Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 36 - Snot and Tears - full transcript

Robin tells the Titans to stop being reckless teens or the Creepy Catcher will get them.

♪ Summer's here
Let's get outside ♪

♪ Pack your bags
Hop in the ride ♪

♪ Let's go
Let's go ♪

♪ This is gonna be so great ♪

♪ Oh, man
I can hardly wait ♪

♪ Summer camp
Super Summer Hero Camp ♪

♪ Summer camp
Super Summer Hero Camp ♪

♪ They got lakes ♪
♪ We'll jump right in 'em ♪

♪ Canoe races ♪

♪ Yeah, we'll win 'em ♪

♪ Star gazin', makin' wishes ♪

♪ Summer love
First time kisses ♪

♪ Hangin' out
Makin' new friends ♪

♪ I hope this summer
Never ends ♪

♪ Summer camp
Super Summer Hero Camp ♪

♪ Summer camp ♪
♪ Super Summer Hero Camp ♪

- ♪ Roastin' s'mores ♪
- ♪ Campfire song ♪

♪ So much fun
You just can't go wrong ♪

♪ Makin' memories
havin' fun, runnin' around ♪

♪ Hold up, shh
What's that sound? ♪

♪ Something's in the bush
Over there ♪

- It's a bear! - It's a bear!
- It's a bear! - It's a bear!

- ♪ Run, run, run, run ♪
- ♪ Run, run, run, run ♪

♪ Summertime
Fun, fun, fun ♪

♪ Summer camp
Super Summer Hero Camp ♪

♪ Summer camp
Super Summer Hero Camp ♪

Season 05 Episode 36

Episode Title :"Snot And Tears"

- ♪ Robin's shorts ♪
- ♪ Robin's shorts ♪

- ♪ 'Tis of thee ♪
- ♪ 'Tis of thee ♪

- ♪ They got them stains of pee ♪
- ♪ They got them stains of pee ♪

- ♪ Why don't he clean?
- ♪ Why don't he clean?

So majestic.

Oh, mans. When Robin sees
we's done run his undies

up this flagpole,
he gonna lose it.

Such a good prank!

Ha-ha! Classic.

Where are my underpants?

Where are your pants?

Everyone knows
you cannot wear pants

without the pants
that go under the pants!

That quickly backfired, yo.

I hate this prank!
I hate it!

Give him his underwear. Hurry!

I'm goin', I'm goin'!

Here, take 'em.

You are skating on thin ice
with this bad behavior, Titans.

It's just some of them
good camp pranks, bruh.

Yeah, man. Lighten up.

Oh, okay.

How can I lighten up when
your lives are on the line?

Our lives are on the line?

There are terrible
consequences for teens

who misbehave at camp.

Have you never seen
a horror movie?

Actually, he's right.

Every camp has a creep
wearin' sports equipment

who picks off teens
actin' a fool.

And this camp is no different.

It is home to...

The Creepy Catcher.

Could not the athletic
creepy creep

simply be in search of the
friends to play the baseball?

No! He's a villain in search
of wild teenagers,

so he can make them pay

for their naughty behavior.

You's just trying to scare us

into not being reprehensible
young mans and womans.

Mmm, it is from
the movies, though.

So I trust you'll
heed my warning.

No. We're gonna split up
and do some bad stuff

just to prove
your theory wrong.

What's that for?

I just figured I should
document the Creepy Catcher

taking out the Titans.

- - Maybe I can turn their
tragedy into a fun summer film.

I don't know what to do.

I-I'm just so scared.

Smart. But you're
not actin' scared enough.

You don't think this is scared?

I'm so, so scared.

Just got a little...

snot coming
from my nose.

You gotta do it more like this.

I'm so scared.

My lip is doing that thing
where it trembles...

Look how scared I am.

You can barely understand
what I'm saying.

What are you? A ghost?

I'll show them fools
ain't no bad behavior

gonna get me
caught up by some creep.

Suit's out, buns out!

So peaceful-likes.

Nothing but the sweet
sounds of nature.

Little fish jumpings.

Birdie bird singings.

Scary footsteps.

