Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 30 - Finally a Lesson - full transcript

Robin finally teaches the other Titans a valuable lesson.

"Finally a Lesson"

Titans, it has come
to my attention

that you have not been using
the new suggestion box.

- Yeah, we are.
- All the time.

- "Robin stinks" is not a suggestion.
- But it's true.

That doesn't make
it a suggestion!

"Consider a daily bath," or, "Wash
your clothes more regularly,"

or, "Mouthwash, use it."
These are suggestions.

Ah, then those! Those are
the suggestions from us.

The whole reason for
the suggestion box

is to have a thoughtful way to address
the flaws in the Teen Titans.

Fortunately, someone has put a
helpful suggestion in here.

- Hmm, that looks like your handwriting.
- Well, it's not.

Anonymous has suggested that
the leader of the Titans,

Robin, that would be me, should
teach more life lessons.

Life lessons? That sounds so
inspirational and life-affirming.

Ooh, may I suggest the
teaching of the lesson

regarding the value
of friendship?

Sorry, dudes, I don't
have time for lessons.

I gots to hang out with some
cool rollerblading dudes.

You don't wanna learn
about friendship with us?

I already know about friendship.

Be friends with cool dudes.
Later, lame-os.

Uh, guys? Isn't this
destroying property?

I don't wanna get in trouble.

Man, you a nerd if you don't
wanna do the graffiti on walls.

Come on, other cool rollerblading dudes.
Let's blade out.

- Aww.
- You look like you could use the friend.

You guys aren't mad at me for
ditching you to hang out

with the cool
rollerblading dudes?

Nah, we know how to
rollerblade with the punches.

I guess your real friends are the
ones who always have your back.


That was the most boring and
obvious scenario in the world.

But at least Beast Boy
learned the good lesson.

I'm going to teach
you a real lesson.

One that will benefit you for
years and years to come.

- Is it the importance of trust?
- That cheating is bad?

- That it's okay to be different?
- To not hide in

the abandoned refrigerator
because you may suffocate?

Those are all garbage lessons!

Except for the refrigerator one.
That's good to know.

But those other lessons are all
super obvious facts everybody's

already learned. The lesson
I'm going to teach you is

how to buy rental property
as a long term investment.

Rental property?

You wanna talk to us about
buying rental property?

I don't even know
what that means.

Rental property is a place that you
buy that other people live in.

Oh... I still don't understand.

Actually, that sounds
super boring, bro.

Well, it is, but no one else is
teaching this valuable information.

Rental property is one of the
best ways to build equity.

- Please, what is the equity?
- Oh, you wanna jump right in. Great!

Equity is the amount of a
property you truly own.

It's the difference
between your loan balance

and your property's
market value.

If you sold your property
and paid off the bank,

the value of your equity is
what you'd walk away with.

When you build equity,

you increase the net
value of your asset.

One way to do this is by
paying off your mortgage...

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Beastie's right. This
sounds super boring.

Yeah, you can't make
me build equity!

Those words make me feel weird.

If you will excuse me, I
must rest my brain now.

Huh. Okay.

I thought you guys would
like to make a lot of money.

- Money?
- Why didn't you just say that?

I did. Equity is just
another word for money.


It is also another
word for the horsies.

Just tell us hows to
make that money, bro.

First things first.

We have to find the right
rental property to buy,

and I've had my eye
on just the place.

- Ooh, the place is the glorious!
- It's even got a doorman.

What up, doorman.

Guys, check out these potted plants!
So lush.

- We'll take it.
- Oh, oh, no.

That's not the property
we're looking at. This is.

Ooh, that place looks... rough.

And isn't this the place
where bad guys live?

- It don't even have a doorman.
- Sure, it does.


Why would we buy the
rundown building?

Because where other buyers
see a rundown building

with leaky pipes,
bugs and Sticky Joe,

I see a chance to build equity.

Oh! He said that
money word again!

- I wish to build the equestrian.
- Great!

Let's put in a lowball offer
and see if they take it.

