Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 35 - Multiple Trick Pony - full transcript

Kid Flash wants to join the Titans, but Robin insists that he can't because Flash is just a "one-trick pony."

2x35 - "Multiple Trick Pony"

This will only take a minute.

Titans, go!

- Ugh.
- 'Sup, guys?


Kid Flash.

He's so fast!

Ooh, he moves like the
dashing Glorblax.

Looks at those blurs, yo!
He's the blurriest!

Love that breeze.

It's not that amazing.

I mean, it's easy
to be good at only one...


I was just passin' through,
thought you guys might need a hand.

Yeah, we do!
Can you get me a burrito

from Mexico?

Quick. Build me something
that takes a long time.

Or perhaps find my lost bracelets.

Hey! I wants a penguin!

Whoa, guys!
I can't do all that stuff!

Just kidding!




Yeah, boy!

Just passing through, huh?

You got me. I'm actually here
to try out for the Titans.

- How'd I do?
- You're in!

You would be amazing!

- You can bunk with me, dude!
- So good, so fast.

Yeah, and I say no!
He's a one-trick pony!

And there's no place on the
Titans for one-trick ponies!

You're right, Robin.
Speed is my only power.

Hat from Russia!
But it's a pretty cool power!

Anybody can run that fast.

- Uh, you couldn't.
- Yeah.

If I'm a one-trick pony, then
that makes you a no-trick pony.

I am a multiple-trick pony!

A master of sweet ninja moves!

A natural born leader.

Titans, follow my train of
thought here. And after that...

A detective. Hmm.

Mmm? Hmm.

I possess... the tightest
butt cheeks of any Titan.

- Ooh!
- And, I'm a master beat boxer!


Look, you may be good
at a lot of things,

but you still couldn't
beat me in a race.

I believe I could.

And if I win, you have
to stop running. Forever!

And if you win,
you get to lead the Titans.

- Well then, let's do it.
- Fine. Give me one week.

I'm going to need to train.

Yeah! Come on!
You can do it!

You can do anything!
I believe in you!

- This is the training?
- Yes! Training so hard now!

I believe! This is the face
of the fastest man alive!

That's not gonna make you faster.

Oh, yeah? Check this out.

I didn't even see my hand go by.

Shouldn't you actually,
like, be running or something?

Kid Flash has the power
of super speed, bruh.

But, but, but!
I have the ultimate power!

- I believe in myself!
- Believing in yourself isn't a power.

Of course it is, my
under-developed underlings.

You see, by
believing in what we want,

we send mind-waves into outer space,

where it comes true
and is sent back to us.

It's simple science.

Beast Boy! How many burritos
can you eat in one day?

Hmm. My tummy
gets angry at about 20.

Believe in yourself,
and you can triple that!

Raven, if you would
just believe in yourself,

- you could fly!
- I can fly.

Now you're getting it!

Cyborg. You don't think you
can pull off a fedora, do you?

Of course not!
My head's the wrong shape.


Lookin' good, brah!

- I believe I am!
- Star! Believe in yourself.

And you too can achieve your dreams!


Is the believing in oneself
truly a superpower?

If you... believe!

You don't stand a chance, Kid Flash.

Yeah. You may be fast,
but Robin believes in himself!

Hope you brought an appetite,

'cos you're about to eat some dust!

- On your mark!
- May the fastest man win.

I plan to.

Get set!

Believe, believe!

Believe, believe, believe!

Believe. What?

I believe I won.

Yeah, but my cape was
slowing me down! Rematch!



Three out of five!

Ha! It's a tie! I won!

Actually, according to the
photo finish, Kid Flash won.

Kid Flash? Won?

- Several times.
- Don't worry. I still believe.

In our new leader!

- You were so great...
- I knew you could do it...

- Gosh, you're gonna be...
- I guess I'll, uh...

see you guys around.

Ah, what's the point in moving?

I'll just be slower
than Kid Flash anyway.

Hey-ya, handsome, why so down?

If believing in myself
isn't a real power,

then I'm the worst of all ponies!
I'm a no-trick pony!

What are you talking about?
You're the trickiest pony out there!

Stop trying to cheer me up.

I'm just a slow, no-trick
pony with flabby butt cheeks.

So, some guy is faster than you,

you're better than him
at so many other things.

And it wasn't because
you believed in yourself,

it was because you worked hard.

So... my ninja moves are still sweet?

Super sweet.

And I'm a master beatboxer?

Yeah, you're not bad.

And my butt cheeks?

The tightest.

It would take years for Kid
Flash to master all your tricks.

I reckon you got the juice, kid.

You're right!
I may have lost,

but I am still a multiple-trick pony!

Hey, Robin.
What are you doing here?

I've come to take back the Titans.

Actually, we kinda like
Kid Flash as our leader.

But he's a one-trick pony!

He can't do half the stuff I can do.

Oh, excuse me.

Had to save a Norwegian
family from drowning.

Whoops! Sorry, one sec.

Disarmed a doomsday device.

You are so cool!

- Awesome as usual!
- Marry me!

All right, One-Trick,

you may be fast, and cool,
and all-around amazing,

but can you... beatbox like this?

Back to you.

Starting a-a-again.

Both fingers your way.

But... that's impossible!

What you're doing
takes years of training!

Usually, usually.
But thanks to believing in myself,

and super speed, it
only took three minutes.

Now, not only can I beatbox,

but check out my sweet ninja moves.

And these butt cheeks.

'Cause they're tight!

All right.
You win. The Titans are yours.

- On one condition.
- A condition?

- I'm better than you at everything now.
- Not everything!

You can lead the Titans
if you beat me in a...

foot race!


Isn't you losing a race to
this guy how this all started?

This time is going to be different!

This time I'm believing in myself
more than I ever have before!

Okay. I thought we
established that didn't work.

On your mark.

Get set!

- Yeah, Kid Flash!
- He is so dreamy!


Ow! Ow! Ow!
Oh, did I hear something rip?

Look at him go!

He's doing it!
He's... He's really doing it!


I believe!

Ow! Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow!

I need ice! It's swelling!
I did this...