Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 25 - BL4Z3 - full transcript

The Titans become hackers to stop a gang of computer pirates.

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Looks like the
tables have turned for you!

Please don't.

Crime alert!

What is it, bro?

Are the villains
doing the rampage?

A natural disaster threatening
thousands of lives?

Or a third option
I can't think of?

Worse than all
of those combined.

- Pirates!
- Pirates?

We love pirates.

You what?

Let's cast off the mizzenmast

and swab the decks
off the port bow, mateys.

I'ma sail them seven seas, yo.

Not those kinds of pirates.

I'm talking
about computer pirates.

You mean robot pirates?

We love robot pirates.

Let us cast off the mizzenmast

and swab the decks
off the port bow, mateys.

Yo, ho, ho. Yo, yo, yo.
Yo, ho, ho. Yo, ho.

Yar 2.0.

Not robot pirates!

I said, computer pirates.

Oh, holds up.
Is you talking about nerds?

Computer pirates aren't nerds.
They're dangerous criminals.

The computer nerds
can be the dangerous?

To intellectual property? Yes.

They illegally obtain music, movies,
games and other forms of entertainment

and distribute them
on the Internet for free,

costing big companies
millions of dollars.

Isn't there someone else
who can handle this?

Of course, the FBI can,

but the problem is so widespread

they can surely use our help.

Unless there's a high seas
adventure, we're not interested.

Come on, guys.

We're going to be cool
good guy hackers

and take down a gang
of computer pirates.

Thereby saving entertainment
companies billions in lost revenue.

Oh, do we have to?


So, you started
an old, tiny hair salon?

Yo, give me a perm,
with them tight curl-a-curls.

These are advanced VR helmets

that will transport our
consciousness inside my computer,

where we'll become
our cool hacker avatars,

find those computer pirates,
and take them down.

And make them walk the plank!

No planks!

This is a hacker adventure.

We will report them to the FBI

and they will face
up to $250,000 in fines.

Not to mention a potential
5 year prison sentence.

Eh, that sounds boring.

It only sounds boring because you
don't understand virtual reality.

You just need to...

Free your minds.

Make your choice.

The red jellybeans
or the blue one?

Choose carefully.


Hey, hey, hey! You were
supposed to make a choice

between being free thinkers

or staying imprisoned
in your own minds.

We pick jellybeans.

Forget it.
Let's just get started.

Titans, jack in!

- Say what?
- Jack in!

It's computer hacker slang for
plugging our brains into my computer.

Are you sure about this?
Your computer is pretty old, dude.

It'll be fine. Now, jack in!

Sounds kinda creepy
when you say it like that.

I'm not a creep. Jack in!

- Whoa!
- Wow.

Hacker adventure.

Ooh, where are we?

Welcome to my computer.

You saids this would be
an awesome simulation.

Yeah, this place is
a real bummer.

Robin, you are
looking the leathery.

This is my awesome
hacker outfit.

I told you hacking was cool.


You guys can look like this too.

You just have to free your minds.

Do we get more jellybeans?

- No.
- Pass.


Let me just log us in.

Yo, you ain't supposed to mix up
them numbers and letters like that.

Hackers make
their own cool hacker names

by replacing certain letters
with numbers.

So, your hacker name is...

It's Blaze.

No, it's not.

Are you giggling because Blaze
sounds so cool?

Yes, Robin.
Blaze is the cool name.

Yes, I knew it!

Now, prepare to enter a virtual
world of danger and excitement.

Come with me Titans,

and I'll show you just how
deep the rabbit hole goes.

Free your minds.

Hey, this is just your desktop.

- Isn't it awesome?
- No.

Look! Ooh, ah.

I'm interacting with this virtual environment.

Hey, what's in here?

Bro, why do you have so many
pics with your shirt off?

Those were taken on hot days.

What else you got in here?

Don't make a mess.
I have everything organized.

Oh, snaps!
You got that new game.

Turn that off. It's going
to take up too much memory!

It's cool, bro, I remember this.

- I gots memories for days.
- Computer memory.

Let's get some music
going up in here.


- Ooh, clickety clickety.
- Stoppity, stop, stop, stop.

- You're overloading the system.
- It's going...

Whoa! What happened?

You crashed the computer with
your careless memory management.

You said
this would be fun, Robin.

Instead it is the very boring.

Yeah, you should have
just let them FBis do this.

But we haven't even gotten
to the best part.

The Internet.

Time to log on.


Welcome to the worldwide web.

This is where we'll have
our awesome hacker battle

with those evil
computer pirates.

We just need to find them.

- What's the hold up?
- Hmm, seems to be a...

Slow Internet connection.

Did you try turning
the modem off for 30 seconds

- and then turning it back on again?
- I can't.

- We're on the neighbor's Wi-Fi.
- Is that not the illegal?

Not if he didn't set up
a password.

Any second now.

Any second.

Yar, har, har!


What a haul, me hardies!

Music, movies,
productivity software.

The computer pirates are...

- Pirates?
- Let's take 'em down, dude.

What's the point?

This was supposed to be
a cool hacker adventure,

not a maritime brawl.

Just let the FBI handle them.

Robin, this is a cool
hacker adventure.

You just gots
to free your mind, fool.

Free my mind.

I see it so clearly now.
This is a hacker adventure!

Download swash
buckling software.

- Yar!
- Download pirate voices.

Yar, I'll be knowing
how to talk like a pirate now.

Download pirate ship.

It's time we throw these
scallywags overboard.

Titans, yo, ho, ho!

Time to swab the deck,
me hearty.

Hackers off the stern, Captain!

Protect the cargo
at all costs, me lads!

I'll be sending you
to Davy Jones' Locker.

You'll never stop
computer piracy,

it be a victimless
crime, after all.

Tell that to the companies losing
millions of dollars in revenue.

And the artists who work
day and night

who won't see a penny
off their hard work.

And the consumers forced
to pay exorbitant amounts

for office
productivity software.

We did it.

You know what?
You were right, dude.

This was a cool,
hacker adventure.

You really think so?

Indeed. Thank you
for showing us the way,



Yo, them pirates got some good
stuffs up in here. Check it.

I guess it would be okay
to browse around.

Check out all this music.
This is my jam!

Oh, and one could process many
of the words with this software.

The Pretty, Pretty Pegasusmovie!

Whoa, who are those cool dudes?

It's the FBI.

You computer pirates
make me sick.

Oh, no. We're not...

You're under arrest for
possession of stolen software.