Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 52 - Some of Their Parts - full transcript

Beast Boy finds a box of cool stuff collected from missions over the years, including the prism that separated Raven into five parts. Robin decides to split each Titan with the prism so he can choose only the best parts for his ideal crime fighting team.

"Some of Their Parts"

- Guess what, guys?!
- You're moving out? Nice.

- I'll help you pack.
- I'm not moving out, fool.


I found this box under my bed.

- Ooh, what is inside?
- It's a bunch of cool junk

I've collected on
missions over the years.

Ooh! Let's open it up, bro.

Hat party!


Huh. I was wondering
what happened to this.

Finally free from that wretched box.

For your kindness, I shall
reward you with immortality...

Boring! What else is in there?

- Ooh! Shiny.
- I remember that bad boy.

We just split Raven
into five versions of herself.

One purple Raven coming up.

- Think fast, mama!
- Ha!

Hey, I wanted some

No smoochie-smoochies.
This prism is nothing but trouble.

A person is greater than
the sum of their parts.

We can't just split each
other into the parts we like.

You take the good with the bad.
That's what friendship is.

Then is it wrong for me to
like this Silkie the best?


I feel the shame.

Sure, I'd love to
isolate Raven's intensity,

or Cyborg's determination.

You like something about me?

Or Starfire's strength,
or Beast Boy's, uh...

I don't know.
What's his best trait?

- Uh...
- Does he have one?

Even his good stuff's awful.

- I'm kinda hungry.
- Yeah, sure, that.

And if I did isolate your best traits
I'd have the most elite

and focused crime-fighting
team on the planet.

And, yes, you'd all
be much less annoying,

and, of course, I could
lead more efficiently.

In fact, it would be a dream come true.

But would we be the Teen Titans?

No. We would be better!

Uh, what's going on?

Tell me, Cyborg,

have you ever wondered why
a gardener prunes a tree?

Nope, but I like me some prunes.

Let's try that again.
Tell me, Cyborg,

why does the farmer separate
the wheat from the chaff?

Beats me, but all this food
talk is making me hungry.

Never mind.

I'm going to use the prism to divide

you into the five core
parts of your personality,

isolate the best and ditch the rest.

- Ready?
- No.


You wanna hear something funny?

No. You're the jokester part of Cyborg.

- Well, I've got a joke. Knock, knock.
- Who's there?

Not you!
So, what's your deal?

- Uh, I just wanna veg.
- Next!

What is more important in a battle,
strength or strategy?

They're both great!

Ow! You're even louder
than regular Cyborg.

Yes, I am, and I love it!

I said, "Woo-hoo!"

Oh. You're his enthusiasm, aren't you?

You know it!
Boo-yah ska-doo!

- Sir!
- Ooh! I like you already. Question.

When entering a hostile
situation, what's the first...

Sir, scan the area.

Target hostiles, avoid
civilians, destroy.

And we have a winner!

- But I haven't even...
- Nobody cares!

Sir, the five parts
of Beast Boy's personality

seem to be more or less the same, sir!

- 'Sup.
- Hey.

Beast Boy is a simple creature.

No, we're all completely different, bro.

I'm a little hungrier than these guys.

I'm a little sleepy.
Ah, that said, I could eat.

- Yeah, me too.
- Totes.

- What do you think?
- Sir, it is the opinion of this soldier

that they would all be
ineffective in a combat scenario.

However, one would be useful
as a human shield, sir!

Cannon fodder, good idea. Uh...

- You.
- Sweet.

Let's take the purple one.
I like the way she's looking at me.

- Absolutely not.
- Aw...

- I like the angry one, sir.
- Agreed.

Show me to the field of battle.

This one would make a great hero, sir!

Not bad, but I'd like
to speak to the rest.

For Star, I'm looking for someone
who can demonstrate commitment...

to our team.

Starfires, will you marry me?
Any of you?

- No.
- No!



- Robin?
- Yes!

I once wore the tuna salad as a hat.

Barbarian Starfire it is.

Look at this beautiful new team.

Sir, may I drop and give you 20, sir?

Go nuts.

- I hate introductions!
- Noted.

- I will bathe in the blood of my enemies.
- Love the enthusiasm!

And Beast Boy,
the Human Shield!


Crime alert.

Sir, awaiting your command, sir!

That's everything I've always wanted.
Titans, go!

Moving to position!
Covering fire!

Double Delta formation.

You all make me so mad!

Why do I have
to be the Human Shield?


Dang, I'm good.

What a team! Although I do
miss the fun-loving Cyborg,

and the sweet Starfire.

Raven always wonderfully enigmatic.

Beast Boy...
was more or less the same.

What have I done?

Oh, that's right!

I just formed the best
superhero team ever!

Sorry, Justice League!

Sir, yes, sir!

I'm dancing.
Watch out.

Sir. Permission to speak freely, sir?

Permission granted.

Sir. I could watch you
dance all night. Sir!

You guys are the best.

In fact, the only way I
could create a better team...

Whoa, is if I divided
myself into five parts.

New plan!

Robin, what're you doing?

Don't you think you've
taken this too far?

Not far enough.

Think of it.
Five Robins on one team.

Each with his own strength.

Huh. I wonder what my
five core traits are.

Heroic, confident, fearless.

Is handsome a personality trait?

Only one way to find out.

Not five Robins.


Oh, no, it's his craziness.

Gotta be perfect. Gotta be perfect.
Gotta be perfect.

Oh, no. Perfectionist.
He's the worst.

Perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect!

I know it was you.
You're the one. Now talk.

- Talk!
- This must represent his obsessive side.

I'm not obsessive,
I'm detail-oriented.

That's what makes me a great detective.


They're all against me.

They're all against me. Get away.

Get away, get away, get away, get away!

I'd recognize that paranoia anywhere.

Titans, go! Go!
Why isn't anyone going?

- Listen to me!
- And the control freak, check.

Yep, I know these guys very well.

We must get the Robins
back in the prism.


You'll never combine us now!

Help us, Silkies!
You are our only hope!



Sorry about that, guys.

I really thought my core
personality traits would be cooler.

It's like you said,

"you're greater than
the sum of your parts."

We all are.

Not all of us.

Mmm. Hey there.