Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 47 - Campfire Stories - full transcript

The Titans are having a terrible time on their camping trip, so Robin suggests that they each tell a scary campfire story.

"Campfire Stories"

Ah! The great outdoors!

What's so great about it?
We're sleeping on rocks!


And all there is to
eat is beef jerky. Blah!

- And there are no toilets.
- I am still the confused

as to why we are
sleeping out of the doors!

Is the Tower broken?

No! We're out here
because camping is fun!

Hiking, making s'mores, campfires...

- Mosquito bites.
- Wild animal attacks.

The body odors.

- Can we go home?
- No! You are having too much fun!

Fine! Let's just watch some TV.

Where are you going to plug in a TV?

- He's right! I don't see any outlets!
- You mean... no TV?

We don't need TV to entertain us!

That's what scary
campfire stories are for.

Huh! That could be fun.

- You think my idea could be fun?
- Sure! Why not?

And you're going to do it, and
I don't have to scream at anyone?

- It sounds the delightful.
- Keep it together, Robin.

Don't blow this.
For once they're all excited.

Hmm, not me.
I still want to go home.

Three out of four! I'll take it!

- Who wants to go first?
- I do! I gots a super scary story!

I just hope you all brought
a change of underpants.

So, there was this
lumberjack dude who was lost

in the woods and all walking
around in circles like a fool.

He was like, "Man, I'm crazy lost and
walking around in circles like a fool."

But then he found a
cabin, and he was all like,

"Cool. I'm gonna just chill in here."

But what he didn't know

is that some other lumberjack
dude said it was haunted.

That place is so haunted.

So the lumberjack dude
was all chilling when he heard it!

Some creepy voice...

I got you where I want you.
Now I'm gonna eat you.

The lumberjack dude, well, he's
been around the block a few times

and isn't that scared by it,
so he starts chilling again!

But the creepy voice
started again, only louder!

I got you where I want you!

Now I'm gonna eat you!

This lumberjack
dude is getting creeped out.

He's all like, "I need to find out
where that creepy voice is coming from!"

I got you where I want you.

Now I'm gonna eat you.

He accidently finds
this secret hidden room.

Crazy spooky!

The lumberjack dude was like,

"I'mma go into that
creepy hidden room, yo!"

It was completely empty,

except for this weird,
spooky tiny stage.

He pulled the curtain back
and you know what he saw?

A crazy little monkey with a
booger on his finger saying,

"I got you where I want you.
Now I'm gonna eat you!"

- Aw, really?
- That was the disgusting.

Oh, I got you so good!
You should see your faces!


That's for telling a
story about a booger!

Seriously, can we go home now?

First, I wish to attempt the
telling of the spooky story.

On a scary day, the friends were
having the good friend times.

And doing the regular friend
things, until the spooky

ghost man came from his
grave, and scared everyone!

I am the spooky ghost man,
and I am haunting you!

The friends narrowly escaped!

The spooky ghost man was very scary,

but they were safe from his
hauntings in the bushy bush.

They all breathed the breath
of relief, until they realized

the ghost had their ball!


Pew, pew, pew!
Thunders, thunders, lightnings!

"What should we do?" they cried!

If we do not have the ball, we
cannot play the catch!

Then the spooky ghost man returned,

and he said, "I'm sorry I scared you.

"I am the socially awkward!"

He was very sorry
about scaring everyone,

and brought the ball for the friends,

so they could all enjoy
playing the catch together.

Oh! And there were also two wolfmans!

Woof! Woof woof!
Woof! Woof!

It seems I have succeeded
in the telling of the spooky story!

Nah, that's just Robin
getting mauled by a bear.

The bear is eating me!
He is eating me!

Huh, he must have smelled the s'mores.

Can we just go home?

Nope! 'Cause it's my
turn for a scary story!

I was out one night
taking a relaxing night drive,

eating some peanuts, you know,
got some of that good music going,

when suddenly, there's a
breaking news report on the radio.

