Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 49 - Snuggle Time - full transcript

When yet another crime alert interrupts their relaxation, the Titans decide to become villains so that they can do whatever they want.

"Snuggle Time"


Look at you. Who's
the best kitty?

Give me a little kissie.

Oh, I'm loving these
snuggles, yo.

And I love you. Yes, I do.

Who loves you?

Friend Cyborg, would you care for the
liquid chocolate that has been hotted?

Hey, where are the
tiny marshmallows?

Oh, they are in there.
Look closer.

So tiny.

I never wanna move again.

A crime alert? Now?

The villains are always
bringing new ruins

upon our good times!

Why do our lives have to
revolve around their schedule?

Because, when villains call,

it is our job as heroes
to answer that call.

Titans, go.

Not you, my little one.

You get your best rest.

Oh, yeah!

- Whoo!
- Wow!


Okay, H.I.V.E., let's
get this over with.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you have
something better to do

- than to stop us and our death ray?
- Uh, yeah. Snuggling.

But instead, we have to deal with
you yahoos yacking it up again.

I guess that's why they
say, it's good to be bad.

She's right. Being a villain is
way more fun than being a hero.

You get to do what you
want when you want.

I am tired of them
having all of the funs,

while we must do all the
cleaning up the messes!

We should be the
ones having fun.

- Yeah!
- I always wanted to use a death ray...

And now we are going to
destroy this museum,

unless we get a billion dollars!

- Hey!
- I'm not going to let you do that, Gizmo.

Because I'm going
to do it first!

That... was so cool!

Very explode-y.

- And it felt really good!
- Let me in on that death ray!

- Go for it.
- Me first.


Mega Kaboom! Whoo! Mega Kaboom!

- Oh, yeah!
- Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

So, uh, should we call 911?

This is bad. Real bad.

That was so sweet! The
museum went ka-pow!

We blowed it up good, yo.

It was more enjoyable than the
putting of the H.I.V.E. in a prison.

Being bad really is fun.

Too bads we stuck
being good guys.

Ow! Hey, why'd you
do that, Mama?

Because I wanted to.

You can't just do what you want.
That's bad.


I think what Raven is trying
to say with her slaps is,

why can't we be bad?

Yes, why the not? Let
us be the villains.

Become villains? Are
you sure about this?

I think we should take a moment to
discuss this like rational adults.

Well, here's my argument.

Ow! I hear you. But...


Well, here's my two cents, yo.

You have to speak up.

What? Ow!

- Ow!
- You are not being the clear.

Oh, yes. I see.

But have you considered this?

That is a great point. But...

I did not think of it that way.

Ow! Hey! I thought we
were trying to have

a rational slap conversation.

Take that back...

Then it's settled. We're
becoming villains!

Tremble before the ill intentions
of Starfire the Terrible.

I am The Cyborg.

I put "The" in front of Cyborg to
make it sound more villainous.

The Cyborg.

Tremble before the
Demon of Azarath.

Say hello... to Dick Gravestone.

You'll alls be pooping in
your pants when you see...

Beast Monster!

Our transformations
are complete.

We are no longer
the Teen Titans.

We are the Legion of Doooom!

- Uh, there is already a Legion of Doom.
- We're bad guys now.

If we want a name, we take it.

Now we must build an evil lair.

Nah, that sounds like
too much work, yo.

Work? You're forgetting
one of the best things

about being a villain.

- Who are all these people?
- These are our henchmen.

These henchmen are
really hard workers.

Yo, henchy, go hench
me a grilled cheese.

- Make it two.
- Why did we not have the henchmen

when we were the
heroes of superness?

Heroes don't have henchmen,
they have sidekicks.

And believe me, that
gets weird fast.

Isn't this great,

doing what we want,
when we want to?

I'm just waiting for a crime
alert to ruin it all.

But we no longer answer the call.
We are those who make it.

Then let's make
some calls, baby.

I love being evil! Ha-ha!

Who truly owns the world?

The noblemen, hmm?

The princes? The kings?

Oh, how they look down their
porcelain noses at us.

As though we live in dirt.

But they will learn
we are not worms!

We are venomous spiders,
and soon we will bite.

And as the poison spreads
and their vision narrows,

their last sight will be me!

Standing on the ruins of
their once proud heritage.

Oh, Robin. A wonderful
crazy speech.

My dude, you are killing
it as our evil leader!

It's like everything that used
to make you seem crazy as a hero

makes you awesome as a villain.

I know, right? Now,
on to business.

Taking over the world.
Let's hear some ideas.

- Oh! Oh!
- Villains don't raise hands.

- Sorry.
- Villains don't say sorry.

Oh, right. Uh...

Okay. To take over the world,

we will use our vast wealth
and business connections

to buy and control politicians,
who will then advance

our evil agendas through
the legislative process.

We'll also wanna buy a network
of media outlets in order

to guard our public support of
the politicians we control.

Within several years, we'll be running
the world without anyone even knowing.

- Way too evil, girl!
- You crossed the line.

And these ideas are
supposed to be fun!

We are supervillains.
Let's get super crazy!

Oh! I gots one.

Me and my boy, The Cyborg, walk
around with our butts out.

People will be all like, "What?"

And I will steal the
world's bunny supply

and force everyone to
watch as I cuddle them.

We wrap the world in a blanket
and set off stink bombs,

creating the biggest
Dutch oven, ever.

Really good stuff, Titans.

But I've got something
even better.

Good snuggles, guys.

Hot chocolate, take
my worries away.

A crime alert?

- Why are we getting a crime alert?
- I don't know.

Let's just go check it out,
that sound is super annoying.

The Titans?

Call us The Legion of Doom.

Isn't there already
a Legion of Doom?

Yes! And we took their name.

- I see you got our crime alert.
- That was you?

Oh, I hope we didn't
inconvenience you.

We had to drive all the way across
the city to deal with this.

Oh, isn't that the worst?

- Just when you're getting comfortable...
- Bam!

Y'all gets interrupted by some
hooligans doing some hooligan thing!

What are you even
doing out here?

What you never could. The
taking over of the world!

We won't let you get
away with this.

Try and stop us!

I hate this.

We could be home,
snuggling, right now.


We get it. We get it!

You're showing us how
our villainous ways

have negatively
affected your lives.

Until now, we didn't realize
how awful this feels.

You've really opened
our eyes, Titans.

We are glad that you have
seen the errors of your ways.

But we ain't doing this so you
can learn some dumbs lesson.

- Boring.
- We're doing it 'cause it's fun!

Oh, gross.