Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 44 - Crazy Desire Island - full transcript

Robin grants crazy wishes for The Titans

♪ Yeah! The skies were clear
and the water was warm ♪

♪ The sun was blazing hot ♪

♪ And where do we
find our Titan crew ♪

♪ They're all up
on their yacht ♪

♪ That's right,
they have a yacht ♪

♪ It's called the Titan Yacht ♪

♪ It's a really big yacht ♪

♪ A super dope yacht ♪

♪ They all set sail
for a day of fun ♪

♪ Full of dancing
and good food ♪

♪ Till it all came
to a sudden stop ♪

- ♪ When Beast Boy
yelled out, - "Dude!" ♪

♪ A massive wave was headed ♪

♪ Toward our frightened
Titan crew ♪

♪ They tried and tried
to outrun the swirl ♪

♪ But there was nothing
they could do ♪

♪ It crashed onto
the Titan Yacht ♪

♪ With the force of
Poseidon's rage ♪

♪ And it seemed that all
things might be lost ♪

♪ if the Titans aren't saved ♪

♪ When suddenly behind a crest ♪

♪ A heated desert isle ♪

- ♪ Just then Robin yells
out, - "Whoo-hoo!" ♪

♪ And the rest went buck wild ♪

♪ It looks like
they'll be stranded ♪

- ♪ For more than just one day
- Who-ooh. ♪

♪ They're most likely
to be stranded here ♪

- ♪ For the next five whole days
- Ya-aah! ♪

♪ No less than five whole days ♪

♪ For certain five whole days ♪

♪ No less than five whole days ♪

♪ For certain five whole days ♪

♪ No less than five whole days ♪

♪ For certain five whole days ♪

♪ No less than five whole days ♪

- ♪ For certain five
whole days ♪ - ♪ Go! ♪

No. What?

No. Seriously? Get out of here.

Uh-huh. What? No!

A birthday party without a cake?

You know,

if I didn't have you to
talk to, I'd go crazy.

- Oh, come on!
- Hey, quiet down.

I'm trying to talk to

Sorry, bro.

is just cracking me up
with his jokes, yo.

Oh... tell him the
one about the moose.

So good!

and I don't get it.

Friends, the skull of


has the concerns
for your sanity.

He has told me talking
to inanimate sports

equipment with faces on it
is the sign of madness.

The skull of the pirate-volleyball-player-
with-a-face-on-it is right!

It's this crazy island.
It's making us crazy!

- I wish we were just home already!
- Did someone say "wish?"

Greetings, I am Mr.
Robin. Your host.

Welcome, to Crazy Desire Island.

Mr. Robin, why were you creeping

in the bushes like the
creepy creeper creep?

So I can eavesdrop on you
all without being seen.

- That's super creepy, bro.
- Even that suit's creepy.

It's island style. Good
for sitting in bushes.

- Creep.
- Wasn't someone trying to make a wish?

Yeah, I wished that we were off this...
garbage island!

But why would you leave a place
that can make your greatest

- wishes come true?
- Is you saying this island is magical?

That's right. All you need to
do is imagine your true desire

and the island will
bring it to life.

How does that work exactly?

Oh, would you like me to
spend the next 40 seconds

explaining the mechanics of
the island's mystical powers?

Why, yes! Yes, I would.

And this bush, right here is
the portal for all the magic.

Any questions?

- Nope.
- We wish to wish the wishes.

Great! But be warned.

Your wish may not turn out
how you expect it to.

You're giving off some
mixed signals here, bruh.

Yeah. Should we wish
for something or not?

Yes. But be careful
what you wish for.

You just might get it.

It really sounds like you're
warning us not to wish for stuff.

Just wish already!

Fine! Sheesh. Hmm, let's see.

Oh! I know!

I wish me and my boy, Beasty,
were famous musicians.

Ah, a wonderful wish.

Now. Please, step into the bush.

And let your dream
become reality.

- You want me to go in the creepy bush?
- It's a magical bush!

All right. But I better
not get any weird

heebie-jeebie vibes in there.

Uh-uh-uh. That's
a sick beat, yo!

Sounds like you're making
some hits up in here.

Sick beats aren't enough, dawg.
I need some sick words!

Bro, I gots words for days!

- I'll put words on them beats.
- Then let's do it!

Puttin' words on it.

- ♪ What the Titans got
♪ - ♪ Nobody else got ♪

♪ What the Titans got ♪

♪ Nobody else got ♪

♪ What the Titans got ♪

♪ Teen Titans got Go! ♪

- Here's the demo, yo!
- Hey, my name isn't on it.

