Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 34 - Rocks and Water - full transcript

Raven and Beast Boy are shocked to discover that their exes, Terra and Aqualad, are now dating each other.

2x34 - "Rocks and Water"


Oh! Sorry, mama!

What are you doing in
the ocean? That's weird.

Um, nothing.

I was just thinking...

about the one that got away.

I'm thinking about the
one that got away, too.

But it's not a fish.
It's a girl.


I thought you finally won
her over with that song.

♪ Endless love, one day you'll see ♪

♪ when I walk, you'll
walk with me, Terra ♪

♪ together let the light shine ♪



♪ You can't fade away ♪

♪ the way I feel for you ♪

♪ there ain't no word that can say ♪

♪ you can't fade away ♪

♪ can't fade away ♪

♪ you can't fade away ♪
♪ can't fade away ♪

♪ fade away ♪
♪ you can't fade away ♪

♪ the way I feel for... ♪

Ugh! I'm sick of that song!

And I'm sick of us!
We're done!

Yeah. That song was
really the only thing

I was bringing to the relationship.

Now every time I see a rock,
I think of her!

She used to crush me
with ones just like this!

Get over it, already.
Terra tried to destroy all of us.


Then can you at least
crush me with this boulder?


It's like she's still here!

Thank you!

So, anyway. Terra, I just
wanted to say I love you,

and that every moment we're
apart is complete agony!

So, uh, call me back
when you get this!

Love you.
I love you. Bye.

You're being pathetic.
Stop calling her.

Shh! It's ringing!

Terra! What do you want?

Oh, I know what she wants, Robin.

♪ You can't fade away ♪

- Stop!
- Ow!

Stop it! Now!
You've ruined that beautiful song!

What I want
is for you to leave me...


I've met someone.

- See, she has a boyfriend. Move on.
- I can't breathe.

- Thanks, Raven.
- I can't breathe.

Oh, I think you might know him.

That's a pirate!

- No, it's Aqualad.
- Yeah, it's me.

Miss me, Raven?

Dating my other girl now?

Oh, it's on!
I will chew you up again, bro!

Relax, you little goblin.
That's all in the past.

Ooh! That is so the romantic!

You two have nothing in common!

Yeah. He's about water,
she's about rocks.

He's a hero.
She's a villain.

- He's a boy, she's a girl.
- Nothing in common!

When you rejected me, I was heartbroken.

But seeing you now,

sad, alone and single,
I know I dodged a bullet.

Whoa, okay. I am not single.

Uh, Beast Boy and I are... dating.

- Really?
- Really?

- The really?
- That's cool.

Well, since we're all
so happy and in love,

we should go on
a double date tonight.

A couples' night out?
Then make it a triple date!

Starfire and I will be there too.
All this romantic tension!

Will we fall in love?
Won't we?

- We will not...
- Nobody knows!

And I'll be the third wheel, baby!



Man, I love
being the third wheel!

Taggin' along, bein' awkward,

getting' in the way of true romance!

I am warning you, third wheel,

do not get between
Star and me!

Phew! Can something get between
your bad breath and my nostrils?

No wonder he does not get

the smoochie-smoochies
on his mouth hole!


Ha! Pshh.
You were telling me to get over Terra,

and you still wanna do
the smoochie-smoochies...

with fish-face.

Well, maybe I made
a mistake dumping him.

Well, I'm glad you did, though,
'cause I got a date out of it.

It's a fake date. We're just
trying to make them jealous.

Ooh, that's dirty!

I like your style, mama!
Come here!

Mmm. Candlelight.

Cloth napkins.
Multiple forks.

The setting is so...

- Wouldn't you say, Star?
- Indeed.

That is why we should sit
at the table with Cyborg.


Over here!

I got a booth!

- Your makeup looks great today.
- Oh, yeah... Thanks.

- You're a beautiful young lady!
- Wow.

You, um, look... nice.

- And I am enjoying the color of your...
- Yes. Uh-huh.

- Wow! Look at your feet!
- And your hair!

- They're so cute!
- You're so hairy!

- Oh, I love your eyes.
- Thank you.

And your cloak matches
your hair perfectly.

- I like you. A lot.
- Why, thank you.

- Maybe we should hug, or kiss, sometime.
- Yeah, go around.

- Mwah! Rawr! Y'arr.
- Ooh. Mwah.

- I'll eat you up. Yum.
- Mmm.

I... more than like being with you.

Oh, so sorry.
It's hard to contain our love.

By the way, I ordered for the table.

Ooh, I love calamari!

I know what you're doing.
And I love it!

So good!

Mr. Belvedere? Is that you?
It is!

You're eating the squid
that raised me as a child!

Before him, no one cared!

How could you, Terra?

I'm so sorry!
I didn't mean to hurt you!

I bet he was a good man.

He would have liked you, Terra.

Would you look at the time?
It's make-out-o'-clock.

Thanks for dinner.

- Wow. They really love each other.
- Yeah.

We're gonna have to work
even harder to break them up.

Oh, my!

Ha, I think I ordered
too much spaghetti.

Uh, I might need some help, Star.


Third wheel!



If you didn't like the song,
you could've just said so.

- It wasn't...
- Unbelievable!

I'm not a fish, Aqualad,
and you can't make me into one!

Terra, wait! You're
beautiful without gills!

That's pretty funny.

- Nice day.
- Do you have to talk?

That's it! It's over!

Enjoy your fish!

Fishface McFish!

At least my fish
don't have hearts of stone!


Woah! Woah! Woah!
What are you doing?

I was just doing what you were doing!

- What was I doing?
- I don't know!

But it was being done on my face!

- Beast Boy!
- Don't hurt me!

That was kinda nice.


We should've known.

Guys, not a good time.

You've caused us a lot of pain.

Now, we're gonna return the favor.

By crushing you with rocks!

Rocks? Why can't we
summon some sharks?

Look, I know we're going
through a tough time,

but I've hated the Titans
way longer than you have.

- Let me have this!
- Longer than me?!

I'm beginning to think hating them

is all we had in common
in the first place.

How about, you smash them with
rocks, I'll throw some sharks,

and we agree to see other people.


Not the trash hole again!

So... uh...
what were we talking about?

I don't remember.

- Whoo!
- Cyborg!

What are you doing?

Nothin'! Just third
wheelin' around town.

You know me.
Ruinin' any chance for romance!

Sounds like fun!