Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 36 - Truth, Justice and What? - full transcript

We finally learn the true source of the Titans' goofy humor: pizza!

2x36 - "Truth, Justice and What"

Great work out there, Titans.

And because you were able
to save Jump City

without singing a song,

doing a silly dance,
or making me look like a fool,

I've decided to reward you all with...

- Dramatic pause.
- Just say it!


Get ready for it.

Pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi,
pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi...

Starting to lose interest, bro.


Do we need to call a doctor, Robin?

He looks like he's in the pain.


I thought you'd be more excited.

We have no idea what you just said.

Oh. I'm ordering you a pizza!


That's right, pizza!




Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza,
pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza!

That's more like it.
So, the toppings...

- Hawaiian, Hawa... Hawaiian.
- Veggies!

- Groundnuts with mints!
- Black olives! Yeah!

- Pepperoni!
- Quiet!

What I was trying to say is
I didn't have the money for toppings.

So it will be plain cheese.


Now, before we dig in, I
want everyone's assurance

that we will enjoy
this pizza responsibly.

What are you even talking about, bruh?

For some reason every time we eat pizza,

we end up fighting over it and
running around silly and everything!

- That does not sound like us!
- Well, a little.

Pizza makes you all do both goofy humor
and goofy random humor.

I don't want any of that.

You are the overacting, Robin.
It is only the pizza.



Oh. No, no, no!
You're doing it!

You're running around
silly and everything!

Stop! Stop! Stop!
Look at what you've become, Titans.

Running around silly and everything!
You have to stop this.

Because I haven't gotten a slice yet!



Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza!

Whoo, whoo, whoo!

I'm a wizard.

- Man, that was some good pizza!
- Maybe too good.

Is it too early for the breakfast pizza?

It's too early and it's too late.

What does that even mean?

I don't like what pizza is doing to us.

When I first tried to form the Titans,

we were going to stand
for truth and justice!

- Who cares about truth and justice?
- Exactly, no one!

I couldn't find anyone to join me!

So in a moment of desperation,

I turned to a popular
superhero team for help.

I just don't understand why
no one wants to join my team?

I'm promising truth and justice.

What more is there?

I know what you're missing, dude.


He said "Booyakasha"?
That sounds like my catch phrase.

- No, Cy, yours is "Booyah."
- ...kasha.

That is not the point of the story!

The point is pizza brought
us together, made us popular.

I just don't like what
it's turned us into.

But, Robin, pizza is
of great importance.

Yeah, and pizza is the coolest food.
Look how cool it makes me!

We can't give up pizza.
It's our thing.

It's just bread and cheese
in the shape of a circle.

I have no choice but to institute...

a pizza ban.

Pizza van! Yeah!

Driving in the van,
eating pizza is so good.

No, Beast Boy.
He said "pizza ban."

Oh! Like pizza guitars,

pizza drums, even cooler!


- Ban!
- Oh!

Uh, I don't know what
that means, actually.

It means no more pizza from now on!


Good pizza-free morning, Titans.

What is going on?

Do not worry, Robin, it
is just the mask, you see.

Look, we don't mind
truth and justice, Robin,

but we all joined this
team for the pizza.

And if we can't eat pizza here

then we'll eat with those cool
skateboarding turtle dudes.

But you're not turtles, or mutated!

Already thought about that, bro.

Toxic Ooze!




Now, if you will excuse us, Robin,

we have the new friends
to eat the pizza with.

I was hoping this team was held together
by a bond stronger than pizza.

- Cheese is the strongest bond, bro.
- I see that now.

If the Titans are going to
continue to stay together,

I must lift the pizza ban.

Whoa! You can lift the
pizza van? They're so heavy!

No, we can eat pizza again.

Let's make it official.
What toppings do you want?

- Mushroom.
- Pineapple.

Plain cheese it is!

Hi, I'd like to make
an order for a delivery.

Uh, what do you mean?
Oh, I see.

- They're out of pizza.
- So? Call somewhere else.

You don't get it.
Everyone's out of pizza!

- Everyone in the world!
- How can that be?

There's only one possible explanation.

Turtle dudes.

Gah, this is so gross!

Well, this is where the cool
pizza-eating mutants live.

How can you eat pizza when you're
surrounded by all that is filth?

The filth.

Let's get this over with.

What's the password, dude?

Just let us in.


Totally tubular.

Come on in!

What up, Titan bros?

So, this is what happened

to the world's pizza supply.
But why?

When we told Robin
about the power of pizza,

we were just trying to be cool,

youngish, mutated, karate turtle dudes.

But then you guys blew up.
You wouldn't stop ordering pizza

and there wasn't any left for us.

You know what we had to eat instead?

- Filth?
- No! Gross!

We had to eat sandwiches,
and sandwiches are not cool.

Hey, whoa!
Sandwiches are super cool.

Bottom line, broseph,
you took pizza from us,

and now, we're taking it back.


Then that leaves us one option.
Titans, go!

Guess there's only room for
one, goofy, pizza-eating,

superhero team, huh?

We may be goofy with
goofy random humor,

but you're forgetting one thing.

We run around silly and everything!

Pow, pow, pow!
Pow, pow, pow!

Dude, their humor is
too goofy and random.

They won't stop running
around silly and everything.

I was wrong, guys.

I now know truth and justice
mean nothing without pizza!

What shall we do with
the cool turtle dudes?

I've got a radical idea.