Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Kabooms - Part 1 - full transcript

The Titans are excited to see the movie version of their favorite show, "Babies vs. Dogs" until the movie's exposition makes watching it super-boring. In order to save the film, the Titans ...


♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go

ROBIN: Titans!

Are you ready for today's
teambuilding activity?

Be quiet, fool.
We doing important things.

What is more important
than team building?


-Uh, well, uh...
-Absolutely anything.

Doesn't matter.

You'll change your tune

once you hear
what I've got planned.

I propose, for
today's teambuilding activity,

we do something huge,
something epic,

something bigger than
our everyday adventures.

I say we ties
balloons to the tower

so it flies to all the magical
places I wanna see with
my wife, who's now dead.

We should attempt to escape
the encroaching age of the ice

while a humorous rodent
pursues the acorn.

Let's find that
magic genie lamp
I heard about

if I find it, maybe
the princess will
finally notice me.

Who, whoa, whoa.

[LAUGHING] Not that big.

But, big for us.

For today's
teambuilding activity,

the Teen Titans
are going to...



The movies!

We'll drive there together.

Buy our tickets together.

Sit in the theater together.

With a buffer seat between us

if that makes you
more comfortable.

Wait, this isn't
about teambuilding.

You just don't wanna go
to the movies
by yourself.

Why can't it be both?

So, what movie
do you guys wanna see?

I vote for Babies Vs Dogs.

CYBORG: You mean
that cheap cartoon show

that plays nonstop?


They expect me to do
the leaving of the house

and do the paying
of the good monies

for something we can watch

while sitting upon the couch
that is our own couch?

A trip to the movies is
an exciting adventure
you can't get at home.

Do you like special effects?


Do you like crazy stunts?


Do you like exposition?


-Uh, the what?

-I don't even know
what that means.

What's an exposition?

Exposition is
critical information

that the audience needs
in order to understand
the story.

That sounds boring.

Boring? It's the most
important part!

Bro, everyone knows

the most important part
of the movie be
them explosions!

This movie does feature
explosions, right?



-The movie!

Then it's settled.
The Teen Titans are going

to see a movie!

Oh, mans!
We ain't get to go
to the snack bar, y'all!

No problemo.

One icy-cold mega-sized soda
coming right up

Oh, yeah?

I'm gonna have to pee so hard.

I would like the dog
that is hot.

Coming right up.

And don't forget the mustard.

Oh, I love the mustard.

Malt balls please.

Coming at ya.

Thank you.

This is gonna be good.

Yes, it will be good.

In fact, movies
have always held
a special place in my heart.

Ever since I was
a young child,

I would go to theaters
and lose myself
in the magic--

Why are you doing
the non-stop talking?

I'm just giving
a little exposition

so you know why movies are
so important to me.

Well, it's boring, fool.

And we do not care.

We only care about explosions!


The trailers are
about to start.

I love trailers.

I used to live in one.

kidnapped his wife.

They broke his plunger.

Now, he's going to
flush them all.


Death Toilet 4.

This summer.
Don't leave the seat up.

ALL: Ooh.

This is going to be better
than Death Toilet 3.

I cannot wait to see
the Toilet of the Death.

This is it, Titans!

I've never been
more excited for anything
in my whole life!





I didn't think you'd
actually show up, Growlio.

I should have [BARKS]
known it was you, Baby Jack.

You got any bite, Growler?
Or are you all bark?


Look at them stunts!

Those explosions!
Oh, my goodness gracious!

Work together?
Why should I trust you?


Because it's the only way
to take down the cyber-hackers

before the hack
the White House.




Did you see how special
the special effect was?


I can't waits to see
what happens next.

Shh. I don't wanna miss
one exciting moment.

I'm not giving up,

but this is as bad
as diaper rash, Growler.


What is it?

My father, he trained me
since I was just a pup.

He always said winning
was the most important thing.

GROWLER: But I don't know
if I can win against
these hackers.

What has happened
to the excitements?

Why is they just saying words?

It's exposition.

Without this backstory
you won't understand
the characters' motivations.

This is what
I've been waiting for.

I don't need to
understand nothin'.

I came here for kabooms!

Kabooms don't mean anything

unless the story makes sense.

Now pay attention.
This is exciting
and important.

I was born on a farm.

It was a simple life.

Herding cattle and such.

Oh, yes.

This is some good exposition.



They say you can't teach
an old dog new tricks,

and they're right. [BARKS]

My old man was
a real hound. [BARKS]

Always howling at the moon.

I know what it's like.

My dad likes to throw me
into the air.

He catches me every time.

But some times, I think,
"What if he doesn't?"


I cannot take
anymore of the information!

CYBORG: They ruined
a perfectly good movie
with all these dumb words!

If we don't save the world,

I'll never be able to
look my pop in the eyes again.

Who cares about
saving the world, fool?

Someone needs to
save this movie!

Hmm. Maybe we can.

Whatever you're
thinking, Raven,

can it wait until
this long-winded
speech is done?


Whoa! We's in the movie.

Who are you?

We're here to save you.

From being so boring.

Titans, you are messing
with narrative forces

you can't possibly understand.

We cannot bear to listen
to another word
about their childhoods.

But without exposition,
the audience will be confused.

Which reminds me,
I need to explain at length

how Raven's magic was
able to put us
in this movie.


We do not care
for any of that!

Yo, let's get crazy
on them hackers, fools.

Time to make
this movie exciting.


Try some of these cool stunts.


Let's not forget the kabooms!



The hackers are...

Their cyber-attacks are...

...are too strong!

And if we die in the movie,
we die in real life.

There was no exposition
to set that up!

It doesn't matter.
We're goners.

We ain't know
how to beat them.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

If only we had
paid attention
to the exposition!

You would understand the story

and the key to
defeating the villains
would be clear.

Guess you were right, bro.


The boring words
that cause the sleepy times
are necessary

to make the fun times fun.

Boring words! That's it!

We can bore
the hackers to sleep
with exposition.

It's our only shot.

Let's get expository, yo!

My father was a good man,

and I'm struggling to
live up to his example.


I's a person with goals.
Let me tell you about them.


The exposition.

The exposition.

The exposition,
exposition, exposition.

Ugh! So boring!

Please, no more.
It's so boring.

It's working. A little more.

Robin, you must bore them
with the backstory.

[GROANS] Fine.

My family was a circus family.

I spent my days
on the tightrope...

-Ugh, so boring!

There was no time
for childish things
in the circus.

ROBIN: Ironic, I know.

HACKER: Must hack
White House...

...when the ringmaster
tasked me with training
a baby bear cub...

He's still talking.

-It's so boring.
-...named him Gunther.

ROBIN: As the circus train
traveled from town to town,

Gunther and I would
huddle together
for warmth

in the back of
a drafty box car.



-STARFIRE: We saved
the White House!

Now that's what I call
a great movie.

The stunts, the explosions,
and the special effects,

mixed with some
well-crafted exposition.

Oh, I can still
see Gunther now,

gliding gracefully
on that tiny, tiny bicycle.

It was a sight to behold!