We interrupt this broadcast to report

an escaped mental patient on the loose.

He is dangerous, and he
has a hook for a hand.

Police recommend you stay inside
and lock all doors and windows.

So I'm eating my nuts, and I hear
this report, you know, and I say,

And I flip my car around and go home.

I'm not about to be driving
around at night when there's crazy

pants hook-hand dude creeping
around in the bushes. No way!

So later that night,
I'm at home, you know,

doors locked, eating some peanuts, got some
of that good music going, and suddenly...

So I pick it up!

- What up, what up?
- But there's no one on the line.

So I listen closer, and I hear...

I hang up, and I think, I should
just ignore this prank caller.

Then I say, "Nuh-uh!",
and I call the police,

demand they come over to
the Tower, and investigate.

And it's a good thing I did.

There was some creepy prowler
calling from inside the house!

They arrested him, of course.
I had to go to the police

station and ID him, testify
against him in a court of law.

It was a whole process,
man, but the system worked!

And he's gonna be in jail
for a very long time.

Point being, you can
never be too careful.

There's a lot of crazies out there.
Hoo, doggie!

That wasn't scary at all, Cyborg.

It has given me the sleepies.

So disappointed, brah.

What can I say?
I'm a very cautious person.

Okay. Well then, time to go home.

- Don't you want to hear my scary story?
- Absolutely not.

Great! And what makes
my story extra scary

is that it's all true.

It was a dark and stormy night,
and I forgot my umbrella.

So I got completely soaked.
It was terrible!

The hair I spent hours on, ruined!

Normally, this would
be a big deal by itself,

but tonight,
I had a date with a real girl.

In your face, everybody who
said it would never happen!

I had purposely shown up late

because I didn't want to
be the first one to arrive.

But there was no sign of her.

I started to get nervous.

Did I look like a loser
sitting there all alone?

Was everyone thinking I
was eating yet another meal

all by myself? So what if
I like to eat by myself?

Robin, party of one?
More like, Robin, party of fun!

With what felt like a million
beady eyes staring at me,

I had to get out of there.
I was starting to sweat.

So I tried to cool off.

Instead, I splashed
water all over my pants!

Everyone was going to
think I peed myself!

But it was water, just water!

Sure, it looks like pee, but it's not!
It was water!

I didn't pee myself!
I haven't done that in a very long time.

I tried to stay calm, but that's
when I heard the scariest sound ever.

It was my stomach!

I decided to order, and also eat the box
of chocolates I'd brought for my date.

She never came.
But the check did.

I'd assumed my date would
be paying for the meal,

so I didn't bring my wallet.
Not knowing what to do,

I ran and ran and ran and ran,
and never stopped running!

And it's all true.

- You are a sad little man, aren't you?
- Yes, I am.

Well, that was terrifying.
Now can we go home?

Not until you have told
the scary story, Raven.

You want a scary story?

Once upon a time, a creature
of darkness crawled into the world.

The light hurt her eyes, so
she shut all but two of them.

To hide herself from the light, she
wrapped herself in a cloak of darkness.

The lady in the cloak made friends.

A man made of tin.
A princess.

A hyena.
And a tiny, tiny little elf.

Together they did noble deeds,

and for a time the lady in
the cloak lived as one of them.

Over time she grew weary.

"Booyah!" yelled the tin man.

"Train! Pay attention!
Mandatory meetings!"

screeched the tiny, tiny little elf.

The hyena laughed and laughed,

and the princess, well, she was cool.

But every day, they grew louder,
and louder, and louder!

Until one night...
she snapped!

Throwing aside her cloak,

they saw she was a monster
that had been hiding among them.

Her fingers became claws,
her teeth, razors.

She opened all of her hideous eyes.

Then, fast as a serpent, she ate them!

One by one.

What, uh...
What happened to the monster?


Because I'm the monster!

Retreat to the Tower!

So... we're going home?

I love campfire stories.