Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 53 - The Cape - full transcript

Robin and Cyborg argue about the importance of capes.

"The Cape"

Little bro, I'm breaking
you out of here.

Not so fast, Cinderblock.

What? The Teen Titans?

You guys look awesome.

I know, it's the wind.

It really has a dramatic
effect on our capes and hair.

Sure does, but what
about that dude?

Capes are for magicians.

And besides, I went
bald at 3 years old.

I've told him a million times,
capes and hair are essential

for superheroes to
look cool in the wind.

Whatever, man. Where's this
wind even coming from?

Yeah, we're inside
of a building.

But I picked this spot
because it's near a vent.

All heroes must be prepared.

Oh, can I get in that wind?
Move over, squeeze the breeze.

Sorry, wind is for heroes!

- Zappy-zap!
- Ah, back pain in shades of green.

Now to finish this guy off.

Man, hold up, I got
some bird dookie on me.

Man, forget you guys,
and your wind.

I'm getting my brother, and
I'm getting out of here.

Gonna make like an egg
and crack your wall.

Yeah, hard boiled. Over medium.
Sunny side up.

Little bro, I'm coming.

There you are.

Oh, little bro, bathing
in your undies again.

We gotta get you some pants.

Is this zebra or leopard
print on the wall?

It's beautiful either way.

Dad's not gonna be
happy about this.

You know how he feels
about taking long baths.


Man, you let him get away 'cause you had
to wipe bird dookie off your shoulder?

Maybe, now you'll consider wearing
a cape to prevent these things.

Man, I ain't wearing no cape!

Beast Boy and Starfire
don't wear a cape!

Yes, but they have hair and
skirts to blow in the wind.

Yeah, but can they make their
head bigger like this?

We can all make our
head bigger like this.

Yeah, well, can you make milk come
out of your eyeball like this?

May I have some of the eye milk?

- Uh-uh. Not my eye milk.
- Guys, stop fighting.

Cyborg, have you considered
other things besides a cape?

You can get a scarf,
hammer pants,

a big hat, a wig, a
poncho, a long shirt.

Anything that flows, so
you can look better.

What do you say, Cyborg?

No way, I'm done. I'm not
gonna be part of this.

So, you're just gonna walk away?

Yeah, I'm gonna walk away.

If you were walking away, you'd be
going further away but you're not.

Yeah, well, look at you just
shifting up and down, side to side.

You're the same size and
proportion to my head.

On the count of three,
let's turn around

and see if we're really
walking away from each other.

One, two, three!

I knew you weren't walking away!

I was walking away
further than you were!

I saw you, you were
standing right there!

Nah, I was totally walking away.

- You're in the exact same spot!
- Enough about my spot!

Maybe, I don't want a cape.
Maybe, I want a moustache.

Here we go again
with the moustache.

Next time you see me, I'm
gonna have a moustache!


For what's worth, Robin,
your cape looks amazing.

Thank you. I just wish Cyborg
would understand that.

I'm holding a baseball.

I'm holding a kitten cat.

- I'm holding an onion.
- Dad!

What is it? This
better be important.

I was in the middle of
pretending to hold things.

Found him, Dad. He was
in the bath, again.

Yeah, so what? I
like talking baths.

What have I told you about
staying in the bath too long?

Now show me your fingers, son.

What? They're not that bad, Dad.

They're fine. Look at 'em.

They're pruny.

And now, because of your
bath-time arrogance,

you too shall be
turned into a prune,

like this one, I pretend
to hold in my hand.

No, no!

You were right, Father.

And now I shall live rest
of my life as a big prune.

Beast Boy, I've been
attempting to make a dish

that tastes like the butt.

Tell me what you think.

Congratulations, that
tastes just like butt.


Please, tell me if it
tastes like the butt?

Not now, I'm in the middle
of something very important.

Do you want to taste the
butt pudding, Robin?

I don't wanna eat
your butt food.

Is there something the wrong?

My cape hasn't billowed
since Cyborg left.

- Do you think he'll ever come back?
- I'm sure he will come back.

Whoo! I ain't never going back!

Told him I wasn't gonna put on a cape,
he kept putting that cape on me.

Yeah, no capes!

I hope you're right, Star.

But now, I've got to do something I
should've done a long time ago...

Like steal everything
out of Cyborg's room!

Knock, knock. Ooh,
nobody's home.

Ah, football, I'll take that.
Ooh, computer looks good.

Oh, I'll take that golden
back-stretcher, there.

Ooh, look he's got that
sweet zebra print,

it's really popular. Oh,
wait, is that leopard?

Ew, why does he have a picture of me?
What a creep.

I do kind of miss him. I'll
never forget that day.

He really brought the
little scamp out of me,

just ruffling my hair like that.

We did make a good team.

I wasn't stealing anything
from Cyborg's room.

No, somebody broke into
the prune juice factory.

I just hope we can stop
'em without Cyborg.


Yeah! Prune juice!

Time to get pruny!

Drop the prune juice.

- It's over, Prune Guy.
- Hey, look, it's like a telescope.

I see you guys. Now you're gone.

There you are. Now you ain't.

There you is. Now you gone.

Ah, that was fun.

Let me guess, you stayed
in the bath too long.

Yeah, so what? I like baths!

Come on, cape, let's go!

So how did my cape look, Prune Guy?
Was it going?

Forget your cape. I'm about
to get pruny on you!

Now I have made you
the telescope.

That's so cool. You can
see right through me.

Now you can't. Now you can.
Now you can't...

Enough games. This ends now!

I don't have any super powers,

but I'm gonna wrap
you with a string.

Just keep wrapping you.
Round and round it goes.

It's like a kite, guys.
Like a kite.

Can you see the
yellow and the black?

Look at that flowing movement.

Keep wrapping...

See, we were still able to take
this prune down without Cyborg.

Yeah, but without Cyborg, your
cape hangs all limp-like.

Don't talk about his cape.

Oh, no, guys,

it doesn't look
like this is over.

Loony prunes!

Let's get out of here.

You guys hold the door, I'm
going to run for my life.

This is all my fault.

I shouldn't have fought with
Cyborg about a stupid cape.

I wish he was here.

Instead of Cyborg,
will a prune-crab do?

Time for a prune-bath.

Thanks, Cyborg.

You don't have to have a
cape to be a great hero.

- I know that, now.
- I know, dude.

That's why I grew this
moustache though, you like it?

- I don't like it.
- All right, I'll shave it.


- Man, your cape's going strong, bro.
- Thanks to you.

Now let's take
these prunes down.

Formation "Run up
walls for no reason."

Oh, no!

- Man, that dude is filthy.
- I know, does he ever take a bath?

Ah, I love baths.

- Hey, uh, are we cool?
- If we weren't,

would we be playing Rock,
Paper, Scissors, right now?

Yeah, one, two, three...


- All right. Two out of three.
- Okay.

Yeah, one, two, three... Rock!

Oh, man, you did
"rock" the last time.

Right, thought I was
gonna throw scissors?

- Yeah, one, two, three...
- Rock!

Joy! They are back to
the happy-friend times.

Yeah, they are.

That show was so good!

I know, it's even better
than I remembered.

Let's watch another one! Yay!