Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 15 - BBBDAY! - full transcript

It's Beast Boy's birthday! Will the other Titans remember?

"BBB Day"

Oh, yeah!

♪ Oh, my name is B-Boy ♪

♪ Today's my B-day ♪

♪ I wanna eat some B-cake ♪

♪ Yummy, yummy B-cake ♪

Ah, bro... today, you are
the center of the universe.

Now, get out there and make
your friends sing you a song,

watch you blow out candles
and open up presents!

What's happening, everybodies!

- Look at you.
- Yeah, you will, all day long.

Ooh, someone is feeling
the good feelings.

That's right!
'Cause today is my special day.

What's so special about today?

Oh, you.
Like you don't know, come on.

Let's get this party started.

Mmm, there are no
parties scheduled today.

Oh, I get it.

You're all doing "it's a surprise"
style thing. I love it!

- I'll just step out of the room for a moment.
- Make it a decade.

Ah, getting roasted on
my special day... classic.

One, two, cake is in the room.

Three, four, five, candles lit.

Six, seven, eight, party hats on.

Nine, ten.
They're ready.

You guys, you didn't have to...

Oh, you need more time to set up?
Okay, I'll be back.

No way!


- You shouldn't have...
- Will you stop that?!

We are trying to quietly
enjoy our activities.

Oh, man, you guys must
have some big plans.

What's in there?

What are you doing?

I thought maybe you had
something for me that's like,

square with colorful wrapping and a bow.

- You know what I'm saying?
- You're freaking me out, dude.

- Criminals.
- Good cover, dude.

Does this crime involve
cake and wrapping paper?

No, there's a herd of
elephants on a murder spree.


while you take care of all
those elephant-murderers,

- I will wait here, ready to be surprised.
- Whatever.

Titans, go!

Oh, they forgot my birthday.

Oh, great party, bros.

Okay, time for you to
watch me open my presents.

Today is all about you.

Oh, how cool. Wow.

So thoughtful.

Open mine next.

Bro, what are you doing?

Just enjoying my birthday
since my real friends forgot.


We did not do the forgetting.

Yeah, dude, we knew
it was your birthday.

Then why didn't you treat me like
I'm the center of the universe?

Because other people's
birthdays are so boring.

Awkwardly singing that birthday song.

The eating of the cake with the
spittle and the candle waxes upon it.

Watching gifts being opened
and pretending to care.

"Ooh, open another box
with some dumb trash in it."

It's the worst.

I'm sorry my birthday
is such a bummer for you.

But it's nice to have one day a year
when all the attention's on me.

I totally forgot it was your birthday!
You guys should've told me.

You're the only one who
really cares about me, Ray-Ray.

- Ow.
- I don't care about you.

There are cosmic consequences
to forgetting someone's birthday.

- What time is it?
- Almost midnight.

Taking down those murderous
elephants took all day.

This is bad.
We have to shower him

with attention before the day is over.

Okay, he has cake, presents,
we just need to sing to him.

Everybody, come on.

- # Happy... #
- No!

Do not sing that song!

- But, it's the only way to...
- That song is off limits!

- We can't afford it.
- We have to pay to sing the birthday song?

Unfortunately, yes.

Why would they use such a beloved
song for their own financial gain?

We're running out of time.
Come on, sing.

But there is only one the birthday song.

- Just make one up.
- Easier said than done.

The Happy Birthday song is perfect.

Simple, on point, great melody.

- Bleh.
- Oh...

What a lovely baby.
Oh, say "Starfire."

Say "Aunty Starfire."

- Lucky baby.
- So, Beast Boy is a baby,

because we didn't
celebrate his birthday?

When we go to birthday parties
and just stare at the person

while they eat cake and open presents,
we create time anchors

allowing the individual
to grow older naturally.

Without those anchors the universe
has no idea how old you are,

and you can see the
results for yourself.

Did I ever tell you about
the time I got a free onion?

There was green ones, red ones...

Ooh, my hip.

There must be something
we can do to fix him.

What if we sing to him now?

- # Happy... #
- Too expensive!

Even if we could afford the rights
to sing that song, it wouldn't work.

The only way to save him
is to celebrate his birthday

at the center of the universe.

The journey is perilous.
We may not make it back.

- Well, maybe he's not so bad this way.
- The baby is adorable.

And the senior has wonderful stories.

You're forgetting, middle age.


Let's go.

Welcome to the center of the universe.

Where everyone wants
to be on their birthday.

So festive!

Don't let the bows and
goody bags fool you.

This place is super boring.

If we don't complete
all the birthday rituals

before that sparkler burns down,
we'll be stuck here.

And we'll have to clean
up after the party.

We can't let that happen.

Then let's start with
the most important part,

the song.

♪ Happy... ♪

We do not have the budget for that song!


We'll just, uh, make up a birthday song.
How hard is that?

♪ Hey, you, great job being born ♪

♪ You stayed alive again this year ♪

♪ La, la, la
you are the amazing ♪

♪ Birthday person ♪

♪ Cake ♪

♪ With too much frosting ♪

- Did it work?
- Yeah.

For this next ritual
we have to take a good

picture of Beast Boy
while he blows out his candles.

How is the baby supposed
to blow out the candles?

He doesn't have the lung capacity.

He's too young to even
know what's going on.

I agree, it's all pointless
but we have no choice.

Ah, Beast Boy...

Hey... look at the camera.

Look over here, Beast Boy.

Look... Look at the camera!

He won't look at me.
Guys, help me get his attention!

- Beasty, woo-hoo...
- Look at the little shiny thing.

It's working.
Bigger faces, funnier noises.

Look at me.
Just look over here. Look at me.

I'm dancin'. I'm dancin'.
I'm movin'.

Now, he needs to blow out his candles.

Can you make the blowing for Starfire?

Ooh, yes, you can...

Oh, yes, you can.

Ew! Who wants to eat a cake

with spit and candle wax on it?
I don't!

He did it!

- No, a trick candle!
- Ah, I hate those things.

No one thinks they're funny.

Did I ever tell you
how I got this watch?

He did it.
It was disgusting, but he did it.

This is the last birthday ritual.

We have to watch Beast
Boy open a present

and pretend to be interested.


Don't get cocky.
It's harder than you think.

A present, for me?
So thoughtful.

I'll just gently peel back the tape

so we can save this
beautiful wrapping paper.

- He is taking all for of the evers.
- Open it already.

Remember, we have to
pretend to enjoy this.

How can I, when the
present isn't for me?

Can you at least smile awkwardly?

So boring.

- Oh, so skillfully...
- Wow, that's a smart looking t-shirt there.

We did it!

Aw, yeah...

We have to get back, come on.

Everyone, through the door,
before the sparkler burns out.

Sorry, I forgot your
birthday, Beast Boy.

And we are sorry we
intentionally ignored it.

We had no idea it was so important

to stare at you all day and
pretend to care about you.

It's cool.

Now, let's eat this cake!

- With the spit and wax all over it?
- Yeah, boy!