Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 40 - TTG v PPG - full transcript

The Powerpuff Girls follow Mojo Jojo to the Teen Titans' home in Jump City, where he plans to take over the world with an army of monkeys. Beast Boy and Cyborg think Mojo is "pretty cool for a talking monkey", and the girls compete against Robin, Starfire, and Raven to see which is the best superhero team.

"TTG vs. PPG"

The secret lab of that most
sinister of simians, Mojo Jojo,

up to no good, no doubt.

The city of Townsville will drop
to its knees when I, Mojo Jojo,

unleash my army of cybernetically
enhanced battle monkeys.

They will cower and I,
Mojo Jojo, will laugh.

And they, the people,
not the monkeys,

will very much dislike what
I, Mojo Jojo, am doing.

And I, Mojo Jojo, will not care.

Not so fast, Mojo!

The Powerpuff Girls! Who are always
thwarting my ingenious plans.

But not today!

Okay, you have thwarted
my ingenious plan.

- But you will never catch me!
- Oh, yeah?

- Give it up, Mojo!
- Okay.

But first, enjoy this
Powerpuff Girl repellant!

Now, you must excuse me while
I, Mojo Jojo, carry out my

cybernetically enhanced battle
monkey plan in another dimension

I, Mojo Jojo, have discovered

where superheroes do not care
about stopping villains!

Mojo out!

So, we're just gonna wait for
this poisonous fog to clear

- and then go after him, right?
- Right!

A world where superheroes
do not battle villains?

What kind of awful
place could that be?

Hey, bro. Wanna hear
me beef the alphabet?

That sounds like a super fun and
disgusting way to learn my letters.

A, B, C, D...

Magic Monkey!

Hmm. Big-shouldered robot man.
Green boy wearing tights.

- You must be superheroes.
- He talks?

Check out that hat, bro!
I love him so much!

But will you still love
me when I, Mojo Jojo,

create an army of cybernetically
enhanced battle monkeys?

You're making a monkey army?

So cool! Can we'se
get in on that?

You truly are superheroes
who do not fight villains.

And you want to help me?

Uh, spend the day with a talking
monkey making a monkey army?


Monkey army! Monkey army!
Monkey army!

Oh, no, Cyborg and Beast Boy ensnared
in the evil clutches of Mojo Jojo!

Who said that?

Wait, you heard me?

- I hear you loud and clear, voice!
- Ah. Hearing voices again?

Is it the angry one, Robin?

Thank heavens! The
Powerpuff Girls!

Who are the odd floating
color-coordinated children?

The Powerpuff Girls!

That's... right.
How did you know?

The voice! That voice.

We've come from another
dimension looking

for a dangerous
villain, Mojo Jojo!

We have to do something. Your
parents must be worried sick.

- Whaaat?
- Aw, don't be scared.

We'll keep an eye on you until your
mommy and daddy come pick you up.

We don't need babysitters,
we need to stop Mojo Jojo!

And I need to do the pinchies
upon your little cheeks.

Hey! We are superheroes, not babies!
Got it?

I'm Buttercup and that's
Bubbles and Blossom.

Well, I'm Chico, and
that's Chewie and Chubby!

- What's wrong with these guys?
- Raven, don't joke like that.

Their underdeveloped baby brains
can't process your humor.

I'm Robin!


That's Raven and Starfire and...

Wait, w-where are
Cyborg and Beast Boy?

That's my jam!

Should we have told the
others where we are?

Nah, don't sweat it, bro.

I left a note saying we
were helping the monkeys.

Look, they left a note.

It says, "Help! Monkey!"

They are in the danger!

That's what we're
trying to tell you!

And you've come
here for our help

because you're tiny,
helpless babies.


- We're superheroes!
- That's right, you are.

You can be anything you
want when you grow up.

You guys aren't very good
at your jobs, are you?

That sounds like a challenge.

How did that sound
like a challenge?

The babies wish to determine which
superhero team is superior!

Let's be clear. This
is not a competition.

