look the
nice next to these hideous stains.

And this plant
will really accent

these disgusting
green slime puddles.

This brick wall molding will
really give it that rustic feel.

And a nice bowl of potpourri should really
take the edge off that nasty stench.

And finally, this rug will help
tie the whole mess together.

She doesn't like
any of our design choices!

We can'ts get a
good open concept flow going.

It's the reactor.

It's taking up
too much space!

Leave it to me.

Adios, nuclear reactor.

Well, Bumblebee, we wanted
to start things off fresh.

And that's why we got
a new couch.

We can all sit upon
the this one.

You can say that again.

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