Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 51 - Mo' Money Mo' Problems - full transcript

When the Titans make Robin give them a tour of Wayne Manor, they discover how fun it is to be rich.

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

- Stop eating!
- That is mine.

Take that out of your mouth now.

What is all the locomotion?

Beast Boy is eating us
out of house and home.

It's 'cause I need some
of them good calories, yo.

I'm storing up
my fats for the winter.

Because it's hibernation
time, baby!

That's seven and a half months
of straight-up sleeping.

Seven and a half months?

Bro, I'm gonna miss you so much.

The who will I play
the Fetch with? The who?

No Beast Boy for seven months?

Let's get you fed, big guy.

Feeling sleepy.

Great! Bedtime.

No! I can't do no
hibernations here.

I needs a cave

Uh, there are no
caves around here.

Unless you count my man cave.

Oh, yeah! Men only, baby!

Sorry, ladies.

No, bro. The caves
gots to be real.

With them good rocks
and darknesses.

But who amongst us
has access to such a cave?

You know Batman.

It's nice of Batman
to let us use the Batcave.

You broke in!

This cave is perfect, yo.

Then let's get you
tucked in, bug guy.


♪ Hush little Beast Boy
do not say the word ♪

Ah, nighty-night.

I said do not say the word!

No, no, no, no, no.
Shh. Go back down.
Go back down. Shh.

♪ Hush little baby... ♪

Sorry, bro, I ain't
never gonna sleep now.


All I wanted was seven
and a half months of peace

and quiet, but now

that dream is over.

Come on, let's get out of
here before Batman comes back.

No way. How often do you
get to see the Batcave?

I wanna check this place out.

Yo, what's up
with this fireman pole?

I did not know
the Batman was also the fireman.

Yeah, that's right. He's a fireman.

Not a billionaire playboy
named Bruce Wayne.

And this, this is just
a boring old fire pole

that goes to some
lame fire station.

- I love fire.
- I love station.

Let's go!


I didn't knows
firemans was rich.

I wanna be a fireman
so I can be rich, too.

Somebody start a fire.

No fires!

This isn't a fire station.

This place is the house of lies!

This place is my childhood home.

Wayne Manor.

Oh, snap! That means
you was rich?

You must have had the wondrous
childhood of the money spending.

Actually, I spent my
childhood training

to become a defender of justice.

Are you telling me you had
riches and didn't revel in 'em?

There was a strict
no reveling policy.

Money is a vice that leads
to nothing but problems.

Actually, money solves
all your problems.

It's a vice!

Now, come on.
Let's get out of here.

Sorry, bro, but we're
not leaving until we get a tour.


Ugh! Fine.

Wayne Manor is home to many
memorable props and locations.

Here we have
the super long table

where Michael Keaton
had an awkward dinner date.


Hey, Mama, pass the salt.

Classic long table shenoonigans.

This is the whole where Christian
Bale learned why we fall.

Oh, I wish to learn.


The learning is the painful.

And of course, the phone
that Adam West

would answer when
crime was afoot.

And finally here's some stuff from
Val Kilmer and George Clooney.

Any questions before
we continue the tour?

Yeah, who's the creeper
following us?

That's Alfred.
He's the butler.

What up, butt-ler?


Look at that fancy suit.

He must have an important
meeting to go to.

He doesn't have a meeting,
that's his uniform.

He's been wearing it
for 40 years.

You have kept him from
the meeting for that long?

Robin, let the man
go to his meeting!

Fine. Whatever.

Alfred, you're free for the day.
Now, come on.

Oh, what is this room
of the sadness?

That's the supply room.

It's right next to my room.

Ah, so many wonderful memories.

The weights I used
to build my amazing muscles.

The bed. Where I used
to cry myself to sleep.

The drain that used
to wash away my tears.

And I can't forget
about you, Mr. Bucket.

I missed you, buddy.

Dude, where's all
your expensive stuff?

Didn't you get anything
cool, like a super big TV?

Or the pet that is exotic?

Or a priceless piece
of art to use as a dartboard?

Or fireworks made of money
that you launch into the sky?

I had none of those things.

I learned from Batman

that frivolous materialism would
only impede the pursuit of justice.

So there wasn't
anything you wanted?

Well, there was one thing.

I always wanted a poster
of Bell Biv DeVoe.

The early '90s R&B trio

that was put together after the
unfortunate demise of New Addition?

Their fresh beats and their sweet
lyrics got me through some tough times.

Their behind the scenes turmoil
taught me how to deal with conflict.

And their elegant fusion
of R&B and new jack swing

inspired my embrace
of mixed martial arts.

The poster would
have gone right here.

But it would have been an
unnecessary extravagance.

Alls you wanted was a poster of some R&B
group and you ain'ts never gots it?

That is the so, so the sad.

This so the sad.

Bro, you deserve to spend
some of Batman's money

to have the childhood
you never had.

Money is a tempting seductress.

And like Bell Biv DeVoe
once sang...

♪ That girl is ♪

♪ Poison ♪

Ah, come on.
Throw some cash around.

You've earned it.

But Batman needs that
cash to fight crime.

You know who needs it more?

The small child who
lives within your innards.

The little boy
who lived in his sad room

wishing for a Bell Biv DeVoe
poster that he never got.

You don't think it'll
cause problems?

No, dude. Money is
gonna solve your problems!

I guess I could indulge.
Just this once.

All right!

Let's spin that money, son!

Ha-ha! This
feels so good!

Launch the money fireworks!

Wow, I spent all that money
and nothing bad happened.

That's right, bro.

When you's got that money richness,
you ain't never got no problem.

They're taking everything!

The sweet big screen.

The dartboard.

The tiger that is white.

Not my gold-plated armor!

We have to stop them.

Uh, I don't thinks we should be
messing with Batman's villains, yo.

With Alfred at his meeting, we
are Wayne Manor's only defense.

Titans, go!



- Aah!
- Ooh!

Ow! Ouch! Ah!


You guys said money
would solve my problems.

This is a problem.
A big one!

Batman is going to kill me.

Wait. Look.


Alfred did it!

Yeah. No thanks to us.

It seems you were the right, Robin.

Money is only the vice.

Are you kidding?
My butler saved the day.

That's thanks to money!

If I learned anything,
it's that if you're rich,

there are no consequences
to your terrible actions.

Uh, but you still gonna get in
trouble with Batman for all this mess.

Oh, yeah? Oh, Alfred?

Clean this place up
before Batman comes home.