Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 32 - Obinray - full transcript

The Titans start speaking Pig Latin to prevent Robin from eavesdropping.


Hey Star. Looking sparkly.

I felt there was something
missing in my life

and it was the sparkles!

Pretty! Do me! Do me!

- Ooh, pretty!
- Should we add some tassels?

We have the same mind.

Hey, hey, hey! Tassels and glitter
are against costume regulations.

- Dude! What are you doing in there?
- Nothing. I'm doing nothing.

Now, just keep talking
like I'm not even here.

'Cause I'm not.

Robin's up in the
kitchen cabinet again.

Is it because he is
friends with the cereals?

No, it was just him
eavesdropping on you

- like a creep.
- How does one "drop the eaves"?

It means, he was secretly
listening to your conversation.

Like a creep.

I was not being a creep!

I am simply listening to your
private and very personal

conversations from a hiding
place like any normal person.

I'm not a creep. I
just hate secrets.

Secrets are dangerous.

Now, continue talking.

Someone say something. I'm
not listening anymore!

I do not feel the
comfortable conversating.

I know how we can stop him
from eavesdropping on us.

I can still hear you.

With my eyes.

Oh, you like reading lips, huh?
Read this.

That language is unacceptable!

Wash your filthy mouth.

- Bro! What did you say?
- I just said, "I like pizza."

I guess we just have
to live with Robin

listening in on our
secret conversations.

There is another way.

- You mean, the Old Tongue?
- Is that wise?

Speaking the sacred language in
the presence of the uninitiated.

We have no choice.

- Our secrets must be kept.
- Then, it is decided.

We will speak in
the ways of old.

This sounds intriguing.

Good morning, Cyborg.


Er, excuse me?


You're all sounding
very secretive.

What are you trying to hide?


This is against my
no-secret policy.

- _ - Argh!

I can't understand
what you're saying.



This must be the language you spoke of.
"The Old Tongue."

It doesn't sound like any of the
ancient languages I've studied.


Aha! Obinray!

You keep saying that word
in reference to me, so,

it must mean, "Tight buns."

Armed with this piece of info,
I'll just take my obinray here

and decipher your
whole language.

No, no, no! The letters
don't line up.

But if it's not buns...
what can "obinray" mean?

Naobiyar? No.

Rainoyb? No.

Ray... Ray, ray, rainyob...
Rainboy. Rainboy! Yes!

Oh, don't get up. It's
just me, Obinray.

Or should I say, Rainboy!

Ha! I'm right, aren't I?


That must mean, "Yes." Score
one for Rainboy. Score!

Argh! I can't take this.
Teach me this language

and I promise I'll never
eavesdrop on you again.

Please! Please!



Does that mean you'll teach me?



I be understand be
everything be now be.


I be said be, I be understand
be everything be now be.


What does Obinray mean?

I be know be your be
not be talking be

about be my be tight be buns be.

- _ - _

Etslay to you! Ogay.

There has to be a way
to crack the code.

Yes be? Who be is be it be?

Gasp be!

I've read every book
on pigs in the library

and I'm still no closer to
unraveling this language.


Ah, you're probably
disappointed in me huh, George?

I just can't figure out
the connection with...


Pigs. Pigs. Pigs!

They're at every important
event in human history.

It all comes back to pigs.
That's it!

The Old Tongue seems to be
some sort of Pig Latin.

And this symbol
keeps popping up.

What, what, what, what,
what could it mean?




Yes. I have discovered your secret
and mastered this Pig Latin.

You may think it's just a fun game
but you're playing with irefay.

My research has uncovered what I
believe to be a secret society.

I don't know what their goal
is, but if it's this secret,

- it must be dangerous.
- Uh, okay, you win, Robin.

We'll stop with the Pig
Latin, but don't be crazy.

Yeah, it's not some
evil secret society.

It's just a fun play language.

Nice pin you got there.


- I'm sorry. What was that?
- Nothing. He was just

saying that we should really
be getting to the supermarket.

Oh, yes. We have no more
of the juice or eggs.

Or bacon.

So, uh, let's get that food.

Let's see where
they're really going.


I know they didn't
leave the tower.


Ow, ooh, ow, ouch, ugh!

Buy those eggs yet? You know
how I feel about secrets.

You're a good detective.
It didn't take you

long to follow the clues
Starfire planted.

- Star, not you?
- I'm orrysay.

Run! Before it's too late!



You must be the one
behind the pigs.

Show the Wise One respect.
Speak in the Old Tongue.

Be at ease, my suckling.

Though it is distasteful to us,

we can speak your ugly language.

No more secrets. I
want the uthtray!

If you believe yourself ready...


- Pigs! I knew it.
- No.


For eons we traveled!

Searching for a planet
to suit our needs.

We finally found Earth.

We used your puny species
to build us a paradise.

The plan is almost complete.

And the time nigh for
us pigs to rise up

and destroy mankind!

And then, we nap!

This is exactly why
I hate secrets.

- Titans, how could you be a part of this?
- They're just so cute.

I really wasn't
paying attention.

They have the most
adorable curly tails.

It didn't sound so
bad in Pig Latin.

All I heards was nap, yo.

Destroy them, my piglets!

Before you destroy
us, hear me out.


A moving speech. Pity.

Estroyday emthay!

He's getting away!


I am relieved to be free
of the pig's influence.

If not for Robin, we'd
be swimming in some

- dirty pig mud right now.
- Where is he, anyway?

I'm not here. Not listening
to your conversation.

What an eepcray.