Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 51 - More of the Same - full transcript

The Titans practice New Year's Eve traditions so that, for once, they can perform them all correctly and have a good rest of the year.

"More of the Same"

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Titans! We've been
waiting for this all year.

Tonight, is New Year's Eve!

I can't wait to get my midnight
smoochie-smoochie on!

And I may finally release

the Christmas tree back into the wild!

Be free! Be free!

I just wanna see that ball drop!

Oh, yeah! Tonight we're
gonna party like...

- tonight!
- Yes.

Party! Whoo-hoo!
What a great time!

Until you ruin it again
like you did last year!

My bad, bro!

I shouldn't have invited that
pack of wild dogs. I know.

Fortunately, New Year's Eve is a time

to wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

But only if we observe the New
Year's Eve traditions properly.

We blew it last year
and look what happened!

- Our year was garbage!
- The February!

And we didn't keep any of
our New Year's resolutions!

What are you talking about?
I kept my resolution.

Tight as a drum!

I like sandwiches. And ice cream.
Don't judge me!

Tonight, we will have
the perfect celebration

to ensure a happy new year.

But to do it, we're
going to have to train.

- Raven, explain.
- The perfect New Year's Eve celebration

involves four traditions we must master.

The toast, the countdown,
the midnight kiss and

the singing of that weird
song no one knows the words to.

Yo, I gots toasts for days!

- What's next?
- Not that kind of toast!

A toast is when you
say a few profound words

about your friends and the future.
Cyborg, toast me.

Oh, uh... I'd like to say...

You are people!

- Cheers!
- Unacceptable!

- Starfire. Toast me.
- As we say on Tamaran...


But not profound enough!

Raven. Toast me.

- So, uh, next year we might die!
- Too dark!

Beast Boy. Toast me.

Um... may your horse not
pee-pee on your shoe

and the devil not look
at you in the coming year.

What does that even mean?

- Ow!
- Moving on!

Let's try the countdown.

Who can't count backwards?

What? There's something
called counting backwards?

You know, Beastie, you start
at 10 and you go to 1.

No, I don't know!
I don't know at all!

- I can barely count forwards!
- Our year is depending on it, Beast Boy.

- Now focus!
- Ahhh!

Uh, okay, I got this.




This isn't so hard.

It took you 10 seconds to
get through four seconds!

- Moving on!
- Ahhh!

- Next up, perfecting the midnight kiss.
- Uh, what are the pens for?

To draw the perfect match on your
hand for kissing practice, obviously.

Now go ahead. Don't be shy!

I love a girl with a sense of humor.


Looking good, marker mama!

And you're one hot hombre.

The dreamy.

Ooh, nice mustache, you little hipster!

No, no, eyelashes are wrong,
erase, erase! Redraw!

- Yes, yes, beautiful!
- You almost done, bro?

I'm ready to get my smooch on!

She needs to be perfect!

And, there!

Oh, Robin!

I do not know if I can
wait until the midnight!

Of course you can't.

But you must!

Now, these kisses should
be tender and respectful,

but with enough passion
to kindle the flames

of a long life together.

Titans, kiss!

I've waited a long time for this moment.

Oh, Robin!
What is that foul odor?

What? Oh, no, no!
I had fish and onions for dinner!

I am sorry, but I cannot
kiss the onion-fish mouth!

What was I thinking?

Why am I always sabotaging myself?

I'll, uh...
work on it.

Moving on! The singing
of that weird song no

one knows the words to.
Okay, Titans. Sing.

That's not how the song goes!

No one knows the words, dude!

Well, I do. Now, sit back and listen
to these bittersweet lyrics.

I like our version better.

I think we're ready.

Let's take a practice run.
Cyborg, toast!

As I look around
this room, I see a shared past,

a wonderful present and a bright future.

We are more than friends,
we are family.

To the Teen Titians.

May our bonds grow stronger
as we grow older.

Long winded, but sweet.

Beast Boy! Countdown.

Ah! I'm moonwalking
with numbers! Yo!

Starfire. The midnight kiss.

I wish I was your hand.

Raven. Song.

I think those are the lyrics.

Titans! To the countdown!

Yo, I can't wait for this
terrible year to be over

so I can get a good one going.

I am actually looking
forward to the February.

For the first time, our
future is looking bright!

It's almost midnight, Titans!
Let's ring in the new year!

I got this! Uh, ten...

- Ten...
- Not yet, Beast Boy!

My toast!
I have to say words!

Cyborg! Beast Boy!
Keep it together!

Uh, nine...

Numbers, numbers!
More numbers!

Am I to be the kissing now?

What? Wait, no! No!

- Save it for me!
- Oh, my toast! My buttery toast!

The kiss! The kiss!

Wrong song, Raven, wrong song!

Okay, we had another bad year,
but tonight is New Year's Eve!

And we can turn it all around!

Next year will only get better!

- Are you ready?
- Oh, yeah!

- Whoo-hoo!
- ROBIN: No, no! What are you doing?

I have a good feeling
about this year, Titans.

Give it up, Robin. We'll never
break this cycle of misery.

- My shoes hurt.
- Then maybe it's time

to take things into our
liver-spotted hands

and pay a visit to those responsible

for this endless cycle of misery.

There they are.
The masters of time.

Why have you entered our domain, Titans?

We want a good year for once.
We are bummed out!

Never! Watching you
repeat the same mistakes

year after year is too much fun.

Good stuff. Very funny.

Then you leave us no choice.
Titans, go!

What are you waiting for?
Come on, fight the baby!

I'm not gonna fight a baby!

Then fight the old man!
Just pick one!

Baby! Go play!

Oy vey!

Respect your elders.

You won't find me so
easy to defeat, Titans.


Hey! I need that to stand.

- You can have it back...
- If you promise to give us a good year.

Mmm. Very well.
Enjoy your year, Titans.

Yes! We did it!

Happy new year!