Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 42 - Pure Protein - full transcript

Still shipwrecked on the deserted island, the Titans try to find food, but stumble upon dinosaurs instead.

♪ Yeah! The skies were clear
and the water was warm ♪

♪ The sun was blazing hot ♪

♪ And where do we
find our Titan crew ♪

♪ They're all up
on their yacht ♪

♪ That's right,
they have a yacht ♪

♪ It's called the Titan Yacht ♪

♪ It's a really big yacht ♪

♪ A super dope yacht ♪

♪ They all set sail
for a day of fun ♪

♪ Full of dancing
and good food ♪

♪ Till it all came
to a sudden stop ♪

- ♪ When Beast Boy
yelled out, - "Dude!" ♪

♪ A massive wave was headed ♪

♪ Toward our frightened
Titan crew ♪

♪ They tried and tried
to outrun the swirl ♪

♪ But there was nothing
they could do ♪

♪ It crashed onto
the Titan Yacht ♪

♪ With the force of
Poseidon's rage ♪

♪ And it seemed that all
things might be lost ♪

♪ if the Titans aren't saved ♪

♪ When suddenly behind a crest ♪

♪ A heated desert isle ♪

- ♪ Just then Robin yells
out - "Whoo-hoo!" ♪

♪ And the rest went buck wild ♪

♪ It looks like
they'll be stranded ♪

- ♪ For more than just one day
- Who-ooh ♪

♪ They're most likely
to be stranded here ♪

- ♪ For the next five whole days
- Ya-aah! ♪

♪ No less than five whole days ♪

♪ For certain five whole days ♪

♪ No less than five whole days ♪

♪ For certain five whole days ♪

♪ No less than five whole days ♪

♪ For certain five whole days ♪

♪ No less than five whole days ♪

- ♪ For certain five whole days ♪
- Go! ♪

Coming at you, bro!

I do love me some
fun in the sun!

And building sand
castles is so relaxing.

Mmm... I shall never tire of
the sands betwixt my toeses.

Titans, what are you doing?

Island-living, baby!

Have you all forgotten
the dangers of

- this harsh jungle environment?
- Howdy!

The only danger I see, Robin,
is the group of friends

perhaps having too
much of the fun.

Come on bro, chillax!

Let the island melt
your cares away.

I will not!

My volleyball! My volleyball!

Life in a tropical paradise
isn't about relaxing.

It's about survival!

In order to sharpen your
survival instincts,

you'll all be participating in
a series of fun challenges!

Challenges aren't fun,
they're challenging.

Before the fun can begin,
we need to form teams.

But we already are the team!

Yeah, we're strong by ourselves,
but together we're...

This is survival! I don't
want to see any of

that huggy, buggy garbage.

To learn true survival skills,
we have to split into teams

and compete against one another.

Shouldn't we be
helping each other?

We will! By being super petty
and forming alliances!

And backstabbing!
Always backstabbing!

Stab! Stab!

I call... Not Robin's team.

- Neither do I. I'm out.
- Not Robin's team.

I'm not on a team! I'm the host.

Starfire, Cyborg, you're a team!

Beast boy, Raven, you're a team!

Nice! It's you and me, Mama...

What is this?

It's a confessional. Just
pretend I'm not here.

Kinda hard to do that.

To what will I be confessing?

ROBIN: Oh, your
thoughts or emotions

or deeply-held affection
for certain teammates?

- Pass.
- I confess! I confess!

I took Beast Boy's sunglasses!

They just look so good on me!

Phew! Feels good to get
that off my chest!

Okay, teams, your first
challenge is to find food!

- We already ordered pizzas!
- No pizza!

My pizza! My pizza! Why?!

This is survival. And survival
means eating gross things!

Let's start the challenge!

- Gross.
- Oh, that is so gross.

The first team to eat
all their bugs, wins!

I do not consent.

Bugs are full of protein,
essential vitamins and fiber!

For centuries, man
survived solely on bugs.

- What is that?!
- Coconut curry, brah!

Yum, yum! Woo-hoo-hoo!

- And I believe even one more yum.
- No yum!

My curry! My curry! Why?!

That is not survival!
This is survival!

Oh, yes! I will have a side
of maggots with my beetle.

Another grasshopper?
Oh, why not?

Let's indulge! Pure protein!

Uh-uh, I ain't eating no bugs.

Bugs are beautiful
creatures, yo.

And your breath stinks, fool.

Titans, your second
team challenge,

is to fashion clothing
from your surroundings.

What's wrong with our clothes?

What clothes?

Now, as I've just demonstrated
you never know when

you're gonna find yourself
nude and fearful in the wild!

Now, go get some leaves
and cover your shame!

Why stop at leaves? You
know what this calls for?

Island Fashion Show!

CYBORG: Ahoy there.

Here comes that stunning
Tamaranian, Starfire.

Sporting the sails of an
unlucky sailor's sunken ship.

Throw me overboard because this
merman is smoking! Ooh, wee!

And this dazzling
demon is on fire

with her super trendy
palm-frond poncho!

No! You're not doing it right!

Do I have to show you what
being naked looks like?

- Please don't.
- Behold, nakedness!

ALL: No!

Robin, are you not concerned

your pasty skin is being
attacked by the Sun?

Nothing that some cooling
mud can't soothe.

Ah... Nature's sunscreen.

Oh, look! A few friendly
leeches sucking the toxins

from my blood. Thank
you, gentlemen.

Ooh, and now it appears the
blood from the leeches

has attracted a swarm
of mosquitoes.

Or as I like to call it,
"The lunch buffet!"

Pure protein!

I am not doing this
confession thing until you

- put some clothes on!
- Ah, just go ahead, it's fine.

No it's not, it's not fine!
It's not fine at all!

Titans, your third challenge is
to vote someone off the island!

- Robin.
- Robin.

- Robin.
- Robin.

The results are inconclusive!

There is clear evidence of
vote tampering, gerrymandering

and hanging chads. So let's move on!
New challenge!

No more challenges!

Yeah, bro, we've got this
survival stuff down.

It's easy-peasy.

Oh, really? You all
feel that way?

- Absolutely!
- Oh, yes!

All right, since you're all
master survivalists...

then, I guess we can skip
to the final challenge!

I've called down an
alien big-game hunter

who will stalk us relentlessly

until he's collected all
of our skulls as trophies!

Hold on, hold on, hold on.

You called an alien skull collector.
Are you crazy, man?!

Whoa! Laser light show!

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Well, we're doomed.

He's gonna take my skull!
I love my skull!

It's my favorite skull!

Titans, listen, the only
way to survive is...

- By working together!
- No!

Haven't you listened to
anything I've said?!

We scatter. Every
man for himself!

The alien will pick
you off, one by one!

- Until only I am left standing!
- Yeah, we should work together.

Yo, I thinks we can beat
him if we act as a team.

And use the survival
lessons we learned today.

You learned nothing! I'm
getting out of here!

You won't take us, ghost!

Until you've tried some of
this delicious coconut curry.

Bruh, your gear is pretty fresh.
But how about a cape?

Ooh, it compliments
your mandibles!

Hey, come on, let's survive.
Island style.

You really have to go?

You will be dear in our hearts
for all time, Alien Hunter.

So long, buddy.

Here, take some curry
for the road, brah.


I'm gonna miss that dude.

Hey, anyone seen Robin?