Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Spice Game - full transcript

The titans, sans Robin, become addicted to spices.

"The Spicy Game"

Oh! My tummy's tellin'
me something.

Mine too, bro.

My digestive fluids also
wish to relay the messages.

Shh, quiet, I wanna hear
what they're saying.

- What'd they say, mama?
- They're saying...

We're hungry for food!

Then let us put the
delicious morsels into our

- internal food sacs.
- Oh, yeah! Who's cooking tonight?

Oh, Titans! Come and get it!

Oh, that guy.

Are you guys in for
a treat tonight!

My specialty, boiled potatoes.

- Not again!
- Aw, man!

Mmm! I got the
mushiness just right.


- Come on, don't be shy.
- So boring!

Why do you make the same
boiled mush every time?

It's like I always say,

"When you know what's going in,
you know what's coming out."

Ah! And we wish you
would stop saying that.

My flavor buds crave
the excitement.

Don't worry, all we
need is a little fire!

- Hot sauce?
- That's right.

When things get boring,
you gotta spice 'em up!


Oh, yeah! That's what
I'm talking about!

- Let me in on that!
- Comin' at ya!

It's like my tongue
was in a deep sleep,

and a spicy prince came and
kissed it back to life.

Ooh! Let me try!

Now I see all that was hidden,
the truth of life is revealed.


Stop! You're ruining the
meal and your lives!

Come on, bro, get spicy with us.

I inhaled the fumes...
throat closing...

I can't... can't breathe...

Must drink milk to
neutralize the effect.

Close one, almost died.

Titans, trust me, you do not
want to get into the spice game.

It is a never-ending escalation
of spice that leaves you

spicier and spicier until you
don't know what spice is anymore.

No. The true spice
of life is routine.

Look, it's 7:15, you
know what that means.


- What's wrong with you guys?
- Our life is lacking the spice.

I can't stop thinking
about that spicy prince.

Will my tongue ever
wake up again?

Everything is so dull now.

Then we need to get your
minds off the spice.

I know, how about a potato?
Look at the little guy!

How could he not
brighten your day?

Now, who's ready to
spice things up?

We are!

I'd like you to meet hot pepper!


He's a one way ticket
to Spicy Town, yo!

First hot sauce,
now hot peppers?

The spiciness will consume
your souls, Titans!

- Whatevs, eat up.
- Welcome to paradise.

Yeah, mama, we're living
the spicy life now!

It's not too late, you can still
come back to the bland side!

No way, we're gonna
pepper everything up!

Spicy life!

♪ I'm a hot pepper Hot,
hot, hot pepper, pepper ♪

♪ I'm a hot pepper
Hot, hot, hot pepper ♪

♪ I'm hot like the fire ♪

♪ Hot like the sun ♪

♪ When we talkin' 'bout
heat Me be number one ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm a hot pepper Hot,
hot, hot, pepper, pepper ♪

♪ I'm a hot pepper Hot,
hot, hot, pepper ♪

♪ I'm hotter than hot
than hot could ever be ♪

♪ I'm hotter than a
billion, zillion degrees ♪

♪ I'm a hot pepper Hot,
hot, hot, pepper, pepper ♪

♪ I'm a hot pepper Hot,
hot, hot, pepper ♪


Ah, so smooth.


All spicy life for life, baby!

Yeah! You are so spicy, bro!

- So hot and spicy!
- Do not make contact with me

for my skin is the
radiant with the heat

and touching it will
burn you so badly! Ssss.

- Titans, calm yourselves!
- Ooh, what's the matter, Robin?

Are we too hot to handle?

Come on, guys, let's leave Robin
alone with his boring potatoes.

Hold it right there.

Now, just to show you I
can spice it up too,

I went ahead and made something
I think you'll like.

Boiled potatoes... Wait for it.

With salt.

See, I can hang with you guys.
Spicy life. Spicy!

Oh, wow.

It's too much salt.

It's got... Oh.
My mouth is on...

Need milk, need milk. Ah!


We don't need salt, bro,
'cause we got jalapenos.

The potato still tastes
like the potato.

Well just take it up a notch.


My tongue's starting
to fall asleep again.

Where's my prince?


Forget the food, just
give us the pepper!

What is this, candy?

I warned you. Your lives
have become too spicy,

rendering you immune to spices!

Don't you have a
hotter pepper, Beasty?

No, bro, I'm tapped out.

So we must return to the
prison of blandness?

No, there is one pepper
we have yet to try.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Behold, the Tears of Zephos.

Grown in the gardens
of eternal flame.

These peppers inflict
great pain and suffering

on any foolish enough
to consume them.

- Perfect.
- This is not perfect.

More spice isn't the answer.

Mmm, not bad, you know
this reminds me of...

Need milk!

It's not working!

There's only one thing
that can save us now.

We must travel to the
lair of the Dairy King

and drink the infinity milk
from his immortal udder!

This map shows where he lives

but my eyes are too
watery to read it.

Well, well. It would
seem the spicy life

has consumed your souls
exactly like I said it would.

So, you guys finally ready to
start living life to the least?


- Yes!
- Titans, go!

We're here. Now,
Titans, be cautious.

We don't know what to expect.

- I call first!
- Me first!

Give up the milk, Dairy King.

Then I'll have to take it.

How could you have predicted
my predictable moves?

I see what I have to do now.

I need a little
spice in my life.


Spicy! Ooh, that's hot!


I'm spicing things up!

El fuego!


- Sweet relief.
- We should've listened to you

when you told us to be bland
and predictable, bro.

No, Titans, the lesson here is
to live life in the middle.

Do everything in life halfway.

Not too boring, but not
too exciting, either.

That sounds reasonable.