Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - The Inner Beauty of a Cactus - full transcript

The Titans play "Spin the Bottle" as Starfire tries to improve her vocabulary through kissing.

♪ T-E-E-N ♪

♪ T-I-T-A-N-S ♪

♪ Teen Titans, let's go ♪

♪ Teen Titans, go ♪

Ah! Water.

Nectar of the gods.

That's right. Drink that water
and gets yourself hydrated.

There is nothing,

nothing like a cool glass
of water on a long day.

I like to get as much water in my mouth
as possible and just hold it there

to really enjoy
the delicate flavor

Friends! I have just seen...


The Penguin.

The Penguin!

Yes! And also...

The Killer Crocodile.

Killer Croc, too!

Yes! And...

The Woman Cat.


Where did you see
these animals, Star?

I will show you.

Follow me!

- No sign of The Penguin or Killer Croc.
- There they are.

And there is the Woman Cat.

Oh, you were talking
about actual animals.

Was I misunderstood?

Yeah, you was.
You made us spit out that good water.

All that cool, clear water...

Gone forever.

That sweet, sweet
nectar of the gods.


All of that water,
spit out to the ground.


I would like to
give the apologies

for ruining the precious water with
my linguistic misunderstandings.

are normal, Star.

- Don't sweat it.
- Yeah.

And we likes how
you talks all bads.

I only wish I had the gift of the
clear speech that you all possess.

Star, if you change
the way you talk,

it would change who you are.

Besides, it's not something
you can just do overnight.

Oh, but I could.

The Tamaranian people
can learn language

and speech patterns
through the lip contact

Are you...

Are you talking about kissing?

If Starfire wants to communicate more
clearly, then we have to help her!

Oh, wonderful!

But you all have such appealing
particulars to your speech.

How shall I decide with whom
to make the lip contact?

You could play Spin the Bottle.

Great idea!
That is a great idea.

We just need a bottle,
any bottle.

Get out of my way!
I need a bottle!
Bottle, bottle, bottle!

Here we go!

- Calm down, dude.
- You calm down, dude!

I'll go first.

- Ooh!
- You've got to kiss the cactus.

Hey, handsome.

Give me a kiss.


He gots a crush on it, y'all.

I do not!
Like I would ever...

I'm way too attractive
to date this cactus.


Star, you should spin.

Please land on me.
Please land on me.
Please land on me.

Yeah, boy!

Here is going the nothing.

Dids it work?

I don't know. Dids it?


I sounds like you, yo.

You do sounds like me, yo.

- That's what's up.

Nows you all knows whats
exactly what I'm sayin'.

This was a...

Great idea.

I'm very happy with how it's turned out.
Excuse me.

I need a moment.

Yo, let's hits up the pool!

Whaddup, my mans and womans!

Oh. Hey Star.

Yo, mama. Your aura is
lookin' tight today.

What are you saying?

Your aura, mama.

You knows,
your metaphysical flows.

My metaphysical what, now?

Your life force
emanation, my man.

- What?
- Your ethereal vibe.

Like the life forces in vital
principles of the universe

that are all flowing around in
your bodies as organic energies.

- Say what?
- Your aura, bro.

You know.

The cycle of life
in its endless rotations,

making contact with
your nerve plexius', homie.

What are you saying?

Ah... Forget the it, mama.

Even with friend
Beast Boy's vocabulary,

I was unable to communicate
in the clear way.

Am I doomed to be forever
Mr. or Miss understood?

Star, the way
you speak is unique.

You shouldn't
ever feel ashamed...

Woah, whoa, whoa.
What Raven's trying to say

is that you just haven't found
the right pair of lips yet.

That's why we're playing
Spin the Bottle again.

And this time, I have calculated the
exact amount of spin I must apply,

so the bottle will
land on Starfire.

But my math was perfect!

Oh, a second date.

You must be in love with me.

I am not. I simply respect
the rules of Spin the Bottle.


Argh! Ouch! Ah!
Stop, my eye! Ah!

Go ahead, Star.

Please land on me.
Please land on me.
Please land on me.

All right!

So unfair...

Oh! That's what I'm talking about! Whoo!

Yo, you want to watch
these sweet VHS tapes?

Only if it's that
classic TV lineup.

You know it, my dude!

- Boo-yah, baby. Whoo!
- Boo-yah!

Oh, yes.

Ugh. Are we really
watching old TV shows?

You know it, my dude!

Did I do that?

Did Urkel seriously
just ask if he did that?

Oh, this guy is unbelievable.

He's got the nerve to straight
do something and then say,

"Did I do that?"

Come on!

Yes, you did that!

You were walkin' around all
clumsy and knockin' stuff over.

We all saw you do it, Steve!

Just snappin' his suspenders
like he didn't do nothin'.

You did it, Steve.
You know you did it, dude!

Yo, but for real.

Jaleel White is a comic genius.

And while we're on some
real classic TV talk,

and y'all might think
I'm crazy on this one,

but, I'll always prefer Bronson
Pinchot's loveable Balki, over Urkel.

Uh... Balki?

What are you talking about?

I'm just sayin',
Balki over Urkel.

You might be thinkin', "Who, in their right
mind, is gonna take Balki over Urkel?"

Even cousin Larry
is gonna go with Urkel.

Jennifer and Mary Anne
are gonna go with Urkel.

But Balki, man. I'm telling
you, he's got the...


Never the mind.

Don't sweat it, Star.

You just got too deep in the
Classic TV lineup. That's all.

Regardless, I still yearn to
communicate more clearly.

Then another game of Spin
the Bottle is in order.

Woah, what's up
with your face, Robin?

I, uh, fell onto the cactus.

my lips broke my fall.

Star, kissing all these
people isn't working.

It's better to be yourself
and be misunderstood,

than change yourself
just to fit in.

That is the crazy talk,
friend Raven.

I must keep doing the kisses

until I find the one who will
grant me the clearness of speech.

That was off the chain!

Oh, dang.
That's ridonkulous.


Pain. Pain.





Oh, dang.

What's happening to her?

This isn't good. With every new voice
and personality that Starfire takes on,

a little bit of her own
personality disappears.

If this goes on much longer, we'll lose
the Starfire we know and love forever!

We can't let that happen.

Titans, go!


Robin, you can't
let her kiss you.

You'll erase her
personality forever!

Don't... Let her...
Kiss me.

I can't let you kiss me, Star.

And, not just because the cactus
and I have gotten pretty serious.

Ah! Yep.

Gonna drive out to the desert
this weekend and meet her folks.

I can't kiss you because we
all like you the way you are.

It's okay if we don't understand
each other sometimes.

It's a normal part
of any relationship.

Please, please
don't change who you are.

We love you.





Oh, thank you for reminding me.

It is all the Bill of Rights to
be one's, two's and three's self.

Glad you're back, Star.

Oh, no!

Friends, it is The Penguin,
Killer Croc and the Woman Cat!

Yeah, we're not going
to the zoo this time.

That's ridonkulous.