Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 24 - Brain Percentages - full transcript

Beast Boy starts using more than 10% of his brain in an effort to find the hidden images in a puzzle.

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Found the feather in the hump.

Beach ball! In the other hump.

Good eye.

Broccoli, in the cloud. Boom.

Ooh, and on the other side of the
treasure box, there is the rocket ship.

Well done, Titans.

Waddup! Waddup!

Oh, snap!
A hidden pics puzzle.

I loves these.

Only one more hidden pic.

Who will be the first
to find the dolphin?

Ha! Found a palm tree, yo.


Uh, you're supposed to find
the hidden pictures,

not the obvious ones.

Oh, yeah. I knows.

I was just warming up
my peepers, mama.

Dude, every time you try these
puzzles, you get super frustrated.

Maybe you should play some
dumb video games instead?

Nah, I'm gonna find this
dolphin, yo. I can dos it.

Ooh! Found it.

Me too.

Ooh, yeah, there it is.

Ah! I also see it.
Next to the...

Don't say it!
I wants to find it on my own.

I can't finds nothing.

This pic is hidden too good.

The there, the there.

It is not you.

It is your brain.

My brain's is fine.

I just gots to use all my lobes.

My earlobes, my lobey lobes,
my frontal lobes.

All types of lobes.

Sorry, Beast Boy, but using your
entire brain is impossible.

It is a fact that we humans
only use 10% of our brains.

Two percent in your case.

Actually, that's a common

We use all parts of our brain
at all times.

The 10% myth
is basically just used

to make plots for books,
TV shows, and movies.

Would the
television book movie shows

truly say something untrue?

Of course not.

So, you're saying, if I use
more percentages of my brain,

I can do this puzzle?

I guess, yeah.

So, how's am I supposed to get some
more of them brain percentages?

Well, like any muscle
in the body,

your brain needs exercise.

Exercise my brain, huh?

It's so small.

And the shriveled.

Not for much longer, yo.

I'm about to get this brain
into shape.

What's with the Shakespeare
pants, dude?

Ten percentage of my brain,
I doth now employ.

Henceforth, thou mayeth
call me, Renaissance Boy.

Ooh, your word usage
and feather hat suggest

the increased intellect,
Renaissance Boy.

Indubitably, yo.

And now I shall find
yon hidden pic.

Mine eyes
it shall no longer trick.

Forsooth, me thinks this puzzle is
the vile work of a mad alchemist.

You really don't see it?

Nay. I needeth more
brain percentages.

Well, you're at 10%.

That's the maximum amount
a person can use.

I'm telling you, dude, that's
not how the brain works.

Of course, it is.

I saw it in several,
very similar movies.

Yeah. Would there be several movies with
the same premise if it wasn't true?

Sounds logic, milady.

Henceforth, I shalt endeavor to
unlock my brains true potential.

So the duck says,
"Put it on my bill."

Oh, bro, always using
that sense of humor

to hide the painful conflict
in your soul.

Do your cybernetics make you
less of a man or more?

Either way, you is a misfit
of the human race, brother.



Oh, my goodness.

That was not the nice thing
to say, Beast Boy.

My bad. I'm using 50%
of my brains now.

So, I gots all these deep
insights about people.

You know, like how Robin's
always trying to be cool

to compensate for how he used to
wear short shorts and elf boots.

It's true.

Or like how Raven won't
never feel no deep emotions

like the rest of us.

'Cause if she did, she might
lose control of herself

and destroy the world
like her dad wants her to.

My heart is empty.

And how poor Starfire
is desperate to make friends.

'Cause she's the only alien
on this entire planet

and that makes her, you know,

super isolated and sad.

I am the alone.

Why are you doing this, man?

So's I can solve
this puzzle, yo.

Speaking of which...

Still not smart enough.

I needs more brain percentages.

I do not like the smart
Beast Boy.

He makes me the sad.

What if he manages
to unlock 100% of his brain?

He could become a serious threat

to my self-esteem.

Deep down, he's still our
dumb, lovable, Beast Boy.

We just need a way
to get him back.

And I think I know how.

Yo, Beastie!

Let's play some dumb video games.

No way!

I'll lose
all my brain percentages.

That's the idea.

We loved you the way you were.

A sweet guy with 2% brain power.

That Beast Boy is gone.

I'm using 80% of my brain now.

Check this out.

Whoa. Telekinesis?

Yep. That's what happens
when you use

the extra percentages
of your brain.

I can do this too.


No way!

So much brain power.

But not enough.

Hold up, I gotta do something
real quick.

Oh, snap!

Waddup, monkey man?
Let's touch fingers.


Where'd you go, dude?

On a journey through my own DNA

to the beginning of time.

Me and a monkey man
touched fingertips

and then I saw all the secrets
of the universe.

Now, I'm using 95% of my brain

and I'm going to turn
into a computer!

I do not understand
what is the happening.

That's cause you only use
10% of your brains.

If you was like me,

you could touch monkeys
and be computers too.

Beastie, you gotta
lock it up, man.

This is too much power.

It ain't enough!
I'm about to get to 100%.

Then, what will you do?

Eliminate reality.

We have to do something.

Once he gets to 100%,

we won't be able to stop him.

Titans! Go!

Where are we?

We're inside the puzzle.

Beast Boy...

What have you done?

I removed all distractions

so I can finally find
the hidden pics.

You gotta restore reality, dude.

Not until I finish
the puzzle, bro.

I can see.

I can see!

Rocket ship, beach ball,
feather, broccoli.

Come on, little buddy, one more.

You can do it.

You gotta be kidding me.
It's right there!

Look, it is in the...

No! No hints.
I'm gonna do it myself.

Even if it takes forever.

A dolphin!

Ah, so obvious.

They should really
make these puzzles harder.

We're back.

Beastie, you did it!

That's what's up!

So, now that you have the
unlimited power of your brain,

- what are you gonna do?
- I don't know.

I ain't thought that far ahead.

Hey! They gots mazes in here.

I'm great at mazes.


Yes, it's this way.
I knows it.

Oh, man, we ain't never gettin' outta here.