Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - Teen Titans Save Christmas - full transcript

When Santa calls it quits, the Titans must pitch in to save the holiday.

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

The day before Christmas.

Remember when we would
get excited about that?

Well, it's hard to get excited when
Santa refuses to give us any presents.

What did we ever do to have
him treat us like this.

We kept him from taking
over all the holidays.

We were fools to try to
stop that jolly fat man.

Now there will be no gifts
under the tree

and our stockings
will remain empty.


It can't be.

We've got gifts.

Santa actually brought us gifts?

And delivered them early, baby.

- Coal?
- This is coal.

Santa brought us nothing but...


We got coal!

All aboard.

- Coal!
- Coal!

Coal, coal.


Coal is the power
energizing the world.

Best Christmas ever!

No! No, no!

Santa Claus?

Coal is a garbage gift.

Only terrible children get coal.

Everyone knows that.

So you're still mad at us?

Of course I'm still mad
at you, hence, the coal.

Well, I'm keeping my coal.
I love it.

Wait, how did you get in here?

We do not have the chimney.

A little Christmas magic.


Just tell us
what you're doing here.

I've decided that if I
can't have every holiday

I don't want any holidays.

And that's right.

Santa Claus
is quitting Christmas!


You trying to shock us?
'Cause it didn't work.

Yeah, we don't get presents,
anyway. So what if you quit.

It's not just you
who won't get presents.

It's every child in the world.

He's right.

No presents
on Christmas morning?

You monster.

You cannot abandon your
duty to the human children.

You don't get it.
It's over, I'm done.
Merry Christmas.

You garbage kids.

Garbage kids!

Is Christmas
really gone forever?

No, I have a plan.

All right, I've run
the simulations.

Without toys, the children of the world
will reach peak sadness levels by breakfast.

Scary, yo.

Then we must wish
for the Christmas miracle.

No, we are
the Christmas miracle.

The Teen Titans,
are going to save Christmas.

By reminding the world
that the holiday

shouldn't focus entirely
on material goods?

By filling in for Santa and
delivering all of the Christmas gifts.

Sounds crazy enough
to work. I like it!

Glad to hear it, because as our resident
engineer, you'll be building the sleigh.

I'll get my wrenches
and all that stuff.

Beast Boy,
you'll be our reindeer.

That's what's up.

Star, Raven,
you'll be the Christmas elves.

You'll be responsible for making all
the toys for the good girls and boys.

We'll work around the clock
until our hands bleed.
But what about you?

I'll take on the role
of the jolly fat man himself.

But you're so skinny dude.

And the facial hair is lacking.

Yeah. Santa needs a gut
and a beard.

You'd make a better elf.

We should ask Sticky Joe
to be Santa.

- Howdy.
- Just look at this great beard.

And his belly.
So plump.

He's the perfect Santa, yo.

I am not trusting the holiday
to some filthy Bohemian.

Beat it, Sticky Joe!

I'm Santa and that's final.

Now, the children of the
world are depending on us.

Titans, go!

- Looking good, bro.
- Oh, yeah!

Twin turbo engines powered by
a nuclear fusion reactor.

This baby's gonna spread Christmas
cheer at twice the speed of sound.

Whoa, that's a lot of toys, mama.

Y'all been hard to work, huh?

The life of a Christmas elf
is one of suffering.

- Our hands are ruined from the toy making.
- Ugh.

Who knew Christmas cheer
came at such a cost.

Did someone say Christmas cheer?

Merry Christmas, boys and girls.

Dude, how much weight
did you gain?

Enough that my belly, jiggles
like a bowl full of jelly.


Oh! Your poor, poor heart.

We should get you to a hospital.


Now let's get these toys
in the sleigh.


It's time for the Teen Titans,
to save Christmas.

Ho, ho, ho.

Okay, first house.
Here we go.

Dude, how you gonna get in?

Through the chimney, obviously.

Come on, bro.


You should perhaps reconsider due
to your recently expanded girth.

Why don't you just use some
of Santa's Christmas magic?

Absolutely not.

I'm Santa, and Santa
goes down the chimney.

Wo-ho, it's a little tight.

But if I can...

Just get the leg past the...

Wo-ho-ho, that's broken.

Ho-ho, no biggie.
Ow, just need a little help here guys.

I got you, dude, with a little help
from the 'ol Christmas shablamo.

Ho-ho, ow, ho-ho, ow.

All right, I'm in.

Two presents under the tree and... Oh, my.

They have a dog.
Hey, there little...

Ah, get me out!
Get me out now!

I think this calls for some
of that Christmas Magic, yo.

Ow, ow, so fun!

Ha-ha, merry Christmas.

Not bad for
your first time, bruh.

Uh, how many more houses
do we have to visit?

Approximately seven billion.

Wait, do you hear that?



What are you doing, Santa?

Hey, only Santa says ho-ho-ho.





I'm Santa now.

That's right. Look at this belly.

Son, you should see
a doctor about that.

Blah-blah, I will,
after we save Christmas.

I told you Christmas is over.

What do you care?
You gave Christmas up.

I knew if the world missed even one Christmas,
they'd be desperate to have me back.

But I'd only return if they gave
me all the other holidays, too.

Holiday magic.

Now you garbage kids are
trying to ruin it all for me.

Ugh, evasive maneuvers.

Engine one is down.

We can't outrun him.
Elves, battle stations.


- Ka-ka-ka!
- Ka-ka-ka!



We're going down.


Anyone have eyes on Santa?

Nothing on the scanner.

Watch your backs, Kris Kringle,
doesn't go down that easy.

Starfire, Raven, get the toys.

It's over, you garbage kids.

You ruined Christmas, Santa.

I made Christmas
and I can destroy it.

And now, Christmas is over,
forever, and so are you.

- Who's that?
- No, oh, it can't be.


Sticky Joe.

You despicable bohemian.

- Ooh!
- Ha-ha-ha!

You're the garbage person
now, Santa.

Thank you, Sticky Joe.

But all the presents
have been destroyed.


- Beans?
- This is beans?

- Sticky Joe has brought us.
- Beans.

We got beans!

All aboard.

- Beans!
- Beans!

Beans, beans.


A can of beans
for every kid in the world!

Best Christmas ever!