Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 33 - Wally T - full transcript

The Titans discover the magic of "fan strength," thanks to their #1 fan, Wally T!

"Wally T."

Cyborg, Beast Boy,
kid I don't know...

Wait a second! Who's
the kid I don't know?

- William Walter Thompson.
- William Walter Thompson?

- William Walter Thompson.
- William Walter Thompson?

He goes by Walter.

But we calls him...

Wally T!

Wally T?

Wally T!

Wally T?

Wally T!

Wally T.

- Stop that!
- Can't, bro.

- When someone says Wally T...
- Wally T!

- You gots to say...
- Wally T!

Wally T!

Wally T!

I see. And why is Wally...

this handsome young
gentleman in the Tower?

- Psh! He doesn't know?
- Man, what a knucklehead.

He's our number one fan, yo!

We have a fan? Are you sure?

I thought everyone considered
us an abomination.

They do. Everybody hates us.

Everyone except Wally
Walls, right here.

A Teen Titans Go fan, huh?
I don't buy it.

Tell me, Walter, do you
like the Teen Titans!

Or the Teen Titans?

- As I thought.
- Makes sense.

I don't blame him. I mean,
animation-wise, really no comparison.

Well, I don't care, as long as
you don't consider us garbage.

You don't consider
us garbage, right?

- That's good enough for me! Wally T!
- Wally T!

Whoa, who is this?

That's our boy, Wally T!

Wally T!

You are mistaken.
This is no boy.

He is all man.

Walter is a big fan
of the Teen Titans,

in general, not any one
specific interpretation,

and as such, we fall
under that umbrella.

- We have the fan?
- Yes, one.

So, this is him. The fan
that gives us our strength.

I always wondered
what he'd be like.

What are you talking
about, Raven?

As superheroes, fans
give us our strength.

Their admiration and support actually
creates an energy wave that fuels us.

Without fans, and in our case,
one fan, we are nothing.

Don't you feel stronger just being
in the same room as Walter?

I won't lie. He does make me
feel better about myself.

- But a fan can't make you stronger.
- Catch!


- This is amazing!
- This is all because

of the T Walter Thompson
Willy Wally Shamalamamamoo!

Oh, yes. And being this
close to him is making us

even stronger. Look how
strong he's making me now!

Arm's length, Raven.

- Sorry.
- If he gives us our strength,

then we gots to treat
him like the king, yo!

Agreed. Now, Wally T...

Wally T!

I want to make your wildest
fan dreams come true.

How does a Titan's
Tower tour sound?

Then prepare for an all-access
pass that takes you

behind the scenes.

And nothing is more behind the
scenes than the bathroom!

That's the sink. And over
there is the toilet.

I pee-pee in there.

- We all do, man.
- But not at the same time, Walter!

- You must understand that.
- It's a really great bathroom.

The only problem is that we're
always running out of toilet paper.

That's because you all
make toilet paper mitts,

A.K.A. the mummy wrap.
So much waste.

You gots to, bro! Check
it, Walter, my man.

You wrap your hand in T.P.
'till it's nice and sealed,

that way you stay clean,
whiles you gets clean, got it?

You should only be using
two squares, max!

Two squares, max!

Fold it over, that it all the T.P.
you need!

Hmm, does Walter really
want to know all this?

He wanted all-access,
he's getting all-access!

Now, where to next on
the all-access tour?

The crime alert!

Gizmo is attacking the
city with his robot army.

Looks like the next stop on
this tour is the battlefield!

- Titans and Wally T!
- Wally T!


Give it up, Gizmo. Your
robot rampage is over.

Because we've got Wally T!

Wally T!


That's fan strength coursing
through your veins.

Titans, go!


We are loving this
fan strength, yo!

It feels so good!

Think about how great we'd be
if we had more than one fan.

We shouldn't risk losing
the fan we already have

by going after new ones.

- Yeah, but I wants to be stronger!
- Me too!

- And I, the two as well.
- Then it's settled.

Now, there's only one proven
method for getting more fans.

Focus testing.

Okay, Walter, we are going to
show you a series of images.

If you like what you see, hit
green, if you don't, hit red.

I'm not part of the test.

Stop choosing red.

I am aware my appearance
is not appealing...

You do not have to rub it in!

Okay. Here we go.

♪ Waffles, waffles, waffles,
waffles, waffles, waffles, ♪

♪ waffles, waffles, waffles, ♪

Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.

Waffles, Starfire saying, "The,"
before every single word,

Raven's sour puss attitude,

Robin being made the
butt of all jokes...

Nevermind that last one. Well,
I think we have enough data.

If we pander shamelessly,
it could have

- disastrous consequences, Robin.
- Pander?

What do Pander bears have
to do with anything, Mama?

- We've gots to get more fans!
- Titans, go!

Recreate Walter's
favorite moments.

♪ Waffles, waffles ♪

♪ Waffles, waffles, waffles ♪

Motorcycle Monday's.

The. The. The. The. The.
The. The. The. The.

- The. The. The. The. The.
- Uh, guys, this isn't working.

- Wally left.
- Who cares!

We have to see how
many new fans we got.

Okay, Titans, our
new fan total is...

The zero?

We focused on trying
to get new fans

and we lost the only one who liked us.
Wally T.

Wally T.

No time to reflect
on our terrible

actions of ruining someone's
childhood, Gizmo's back.

Titans, go!

Give up now, Gizmo. Before
we have to get rough.

Have it your way. Titans, go!

Azarath Metrion...

- What's going on?
- Our strength has left us.

- Because our fan has left us.
- Why did we throw

everything away trying to
get more people to like us?

It was your idea, bro! And
now we're going to die!

We have our strength back!

Could it be? Wally T!

Wally T!

A real fan never leaves! No
matter how terrible we become.

A true fan will stick with you out
of a sense of obligation and duty.

That's right. I'll
be with you always.

'Cause I love you guys.
Especially you, Raven.

Now take this power
and finish the fight!

We have the power!

Oh, thank you, the
Wally Walter William.

- We'll always love you, dude.
- Make some room, guys.

You've given us so much.

We want to give you something
in return. A song.

♪ When a fan is the man ♪

♪ I'll drive a van for my fan ♪

♪ I'll hold a can for my fan ♪

♪ I even once ran for my fan ♪

♪ Today we thank you ♪

♪ For what you mean ♪

♪ It's because of you
we stay so lean ♪

♪ And when all the haters ♪

♪ Treat us mean ♪

♪ They can't hurt us 'cause
you're on our team ♪

♪ When a fan is the man ♪

♪ I'll drive a van for my fan ♪

♪ I'll hold a can for my fan ♪

♪ I even once ran for my fan ♪

♪ I even once ran for my fan ♪