Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 52 - The Overbite - full transcript

Raven teaches the other Titans how to dance properly, but soon they are captured by the Dance Demon.

"The Overbite"

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Loving the dance party!

We're busting out all the moves.

- Are you feeling it, my dude?
- Mmm, I am feeling it.

Hoo, the woo and the hoo.

What's with the overbites.

Mmm, mmm, mmm, isn't it obvious?
We're dancin'.

The overbite is essential
for all of us.

Uh, if you're dancing with an
overbite, you're doing it wrong.

Well, I'd say if you're having
fun, you're doing it right, Mama.

This isn't fun. It's
just embarrassing.

- Whatev.
- What do you know about dance, Raven?

What do I know about dance?

Give me a beat!

Whoa! Smooth moves!

You have the skills that do
the paying of the bills.

- I know.
- You gots to teach us to dance like that.

Oh, yeah? Then let's see
what you're made of.

Okay, now. Your
training won't be easy.

I'm going to bend
you till you break.

But in the end, the power of
dance will be yours to command

and your feet will
look like this.

You want some dancer feet?


Are you ready to give me
everything you've got?


Then show me.

Okay, I can't teach you. But
I know someone who can.

I'm the demon of dance, ah!

And I can give you the rhythm
you so desperately desire.

This is The Power Of Dance, ah!

It will give you rhythm
and more, so much more.

We'll take all the
help we can get.

Just stay away from
the back of the book.

Those are, ah...

Forbidden dances.

Now, I'm gonna head back
to the dance dimension.

There's some rugs that need cuttin'.

A book? Yuck! I'm out.

Ah, look, it's all pictures.



Now I won't be embarrassed
being seen with you guys.

We finally have rhythm!

Hey, let's check out
those other dances.

I wouldn't want to betray
the trust of a demon.

He doesn't deserve that.

Oh, come on, bro.

He just doesn't want us
to steal his sweet moves.

And such a friendly demon
wouldn't possibly be upset

we disregarded his
ominous warning.

Wow! These are the greatest
dance moves ever created.

Beast Boy, try...
the shopping cart.

You got it, Mama!

It is like he's doing the
shopping of the groceries.

That's sure to get people's
attention at parties!

- Toaster Waffles?!
- What, what just happened?

The forbidden dances.

This is what the
Dance Demon meant

when he said we would
get so much more.

Ooh! I wanna go shoppin' too!
I'm hungry!

Wait! Go back! I want some
sour cream and onion chips.

You got it!

Robin, try the sprinkler.

Glorious! The lawn
is being hydrated.

But now the grass is
growing like crazy.

Then we'll do the lawnmower!

Uh-uh. Hold up!

We're just doing yard work now.

That is kind of boring.
Do the moonwalk!

I can't breathe.

Let's dance!

We gots the moves, yo.

Too bad they're not yours, ah.

Are you the jealous that
we are the smoothy silky

with our sweetness
dance-dance jam-jams?

I told you to stay away from
the forbidden dances, ah.

You guys looked at the
forbidden dances?!

You know, I don't even
know what kind of language

- that is in there, yeah, I wouldn't know.
- Yeah, we totally looked.

And now...

It will cost you all!

What are you doing to them?

You mean my backup
dancers, ah, ah-ha!

Let them go!

No-o! They danced the
forbidden dances.

Ah! So they'll be
my backup dancers

in the dance dimension,
ah, for eternity.

We gotta boogey. Ta-ta.


- That's wack.
- Urgh, super wack!

So, you just gonna stand there
or are you gonna bust a move?

This place is all that
and a bag of chips!

It might be, but we're gonna
have to moonwalk our way

through a chorus line of
pain to get to the others.

Let's throw down, fellas. Grr.

Uh-uh. Fighting
doesn't work here.

In the dance dimension you're
only as strong as your moves.

Let's dance.

Can't touch any of this, yo!

Just in time for the show, Raven.

Are you going to hand them over
or am I gonna have to take them?

- Oh, snap!
- Easy, Raven, easy.

I'm a nice guy. I'll
make you a deal. Ah.

- Go on.
- Beat be at a dance competition

and I'll release your friends.

- Lose and I get your rhythm.
- You're on!

Well, I can dance all night. Ah.
But it looks like you can't.

And that means...

Your rhythm is mine!

Ah, ha-ha! How smooth are
your moves now, Raven?

Oh, I'm like an
uncle at a wedding!

How about you see yourself out?

You're not even good
enough to be one of my

backup dancers.

What the, hey, Ray-Ray.
Don't' give up, yo.

It's over. I can't
dance anymore.

I have no rhythm.

There's one dance you
don't need rhythm for.

Drum the beat, yo!

Let's get down to the overbite.

Ah. So humiliating.
But also kind of fun.

Ooh, ooh, ooh! We
are for jamming!

What are you doing, oh!

- Ah, dancing!
- That's not dancing. Oh!

Ooh, girl! You're letting
it all hang out!

I can't watch anymore. Get them!

Come on, bros, dance with me!

No, stop doing that! You're
embarrassing yourself.

That's not on the beat.

Ooh, ah! This is actually
kind of fun, oh.


- That was ridonculous!
- I get it now.

Dance isn't about being good,
it's about enjoying yourself.