Mmm, heavy breathin'.

Draggin' some kinda
blunt instrument.

I loves my life.

That sounded like Beast Boy.

Beast Boy! Beast Boy!

He's gone.

Abducted by the Creepy Catcher

for a lack of decency,
no doubt.

What a tragedy.

Excuse me. I'm gettin'
a little emotional.

I can't believe it.
I lost my dear friend,

and this can
only mean one thing.

That I was right!

Ha! I knew it.
In your face, Beast Boy.

You should have
listened to me. Whoo-hoo!

Hey, you gotta put the camera
closer to your face.

- Like this?
- Mmm. Mmm.

Get those noise hairs in there.

Oh, yeah.
That's nice and gross now.

We should
warn the others.

Step right up and try your luck,
ladies and gentlemen.

All you gotta do

is follow the pea.

Oh! So sorry.
Better luck next time.

Ooh, the magical pea.

What dark forces
cause it to disappear

from beneath its shell?

No dark forces, Star.

It's just some sleight of hand.

Look. You just slip the pea
out at the back

when you push
the walnut forward,

then slip it under
the other walnut

when no one's looking.

Ooh, I wish to learn.

But is not the
underhanded trickery wrong?

Yes, it is so wrong, girl!

But we gotta show Robin
there are no consequences

for reckless
teenage shenanigans.

Step the right up,
males and the females

who are mild
in the temperament.

Simply follow the pea.
Follow the pea.

Ha! You are the wrong.

The wrong!

I shall do it again.

This time so slowly even the
most feeble-minded can follow.

I am going
the slow for you.

Now tell me, where is the pea?

The wrong again!

You simpleton!

You had no of the idea
where the pea is.

No idea!

Hey, hey, Star. Chill.

I am the queen of the pea.

Kneel before me.


Who is the next

to challenge
the pea queen?

Who dares?

Oh, no.

They're gone.

The Creepy Catcher must
have gotten them too.

They should have known running
a shell game would be a death sentence.

Oh, oh, I'm starting
to feel emotional.

Better get it on film.

Cyborg and Starfire

got caught
by the Creepy Catcher.

I'm so scared.

- How was that?
- I'm not feelin' it.

Oh, I got an idea.

Are you sure about this?

Tell me
we don't look totally cute.

But we're trying
to look scared.

And what gets more
scared than a wittle puppy?

This is really adorable.

We better hurry up
and find Raven

before the Creepy Catcher
gets her too.

Wow, that's a rowdy teen party.

Certainly some questionable
behavior in there

no parent would approve.

Raven, we need
to get out of here.

Hold that thought.
I need to go to the basement by myself

to get more supplies
for this crazy party.

But parties are against
camp regulations.

I know. I'm such a cool
rule-breaking teen.

You do not want to go
in the basement by yourself.

Or what? I'll be snatched up
by the Creepy Catcher?

Yeah, right.

- Raven?
- I'm okay.

- Just got spooked by a cat.
- Phew!

Aah! Raven?

- Are you in danger? - It's cool.
Light bulb just went out.


It's okay. I stepped on one
of those kids' building block toys.

- [both scream]
- Raven?

- The Creepy Catcher!
- The Creepy Catcher!


He's gonna get us.

No. He's going to get
whichever one of us is slower.

See you later, slowpoke.



Thank goodness I've been
working on my... cardio.

And it's come down to me.

There's nothing left
to do now but film myself

being more scared
than ever before.

I'm so scared.

So, so, so scared.

I survived
the Creepy Catcher

because of
my moral superiority.

If only my depraved friends were
still alive to see my victory.

Another victim?

Look out!
The Creepy Catcher is behind you!

Relax, bruh.

The Creepy Catcher
ain't no creep.

He's just a sports enthusiast.

He was coming after us 'cause he

needed players for
the baseball game.

Looks like you were wrong, bro.

Ain'ts no consequences
to terrible teen choices.

But if this was all

to recruit a baseball team,

why didn't he ask me?

I see.
Well, enjoy your game.

This is my final video.

I'm lonely.
So, so lonely!

I'm so lonely.

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