Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Money Grandma - full transcript

2x04 - Money Grandma

Guys, I stayed up all night
making this amazing video

and I wanted to share it
with my closest friends.

- Oh, wonderful.
- Well, share away, bro.

Somebody's flexing
their creative muscles.

Why not?

You know him as a superhero.

- Aw, you made a video about me?
- Quiet.

But did you know that
Cyborg is also a gigantic jerk?

No, I did not know that.

Just look at what the security
cameras caught him saying

about his best friend Beast Boy.

Dude, I think Beast Boy's
super lame and so annoying.


- Cyborg, how could you?
- What? I never said...

That was taken out of context!

And if you think that's bad, just
look what we caught Beast Boy saying.

Yeah, bro. Cyborg is gross
and stupid and super weird.

- What?
- You really think I'm super weird?

Guys, obviously he just edited those
clips together to make you look bad.

You're the one who's annoying!

I'm not the one who's gross, not me!

Okay, okay, you're
gonna miss the best part.

This election, vote for a leader whose
not afraid to tell you the hard truth.

Vote for Robin.

This message was paid for by the
Teen Titans and endorsed by Robin.

The views expressed may
or may not be accurate.

Any resemblances to real
persons is purely coincidental.

- Oh, that was very well made, Robin.
- What was all that about?

The election for team
leader is coming up.

And I'm ready to do
whatever it takes to win.

But I'm not even running
against you. No one is.

Exactly. I crush my opponents
even before they start.

How do you think George Washington
became the first president?

By inspiring a country with is
military leadership and humility?

That's lame.

I would have been a better
president than that doofus.

Do we even vote for team leader?

Don't you remember last year?

One vote for Robin.

Oh, and no one else voted.

That makes it official.
Robin is reelected as team leader.

Congratulations, Robin.

Thank you, thank you.
It is an honor.

You're going to do great,
you handsome little man.

I'm expecting another landslide victory.

So, you losers better not even
think about running against me.

Can I count on your vote?

Whoo! Whoo!

Titans, go!

Friends, look.
The television is speaking of us.

Breaking news. The teen
Titans save the day again

and it's all caught on video.

Oh, this must be from my epic victory
against the H.I.V.E. yesterday.

Your victory? We were all there.

That's not how I remember it.

Let's just watch the video I
provided the local news station.

Really, bro? How could you?

Yes, Robin, how could
you keep your four amazing

quadruplet brothers a secret
for all of these years?

I wish to meet the one with
the physique similar to mine.

No. How could you take
credit for our work?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

But I think we can all agree

the video proves I would
make the best leader.

He has finally gone too far.

Someone needs to talk
some sense into him.

And I know exactly who.

Hey, what's up guys?

Robin, we feel you have lost the vision

of what is most important in a leader.

So, I used a time machine to
bring one of history's greatest

leaders here to remind you
what leadership is all about.

[My Country 'Tis of Thee

It is a pleasure to
make your acquaintance.

- Whoa, George Washington?
- The one and only.

- Dude, who's that old lady?
- Show some respect!

I think it's the grandma who's
on the back of the dollar bill.

Oh, Money Grandma.
She's rad.

Being a true leader, Robin,
is like being a gardener.

You must tend to your friends
like you might a small sapling.

For only by working together
towards a common goal

can a true team with the strength
of a mighty oak be formed.

I think I understand.

You want to run for
team leader against me?!

I will ruin you, Washington!

Robin, you misunderstand.

- He merely...
- Such insolence!

Alright, you little red coat.
If you want to test my mettle,

you shall find me ready to
deliver a quality trashing indeed.

Bring it on!

I will bring it on.

- Stop it. Stop it now.
- Oh, you're still with the old school.

Fight! Fight, fight!

Fight! Fight!

- Was this your plan, Raven?
- More or less.

You get him, Money Grandma!

My brave friends,

together we can form
a more perfect team.

A group brought together by
discipline to stop evil in its tracks

and truly earn the name Titan.

- Preach to us, Money Grandma!
- You've got this, Money Grandma.

It has been said of my opponent
that he cannot tell a lie.

Guilty as charged.

Earlier today,
did you not ask, "do you smell that?"

In regards to a noxious odor?

I recall that, yes.

Yes, okay.
Then I ask you, good sir,

where you not in fact
responsible for that odor?

Well, you see, here's the thing.

- You are evading.
- No. No. It's just that...

Answer the question,
President Washington!

Yes, it's true. I farted.

I smelt it and it was I who dealt it.

I rest my case.

One vote for Washington.
One vote for Robin.

- It's a tie.
- What?

You guys didn't vote?

- No.
- Of course not. I'm not into politics.

Then how shall we break the tie?

There's only one way to
settle this, Washington.


And the winner will lead the Titans.

Robin, you can't fight
George Washington.

Yeah, you leave that
sweet, old woman alone.

Not a chance.

I've cut down more than cherry
trees with this ax, child.

By the power of America!

I have the power!

Freedom shield!

Money Grandma ain't messing around, yo!

Liberty punch!

Monument bash!

Do you yield?

- I yield.
- Good lad.

Are you the okay, Robin?

I see now I was wrong. I
wanted to win this election

so badly I forgot what being
a true leader really means.

So, effective immediately,

George Washington is the
leader of the Teen Titans.

Sorry, guys.

I'm sorry you won't be around to see
me become the greatest leader ever!

Robin, what are you doing?

You can read about it in
the history books.

Guys, look!

- He didn't.
- He did.

After defeating the British
with his sweet kung fu moves,

Robin became the first
president of the United States.

- Was this also a part of the plan, Raven?
- More or less.