Hello. Uh-huh. Okay.

Yes. Right.

Good news! Our offer
was accepted.

We bought a whole building, yo!

Not yet. We still need
to find financing.

Financing? Stop using words
that don't make any sense!

Financing is how we're gonna
pay for the property.

And, pray, tell, how
much is the building?


Are you crazy?!

That is more money than
anyone's ever had!


The rents from the building
will cover most of the cost.

We just need 20% down, so...


Are you crazy?!

That is more money than
anyone's ever had!

Yes, saving that kind of money

will require hard
work and effort.

Or, we can do what
everyone else does.

Ask someone who's already put
in the hard work and effort.

Hello, Batman?

Uh, I'm going to need some money
to build a crime fighting lab.

20% down!

Yeah, 20%. Yeah, 20%.

Put it down, put it
down, put it down!

- Let it fly!
- Do not let your down payment fly!

Robin, there is something
I do not understand.

How do we purchase the property
with only 20% of the price?

The rest will come
from a bank loan.

Aww! I thought the
boring part was over!

It's all boring, but
fun at the same time.

But mostly boring.

Now, let's get into the
nitty-gritty of the loan process.

The first thing we're going to have
to consider is our credit score.

A credit score is measure
of one's credit worthiness.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Those words be making
our heads hurt, yo.

I never said this would be easy.

I'm trying to help you
make a great investment.

Oh, this important info
like a hammer to the skull!

I know something that
will hurt even more

than this important information.

The boring info
still hurts more.

Ow! Ow, that hurts!

But not as much as learning
about credit scores.


Yeah, that hurt more

than having to think about
securing the right lender.

Now I would finally rather
listen to you, Robin.

Excellent. I know this is a lot
of information to take in,

so let's take a break
and do something fun.

You said we would be doing
the fun activities.

Filling out paperwork is fun.

It's like drawing with words

on a specific line with specific
information. Whoo! Hey.

Doesn't my good faith estimate
look like a dinosaur? Roar!


Ugh, I'm starting to worry
this is going nowheres.

Yeah, this had better lead
to us fighting someone

or something interesting.

Sadly, no. Today is just
important information.

Don't worry. I promise
you this will all lead

to a very satisfying end.
Very satisfying.

Congratulations, Titans!

We are now the owners
of a rental property!

Soon, this place will be
making us some good money.

Don't you mean "some
good equity"?

- Uh-oh, Titans! It's Brother Blood.
- What is his evil scheme?

He has demanded we
fix his toilet.

- Tell him to fix it himself!
- I can't. He lives here.

So, as landlords, the broken
toilet is our responsibility.

- That is so gross, bro.
- And if we refuse?

Then he can withhold
his rent money.

And we will lose equity.

This, we cannot allow!

Titans, go... maintain the
quality of this building!

All this hard work is
making me tired, yo.

This is what we
call sweat equity.

Ew, I don't want sweaty money.

The damp currency.

Who cares if the cash is wet?
We're getting rich!

About that, I've just made
a terrible discovery.

The building is rent controlled.

What does that mean?

It means the tenants in
this building are paying

below market value for
these apartments.

Then let's evict
these scoundrels.

That's technically illegal. Renters
have rights, unfortunately.

There has to be a way to
get rid of these people!

We can't terminate their leases, but
maybe they'll leave on their own.

If you know what I mean.

Attention, villains!

The below market rent you
are paying is criminal.

Taste the justice
of a free market.

Titans, evict!

It is such a shame they
decided to do the moving out.

Now we can raise the rents
back to market value.

- We're rich!
- Well, not yet.

It takes decades to
actually build equity,

but in 30 years, it will
provide a modest cash flow

to pay for our numerous
old people medications.

This looks like a rad place to
hang out, blades. Let's move in.

Let it fly!

Hi, I'm Robin of
the Teen Titans.

I know we've had a
lot of laughs today,

but planning for your
future is no joke.

For more information about
investing in rental property,

visit your library, or
talk to a local realtor.