This demo's gonna
make us famous, dude!

Get famous.

Ha-ha! My song is on the radio!

Don't you mean, our song?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean...
our song is on the radio!

Toppin' the charts.

♪ There's just one
question we're gonna ask ♪

- ♪ Will we ask it? ♪
- ♪ Will we ask it? ♪

♪ Better answer it fast! ♪

- ♪ What the Titans got
♪ - ♪ Nobody else got ♪

- ♪ What the Titans got ♪ -
♪ Teen Titans got, go! ♪

What a rush. This is a
dream come true, bro!

And we did it, together!

No, man. It was all me.

Your wish seems to have
taken an unexpected turn.

Yeah. Look at him out there.

- I've never been happier for him!
- Excuse me?

My dude is killin' it!

Well, he's taking credit for
the work you did together!

This should be tearing
you up inside!

Come on. How often do you get to
see your best bud become a star?

Why can't you just be
happy for the man?

That's it. You refuse to learn
anything so I'm ending this wish!

- How was your wish, brah?
- Awesome.

It was not, "Awesome."

Beast Boy stole your fame and you
just stood there cheering him on.

Really? Thanks for
your support, dude.

- I love you, bro.
- Ugh!

Starfire, it is your
turn to make a wish.

But beware, the
path to fulfillment

is lined with potholes
of disillusionment.

Mr. Robin.

I have done both the long and
also the hard thinking on this,

I am ready to experience
my greatest desire.

Then, step into this bush. And
let your dream become reality.

Your wish is to be a kitty cat?


I guess I can work with this.

Ah! Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Looks like the little
kitty has a hairball.

You see, the life of a putty-tat
is not so easy after all.

Wait a second, you're taking
liberties with your wish!


This is too weird. Her little
mind is a web of madness.

♪ Meow meow meow ♪

- No more, no more, no more!
- ♪ Meow meow meow meow meow ♪

Oh, what a wonderous
wishing that was!

She was a cat. There was a cat.

And a hairball. But... But...
But... it was a rainbow.

- I fell into a cat mouth...
- Bro, hey, my turn.

Huh? Right.

What is your life's wish?
And don't make it weird.

- I want a piece of cake.
- And...

- And nothing.
- You can wish for anything you

- can imagine and you want cake?
- You knows it!

Maybe you wanna think
about this a little more.

No. I wants what I wants.

Then into the bush.

And let your dream... come true.

Imma get me some of that.

How's the cake?

- It's dope.
- Tummy starting to hurt?

- Nope.
- Wish you had some milk?


- Don't you wish you had a friend to...
- Nope.

- But...
- No.

- Let me finish...
- No.

Hey, I wasn't done
with my cake, yo.

Cake is for people who listen!

Eh. Get out of there.

- Ah... doneskies.
- Ugh!

I am trying to teach you
magical life lessons

and you keep messing it up.

Is the lesson, "Wishes
are always good

and nothing bad will ever
happen if they come true"?

No, that is not the lesson!
You're supposed

to learn that wishes can
have unexpected downsides.

And you should be happy
with what you already have.

I did not pick up
on that at all.

It's my turn to have a great
wish where nothing bad happens.

I wish to get off this
island and go home.

Fine. Let's go.

Step into the bush and let
your dreams become reality.

Oh, it is the
wondefulness to be home.

I gots to get me a shower.
I am ripe.

- Sniff me, mama.
- Ew, get away from me.

I'll smell you, bro.

Whoa, doggy. Sick! Now smell me!

Nasty, bro.

You think that's bad?
Smell behind my ear.


Ugh, I'm just gonna watch
Pretty, Pretty Pegasus.

What's up with the TV?

I thought, perhaps the recording
box would make a nice hat.

- Do you like it?
- Ugh, we've been here less

than a minute and I
already hate everything.

I... I wish I was
back on the island.

Oh, really? So, you might
say that I was right!

You should watch out
for what you wish for.

- Yes.
- Yes! Knowledge bomb dropped!

Friend Robin, I must
give you the many thanks

- for helping us survive upon the island.
- Well, I learned my lesson.

- End this wish already, so we can...
- Shh.

There is something else.

I have the feelings for you.

That I hope you will reciprocate...

Boy... Boyfriend?

So, yeah. Lesson learned.
I'm canceling my wish.

Send me back! It's
all I ever wanted!

Ha! Ha-ha!