Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 19 - Genie President - full transcript


♪ T E E N T I T A N S ♪

♪ Teen Titans let's go ♪


♪ Teen Titans, go! ♪

Man, I miss the '80s.

Thems looks like
some crazy fun times, yo.

So the totally the radical.

That's a new show. It
wasn't even made in the '80s.

But it feels like it was.

Look at the big hair,
the giant shoulder pads

and that sweet, sweet, retro soundtrack.

Uh-uh, this show is the best.

- This show is terrible.
- What?

It's just using nostalgia
as a crutch

instead of actually being good.

Besides, the '80s
weren't even that great.

You take that back!

Ooh, careful, bruh, yous be
skating on that thin, thin ice.

I would not do the disparaging of the
eight and the Os, if I were the you.

- I'm just stating the facts.
- Uh-oh, here we go.

You wanna talk facts?

The coolest cars, the best TV shows,
the raddest training cards.

Those are the Facts of Life, baby!

Facts which prove that the
'80s were the greatest decade

in human history.

True. But, the decade
also gave us the Cold War,

trickle-down economics,
and worst of all, jerks.

Oh, yes, the '80s were infested
with all different kinds of jerks.

Sports jerks,
older brother jerks,

rich jerks,
boyfriend jerks,

and the most dangerous of all,
karate jerks.

Jerks wouldn't bother me.

I'd just kick their butts to some
sweet '80s tunes I downloaded.

You wouldn't be able
to "download" anything.

There was no Internet.
Smartphones didn't even exist.

How did the teens of the '80s
do the sharing of the information

and the emotional Gs?

They couldn't. These were
the only phones they had.

They took forever to dial.

So, how did people buy music

if all they had
were these garbage phones?

It was an archaic process.

You had to leave your house,

go to a mall, find a record store,

sift through the albums by hand,

and then, make your purchase
with this stuff called "cash."

Everything you just described
sounds wonderful.

- You wanna bet?
- What kind of bet?

- A time-travel one.
- Oh, of course, one of those.

We travel back in time
to the 1980s,

and all you have to do
is buy an album.

If you manage that, then I will agree
the '80s were the best decade ever.

But if you can't, you will swear
off the "greed is good" generation

- once and for all.
- It's a bet!

Joy! We will experience
the life of the '80s teens.

Hooks us up with a little
of that time travel, mamas.

Sure! Like...
Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Wow! Look at these pants.

It's totally radical.

You're like totally a nerd, bro.

I know.
Before, nerds were cool, huh?

- Radical hair, Star.
- The, like, thanks.

You look the bodacious.

I am loving the snug fit
of these '80s jeans.

This wedgie is going nowhere.

I told you. The '80s rule.

Fresh fashion doesn't make
up for the lack of technology.

We still have to find our way
to the mall.

No probs, dude.
I'll get us a rideshare.

Oh, will you?
No cell phones, remember?

Ugh! How are you supposed to
get anywhere without a rideshare?

Aren't you forgetting about the most
iconic form of travel in the '80s?

Kids on bikes!


Yes, I am loving this workout.


Check out this jump.


You gots max air, mama.

I totally forgot
how much fun this is.

Why did the modern children not partake
of the wild, good bicycle riding?

Kids still ride bikes.

Just in safe places, like
cul-de-sacs or in closed backyards,

skate parks, with the elbow pads.

Eighties kids was like them
free-range chickens, bro.

Still think the '80s were lame, huh?

I will admit, the bike
situation is much more radical.

But I won't admit defeat
until you make it to the mall

- and buy that album.
- By the way, where is that mall?

I'll get directions.

Oh, right, no cell phones.

Oh, no!
I gots no idea where we is

or wheres we're
supposed to be going, bro.

We are the lost!

The lost!

No problem.
We'll just use...

- A map.
- Whoa, a paper map,

like the early explorers used.

Whoa! We's like him...
Juan Ponce de Leons.

There's just so many corners.


How's it stuck?

- Forget this map.
- How will we know which of the roads to take?

Where we're going,
we don't need roads.

We need roads!
They're a necessary evil!

This is why kids aren't
allowed to ride bikes anymore!

Hey, we made it!

Welcome to the mall.

This mall is totally tubular.

I would like totally kill
for that girl's hair.

You wish to totally do the killing
for the hair?!

Whoa, chili chill paste,
she's just saying she likes it.

Ooh, then I shall return
the compliment.

I would gladly destroy
your bloodline

and take your lovely eyes
for my own.

Weird. Like, no one's looking down
at their phones or taking selfies.

They are making the eye contact,

and flapping their vocal
cords at one another.

Why's they doing this?

There was no social media.

People in the '80s had no choice
but to talk to each other.

Isn't that a good thing?

Have you had a conversation
with a person?

Look, Jump City Jams.
You're about to lose that bet.

What's wrong, bro?
Go get that album, man.

- I... I don't know how!
- It's easy. Just find the genre,

then flip through
a million records by hand.

Uh... Huh?

Rock? Glam rock?

Heavy metal?
Rap, new wave?

Electro, techno, hair metal,

arena rock, post-punk, jangle
pop, goth rock, synth pop.

How am I supposed to find anything?!

Hmm, I guess you didn't appreciate

how easy modern technology
makes everything.

Looks like I'm going to win
the best after all.

Ah-ha! Yes!

Whoo! I win!

Admit it, the '80s were the best!

I would, but it's not over yet.

- You're forgetting the worst part of the '80s.
- Hey, nerds!

'80s jerks!

I thought I told you not
to come around here anymore.

Pretty sure we've never met.

Hey, I'm just trying to buy
this album, all right?

You mean, my album?

You're being the rude for no reason.

Oh, what, you got a problem
with our unmotivated hostility?

Look, man, we don't want no
trouble. Just give it back.

Or what?

- What's that over there?
- Huh?


Get them!
Come on, go, go, go.

We're gonna get you.

Come back here.

We cannot escape the jerk mans.

They, like, know these roads
better than us.

"Roads"? Where we're going,
we don't need roads.

- We already tried that!
- Just follow me.


Mud! I hate mud!


We're still clean, they're all dirty.

That's how it's done!

Hows are we doing this, bro?

- We're superheroes, we can fly.
- I can't.

Listen to those pops and skips.

You don't get that
on a digital download, my friend.

Congratulations, Cyborg.

I admit it, the '80s were
the greatest decade.

Though, uh, I thought there were

some issues with this '80s adventure.
The plotting felt random,

and everything was
sort of rushed at the...

Stay, froggy, stay. Nice frog.