Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 20 - The Avogodo - full transcript

In Cinco de Mayo, Robin learns that avocados are a superfood that give you superpowers.

♪ T-E-E-N

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S

♪ Teen Titans, let's go

♪ Teen Titans, go


Buenos dias, amigos!

You fools ready
to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

I love Cinco de Mayo!

What day is that again?

It is Cinco de Mayo!

-He asked what day.

Perhaps tell us the month.


Answer the question!

On what day during what month
does Cinco de Mayo occur?

(WHISPERING) Cinco de Mayo.


Bro, be cool!

It's simple. Cinco means five,

and mayo means May!

So, Cinco de Mayo means
the fifth of May!

(GASPS) Well, that's today!


What are we celebrating,

Basically, back in the 1800's,
them colonizers was trying
to take over Mexico.

And everybody was like,
"Oh, snap. It's over!"

'Cause there was, like,
a ton of colonizers,

but then the Mexican army
dudes was like, "Nuh-uh-uh.

"Get out of here, fools."

-And so Mexico won!

So... When did that happen?

May 5!

Don't you mean...

Cinco de Mayo?


And now we celebrate
by having a party

and eating that good food!


Check it, yo. A delicious
Cinco de Mayo feast.

Chalupas, mole poblano,
and chiles en nogata!



Mmm! Spicy! Y delicioso!

Mmm. Ooh, the fiery sweats
feel the amazing!



Bro, get in on this.

I will not get in on that.

Spicy foods are
my only weakness.

Try some pico de gallo.
It ain't spicy!

Pico de gallo, eh?

Eh... What's in it?

Mostly tomatoes.

I like tomatoes.

(SCREAMING) Ah, it burns!
It burns!

You said tomatoes!

Oh, there's some onions
in there, too.

Onions? (GASPING)

It's fire!

It's agony!

Perhaps you might enjoy
the unadorned chip
of the tortilla?


A plain chip?

(WHEEZES) I can do that.



Ow, ow, ow, ow. I can't
breathe, I can't breathe,
I can't breathe.

It was just a lightly salted
chip, dude.

Salted? (CHOKING)


Are you trying to kill me?
No more!

There must be some way
to get the friend Robin

to eat the food item
he would normally avoid.



-Oh! I gots it.


No... No...
No more of your spicy foods.

Bro, this avocado
is a super food.

CYBORG: Avocados
got those good
monounsaturated fats, son.

RAVEN: The kind that can
help lower cholesterol.

CYBORG: See you later,

STARFIRE: The avocado
is also the sodium free,

and can reduce
the risk of the heart disease.

They really do sound super.

But are they spicy?

Bro, they don't taste
like nothing.

Oh, yeah.

Avocado, I love you.


So mushy... So flavorless...

(LAUGHS) I like it!


Crime alert.


-Should we go with him?
-He'll be fine.



Play time is over,








Whoa... This power...

Where is it coming from?

The shield... It looks
like avocado skin!

(GASPING) Avocado!



Peel punch!

Skin slam, straight for it!

Seed smash!

Laser beam!


It seems avocados
truly are a superfood.



Huh? What?

It appears these powers
are only temporary.

Huh. Not a problem...


With the power of avocados,

I will be
the greatest force for good

Jump City has ever seen!

Sandwich time.

Gimme that B. (EXCLAIMS)

Gimme that L. (EXCLAIMS)

Gimme that T. (EXCLAIMS)

Gimme that A...
Hey, where's my A?

You'll have to live
with the B, L, and T for now.

The A belongs to me.


(PANTING) Not enough.
I need more.

Bro, you ate all them A's!

I need more!

Without avocados,
I won't be able to
keep the city safe.

With each bite I grow
more powerful.

You should slow down.

Avocados are high in the fats.

It's the good kind!

Dude, too much good fat
is bad fat.

And... Aren't you worried
they're expensive?

A superfood like this
is worth every penny.

But I admit,
cost is a concern.

That's why I'm growing my own.

ROBIN: This seed will one day
be a my ightavocado tree.

It will give me
an endless supply
of superfood,

making me
an unstoppable force of good.

(CACKLING) Soon... Soon.

Why are you saying "soon"
like that?

Because it roughly describes
the time it will take

for me to become
an unstoppable
force of good.

Very soon.
Very soon.

But, in the meantime,
I need fresh avocados
to maintain my power.

Well, you ate them all.

No problem,
I'll have my power back...


(CACKLING) Soon. Soon.

WOMAN: But wait, there's more.

Call within the next 4 seconds
and get a second
Bat Army Knife

-absolutely free!



-CYBORG: Crime alert!

CYBORG: A break-in
at the Jump City warehouse!

Anyone seen Robin?

Not since he left
to get more
of the avocados.

Then he'll have to catch up.

Titans, booyah!

An avocado warehouse?

(GASPS) Oh, no...

MAN: Oh, yes...


Why you stealing
all these A's, fool?

Oh, I'm merely borrowing them.

With the strength
they give me,

I will soon
make this superfood...

The only food.




Ah, my little seedling.
It's funny...

The beginning of its life
is the end of yours.

What are you doing, Robin?

The man you once knew
as Robin is no more.

I am the God of Avocados!

The Avogodo!


BEAST BOY: What's happening?




I will replace every crop
in the country
with this superfood.

Avocado in Idaho,
avocado in Florida.

Avocado everywhere!

You, sir, have gone mad.

There is no place for you,
sir, in my new
avocado kingdom.


You can't do us like this!

Goodbye, you pathetic oranges.

Hello, my magnificent


That's right!
You's going down, Avogodo!

Titans, shaplow!








The dude is unstoppable!
How can we beat him?


How about a little
Cinco de Mayo celebration, yo?


No, my precious A's!

What have you done?

Just made some delicious
guacamole, yo.

(GASPS) Guacamole, huh?
What's in it?

Mostly avocados.

I like avocados. Hmm...

Okay. Not bad.

Soon my... (COUGHING)
My throat's a little itchy.

(COUGHING) Soon you will...

(COUGHING) Oh, the heat.

-What's in this?
-You know, avocados...

-The salt and the pepper.

And a dash of hot sauce.

(SCREAMING) Avocado is ruined!

Too much spice!
Too much spice.


You are defeated!

Like the colonizers.

We'll have to keep you here
until the effects
of the avocado wear off.

Thanks, guys.

I can't believe I fell
for that marketing hype.

Superfoods... What a scam.

Can we get you the anything?

Just a glass of water, thanks.

(CACKLING) Soon...