Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 39 - Video Game References - full transcript

Robin sets up a virtual reality room for training purposes, immersing each Titan in their own video game adventure.

2x39 - "Video Game References"

Titans, on the other side of this door

lies a world of adventure,
intrigue and danger.

Don't you ever get tired of
being excited about everything?

Yes I do!
That's why I'm in therapy,

to lower my blood pressure.

But this time, I have
reason to be excited.

Because I am about to show you

something truly beyond your

Ooh! Imagination!

And don't you ever get
tired of saying "Ooh!"

- to everything Robin says?
- Yes I do!

I am only trying to be the polite.

- Now, as I was saying...
- Just open the door, Robin.

Behold, the wonders of...


- It's just an empty room.
- Until we fill it!

Yeah, that's how rooms work.
They're empty until you fill them.

But we're going to fill
it with imagination!


We are standing in a state-of-the-art
virtual reality room

that can simulate any
environment imaginable.

- Okay! That is cool!
- For training purposes!



Don't you ever get tired of
making cool things boring?

Yes I do! And I'm in
therapy for that as well!

Now watch, as cutting edge technology

transforms this empty room
into a world of...

- Imagination.
- Imagination.

Uh, I thought you said
this was cutting-edge.

- Yeah, these graphics are terrible.
- They're not terrible!

Wait. Are you sure this is
a virtual reality machine

and not some souped-up video game?

Does this look like a video game?

- Sure does.
- Mm-hmm.

- Indeed.
- Yes.

Well, it's not! Now...

I've set up different simulated missions
to test each of you individually.

Now, Titans, are you ready
to experience a world of...



Love that patronizing attitude, Star!
You're up first!

Ooh, this battle simulation

looks like the beginning
of a great quest of legends.

Take this.

Yes, yes, of course.
Don't mind this old man.

You're young, you have things to do.
I'll just be here, sad and alone

with a wooden sword that no one wants.

I suppose you could come with me.

- You mean, leave the cave?
- Yes! Yes!

Join me in the quest of
the legends, sad old man!

Hot dog!
I'll bring the sword!

A wooden sword is useless,
but wonderful!

Be careful, hero.
These are dangerous creatures.

I'll handle this.

That smarts!

Protect me from this
vicious beast, hero!

This beast is
not vicious, sad old man.

He merely desires the


All the livvy-long days and months.


Land squid,

will you join us on
our quest of the legend?


Hero, help!
My Coocalacka has escaped!

You mean, the chicken?


I'll handle this.

Ow! Oh, my eye!

Oh, the pecking!

hero! Catch my Coocalacka

and I'll reward you
with this empty bottle.

That is the useless reward.


All the livvy-long days and months.

You are gathering an army!

You are truly the hero of legend!

You will slay the villain for sure!

Oh, but I just wish to dance!

Works for me!

Cross the street?
Come on!

Why doesn't anyone think
I can do anything hard?

Ugh. Whatever.

I'll just transform into
a little froggy-frog, and...

Okay, that guy totally
came out of nowhere!


Ow! Ow!

Ow! Ow!

Why won't anyone stop for a frog?
Ow! Come on!

Who taught you how to drive?

Ah! A snake!

What's a snake doing on the highway?

How am I supposed to
cross this stupid road?

Oh! I just need to use
the crosswalk. Easy!

I had the right of way, you fool!


I don't understand how this is supposed

to teach anyone how to cross the road!

Cross the road?

Ah-ha! That's it!

This is a job for a chicken!

Yeah! I'm doing it!

I'm doing it! Yeah!
Ha-ha! Whoo!

Can't hit me! Ha-ha!
Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Almost there!

Ah! Gator!

Look at us!
We're dressed nice!

Hey. Who's that circle guy?
Why is he eating our balls?

We have to stop him! Go!

Guys gonna help or what?

Seriously, look at you guys.

No wonder circle guy
just takes all your stuff.

Look, now he's eating
your cherries. Come on!

Now, let's focus.

Move in formation on my command.

Go! Go! Go!

I don't know what he ate,
but it's making him nuts!

Pull back!
Pull back! Pull back!


I'll never forget you, Stinky.

Let's end this.



Ooh! Pie Hunter!

Pie in four miles.
Rev it up, baby! Vroom-vroom!

And, check the mirrors, seat belt on,

turn signal, and merging.

Hey! Ah!

Slow down, you maniacs!

I am going the posted speed limit!

Just go around me!

Go around me!

Why is everybody in
such a rush nowadays?

Driving is a privilege,
not a right! Gosh!

Oh, look at Tailgate Johnny back there.

You like my bumper stickers or what?


Just what I need today.

Now, you are going to pay!

You're gonna pay, buddy.

No way that accident was my fault.
You better have insurance.

Can't we handle
this without insurance?

I cannot have another
accident on my record.

Well, you should have thought of that

before you decided to
drive so recklessly.

Come on now, I will pay
for the repairs in cash.

- Huh? Okay?
- Uh-uh! No-kay.


Ooh, look at that!
Pie! I love pie!

Mess up my driving record,
I mess up your face!

Oh, my goodness!

This is so scary!
I just wanted to get some pie!

Get away!
You are a careless motorist!

No pie for you!
I make you die now!


- Whoa!
- Oh!

That's what you get for
being a careless motorist.

Just in time for pie!


♪ When I say apple you say pie ♪

♪ Apple pie apple pie ♪

♪ When I say... ♪


I bet you did not know I had helicopter!

Ah! My car!

I kill your stupid pie!

- No!
- Okay, I go now.

I hate you, Pie Hunter.

I'm coming for you, Princess!
Bug stomp!

Uh, better stomp it again to make sure.

Bug stomp!
Ha ha! Awesome!

Bug stomp! Bug stomp!


Now where was I?
Oh, right! The princess!

Oh, bet there's something good in there!

Ow! Money!

Ow! I'm rich! Ow!

Oh, that's a concussion!

But I'm rich!
Whoo-hoo! Ow!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

Ooh... Who am I?
Why am I here?

No more distractions!

The princess needs me!
I'm coming, princess!


I wonder where this
large sewage pipe goes.

Gotta save the princess!

Ah, but there could be
something really good in there!

I can't resist!
Ah ha ha!


Aw, man. Ooh, that stinks.

Urgh! Oh! Ooh!

Why did I just go
down a sewage pipe? Oh!

This is so gross.
So much sewage...

in this sewage pipe.
Can't breathe!