You want a competition?
You've got one!

The Powerpuff Girls
versus the Teen Titans!

Let the games begin! Titans, go!

- And so, the Titans and the Powerp...
- Hey! It's you again!

Robin, as the only one who could
hear him, addressed the narrator.

A narrator! I've always
wanted a narrator!

Say what I'm doing right now.

Robin lifts his leg!

Now, describe my dramatic
exit from this room.

And so, with grim
determination in his eye,

Robin dramatically
exited the room

as the others looked on with
concern for his well-being.

♪ Monkey army monkey
monkey army ♪

♪ Monkey army monkey
monkey army ♪

♪ Monk, monk, monkey
monk, monk, monkey ♪

♪ It's an army ♪

♪ There are monkeys
and it's an army ♪

♪ Monkey army monkey
monkey army ♪

♪ Monkey army monkey
monkey army ♪

Aw, Magic Monkey can't
keep up with us, yo.

So tired. But must
finish evil plan.

Don't worry, we'll
finish your monkey army.

Yeah. We're your mojo brobros.

So nice to have
such loyal brobros.

Evil, evil, evil.

- Aw, he's all tuckered out.
- I love you, Magic Monkey.

All right, we have one lead.
This note.

It's the key to tracking
Beast Boy and Cyborg.

Which one of you kids
wants to go toe to toe

- with the master investigator?
- I will! But this is not a competition!

You got that right.
You're going down.

I will analyze this
note for a clue.

A-ha! A microscopic
hair particle.

All I have to do is
extract a DNA sample,

then cross-reference the data with
all known organic life forms and...

Give me that! Hmm.

They're at the zoo.

Mojo's guards.

Leave it to me! I'll kill them...
with kindness!

I will murder them
with the kindness.

Oh, yeah? I'll punch their
teeth out with kindness.

Then I will tie them to a chair in
the basement with the kindness!

Yeah? I'll shatter their
bones with kindness.

- Then let us commence. After you.
- After you.

- No, no. After the you.
- After you!

I insist! After the you!

You! You! You!

I said after the you!

I'll handle these defenses.

Are you not going
to participate?

I just remembered, I don't care.

Yeah! Whoo!

- We just won your dumb competition.
- It wasn't a competition.

- How very immature.
- What do you expect? They're babies.

Now it is time to unveil

my army of cybernetically
enhanced battle monkeys!

♪ Monkey party monkey
monkey party ♪

♪ Monkey party monkey
monkey party ♪

What? You said you were going
to finish my monkey army!

- We did!
- It's an army of party monkeys!

Mojo is not pleased!

What now?

The Powerpuff Girls! This
time, I shall be ready!

When the Powerpuff Girls
enter my lair, I, Mojo Jojo,

will unleash upon them my entire
supply of Powerpuff Girl repellant!

And destroy them
once and for all!

And you two shall be
the bait for my trap!

Oh, no! A trap!

And the good guys are
headed straight for it!

What? A trap? Hold on.
It's the voice again.

It's not telling you
to do things, is it?

No! That would be crazy! It
tells me the things I do.

This doesn't worry you?

Oh, that is just the
Robin being the Robin.

The voice told me everything!
Mojo knows we're coming.

But don't worry!
I've got a plan.

Just a little closer. That's it!

Oh, yes! Yes! The Powerpuff
Girls are no more!

You are not the Powerpuff Girls.

- No, but we are.
- Surprise!

- Ow.
- We did it!


You girls might look like
harmless, adorable babies,

but you really are superheroes.

You're smart, strong and
you're hearts are true.

That monkey didn't
stand a chance.

Well, we couldn't have
done it without you.

- She has admitted it!
- I knew it.

Looks like the Teen Titans
win after all! Boom!

Wow. Really?

No wonder Mojo came here.
This place is the worst.

Magic Monkey. I know we should
be mad at you right now,

but it is super
cute when you talk.

And so, once again,
the day is saved!

No thanks to the Teen Titans!

Seriously, what is
wrong with those guys?